Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update; Sanvi speaks to Abhay about their child

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 9th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mukhi tells Aru the trick of the game, he says everything in nature has rhythm. Similarly, they have different rhythm and sets the count till three. They return to the game. Arjun jokes about the game to keep it light. The countdown begins. They weigh the spices. Mukhi ji says for him only their matching rhythm was his victory. Madhur and Kaveri’s daughter come there and asks to see her mother. Mukhi ji holds her over his shoulder. The girl begins to cough badly. Kaveri comes to snatch her daughter from them. The results were being announced. Aru was irked as the result of Kaveri and Madhur’s couple were announced as winner, but Mukhi ji and Aru had also done the same. Madhur watches Aru cheer hugging Mukhi ji and says they can’t let them win. Rami comes to murmur Aru for some shame. Sanvi wishes Aru. Abhay comes behind and asks Sanvi to come behind.
At an isolated point, Abhay hugs Sanvi and asks why she is so worried. Sanvi says she wanted to talk to him but he was abroad, she couldn’t share this with anyone else. She tells Abhay she is pregnant, her father got to know and was about throw her out of the village. At the last moment Rajay came to her help, she didn’t share his name with anyone. Abhay apologizes for not being with her in such difficult times. Sanvi cheers that she knew everything would be fine. Abhay promises to marry her as soon as his mother returns and he convinces her. Sanvi was thankful as she had got rid of a burden today. Mukhi calls from behind, which burden?
At home, Aru dances around Dharmi cheerful that she will win for sure. Dharmi laughs as Aru fell down. Aru says she did this deliberately. She then invites Dharmi to attend the game tomorrow. She also asks Dharmi if she remember who kidnapped her.
Mukhi comes to Sanvi and Abhay, Sanvi signals Abhay and he tells Mukhi about getting the sanction to establish a nursing home. Abhay leaves. Mukhi ji asks Sanvi about a help but feels shy. Later, in the room Mukhi ji tries to practice presenting a gift to Aru. When Aru comes, he thinks about hiding the gift in the cupboard. The gift fell down instead. As Mukhi ji tells her to get a file, the gift goes even under the cupboard. Aru says there is nothing in the cupboard and goes downstairs to practice with the pottery mud.
Mukhi ji comes downstairs and finds Aru mixing mud with a rod. He says she needs to feel it with her hand and mix with it in order to recognize it. Both work with kneading the soil. He then instructs Aru to make a ball out of it, if it gets dispersed they need more water. He then tells her to see a face in the ball, every mud ball has one. Aru tries plays with the mud ball and rubs her hand over her face. Rami and Dharmi enter then and watches Mukhi ji clean her face. Rami points towards the love between them and comes to them. She makes Dharmi sit with them, Rami says she thought about bringing Dharmi as they were enjoying a lot. She watches Mukhi ji help Aru make the face, Aru feels uncomfortable. After a while, Aru had completed with a shape. Mukhi ji looks towards the broken shape and says she didn’t even make a face. Both Aru and Mukhi ji go to wash hands. Rami tells Dharmi both love each other and are happy, Aru is happy she got a loving husband. She breaks the idol in front of Dharmi and says until now the mud was wet, and it can be changed until it dries up completely. Now its upto her, either she wants to live like a maid to her sister or… Dharmi smiles that she understood. Rami thinks if Dharmi takes a step, her problem would be resolved.

PRECAP: On the breakfast table, everyone offer Dharmi to go to competition. Mukhi ji leaves the table.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Swatika Prasad

    Dharmi and Rami are spoiling the show, hope it does not affect the main gist of the show and makes it boring like all other shows with love triangle and hatred. I love the show but hope it does not lose its interest.

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