Humsafars (krpkab) part 5

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I reached home from work I saw Alvira aunty with my designs she was very happy seeing those designs ” Bet yeh designs toh boht acchi hai ” she said” Aunty humne toh apse se pehle hi bola hum boht acche design baaz hai ” I said happily ” Teek hei toh aaj se tum humari company ki junior designer ho. Khush ” Aunty said which made me really very happy I started jumping with joy. I went outside to my room I saw Zaki with Natasha” Dekho sorry par mein usse boht pyar karta hoon ” He said this and I went closer and Natasha saw me and cried more then Zaki just pulled me towards him” Natasha this is jahan ara we love each other a lot. Jahan ara now let’s reveal our secrets. ” I was shocked y did he say that but I decided to save that girl from Zaki” Dekho Natasha Zaki such kah raha hai. Tum udas mat ho zindagi tumhe bhi accha humsafar dega ” I said ”Thanks Sona ” Natasha said this and left ” Shukriya Sona tumne mujhe bacha liya ” I smiled at him ” Nahi humne toh uss ladki ko bachaya tumse ” I said this and left while he only smiled.

Next day to my surprise Ma, dadi, Myra and Zarah came to Mumbai I happily hugged them all and asked ” Aap sab yahan ” Ma replied ” Kyun nahi aa sakte ” I was so so happy ma dadi Myra and Zarah came to stay with me then Alvira aunty came and reavled everything ” Beta mein ne hi unhe bulaya ” I just hugged aunty ” Thank u so much aunty ” I said ” Abhi tum sab ko unpack karne mein madad karo ” She went. Next day I heard Dev sir telling about a Panchgani consul trip he was supposed to take Anam but on face so many rashes were there so he decided to take me so next day I had to go ” Tere boss se jam ke flirt kar ” ” Dadi please mein kaam ke liye ja rahi hoon ” Then Zarah replied ” Teek hai api toh mein aati hoon yeh kam mein karongi” I laughed and went from there

I reached the car park ” Driver kahan hai ” I made him sit in the seat and sat in the front seat ” Tum gaadi chalaogi ” He said with astonishment ” Kyun hum gaddi nahi chala sakthe aapko pata nahi hum boht acche drive bazz hai ” I replied ” Ok 40 kmph speed par chalana ” I started driving suddenly a truck came in front of our car and I stopped suddenly ” Tumhe gaddi chalani aati hai na ” He asked me ” Ya ” I replied. Then I switched on the radio only romantic songs came I kept on switching channels then offed it ” U had this choice earlier ” I looked away my phone rang but didn’t pick up ” Pick up ” Gabbar said ” No jab hum gaddi chalate hain toh phone nahi utah sakte ” He picked up my phone and put on speaker which really embarassing ” Dekh Sona beta uss Gabbar Chaudry se door rahna woh boht handsome hai toh galti ho jati hai dhyann rkhna aur tu jahan so jayegi wahan sab khidki band karna or….” Gabbar started giving me looks ” Dadi bye hum gaadi chala rahe hain ” I said and cut the phone while cutting the phone it fell down while we both together bend down to get it and then got up

I stopped the car at the tea stall and got down ” Y did u stop the car ” I said ” For tea I’m sleepy if I drive in this condition then accident will happen ” He said ” Fine fast ” while ordering tea the car rolled down and fell in the jungle while I and Gabbar went in that direction ” Didn’t u put the hand breaks ” I said ” I forgot maybe ” He said ” Is this maybe !!” He forcefully took me to the jungle. We kept walking in the jungle till late night we came across a man who told us where do we get tents” U stay her I’ll get the tent ” I stayed there as Gabbar told me but that man started misbehaving with me I was really scared and started trembling with fear just then Dev sir to the rescue he saved me I was so grateful to him.

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