Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Lanka
Hanuman gets back surgiova, while the entire monkey army and the leaders are overjoyed. hanuman says that he fulfilled rama’s instructions. they welcome sugriva back, and then ask hanuman how he accomplished this feat. hanuman is in split minds, whether to talk about it. surgiva i tensed of the joke that would be on him, if he does. but hanuman complies to rama’s orders, and tells him. sugriva butts in to talk a little about his bravery, and gloats about it, while rama hears amused. hanuman is silent. surgiva then leaves from there, while hanuman tries to make him understand that he had no option but to tell him. sugriva walks off dejected. rama and vibhishan discuss as to how kumbhkaran shall come much angrier tomorow. as he tries to take the leg cuffs off, a monkey comes and asks if he can help. sugriva denies. as they talk about his plight, sugriva fumes at his embarassment furthermore. hanuman arrives to add fuel to the fire. sugriva taunts him and asks him to go. hanuman tries to clear that when rama asked only then he opened his mouth, as he cant defy his orders. sugriva fumes, while hanuman tells him that everyone knows about it. the army is amused as he rushes to attack hanuman. vibhishan is extremely tensed though, that if they cant stop kumbhkaran tomorrow, then he shall ruin everything. ram and laxman are tensed. ram tells that kumbhkaran shall meet his own fate, the more he progresses towards sinning.

while raavan is enraged to know from his brother, that sugriva was taken away by hanuman. he lashes at him, while kumbhkaran swears that he shall seek revenge, and shall target ram and his army tomorrow, and stop the war tomorrow itself, and not make a mistake this time around. In his room, kumbhkarana is still unable to digest what happened, and is furious. he says that he shall ruin everything tomorrow.

The next morning, the army is excited, while hanuman asks them to be alert as the demons shall descend with full planning. kumbhkaran arrives and eyes them enraged. he proclaims that before sunset, he shall kill everyone today, and finish the war. he starts using his gada to throw the monkeys around. they are apalled, and beg to rama to save them. finally, vibhishan is enraged, that kumbhkaran didnt think twice about the ethics of war even once, while he continues to scare the army away. the leaders are tensed as he guffaws. hanuman is apalled to see his atrocity on the army, as he starts feeding on them, while they retreat in scare. hanuman takews permission from rama to deal with him, and rushes at him when he complies. he confronts kumbhkaran. he takes his gada and throws hanuman into the universe, while all are apalled including the lords. they are unable to believe this. kumbhkaran says that he finished the mischievous monkey, and now he shall finish them all. but before he can another gada, laxman with the help of angad flies in the air, and strikes an arrow at him, and his gada flies off. kumbhkaran is shockedand finds laxman who did this. the monkeys are happy. he strikes one after the others. kumbhkarana mistakes him for rama, and a duel starts. laxman says that he is rama’s younger brother, and had rama been here, he would have already lost his life. kumbhkaran asks him, not to bother him as he wishes to fight with rama only. laxman is about to fire another one, when kumbhkaran unseetles him by a thump on the ground. he guffaws while all are tensed. but then hanumam reappears again. the screen freezes on hanuman’s face.


Precap: Hanuman is told by rama that he wishes to fight him, then so be it. kumbhkaran addresses rama and says that before his arrow, strikes him, his own hammer shall break this earth into two pieces, and he along with his army shall succumb into it. before he can hit though, rama’s arrow strikes him, and he falls off the ground.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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