Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana readies Bal Hanuman for his bath.

Bali looks on from a distance. A daasi suggests Anjana to bath Hanuman ji in the tub. Anjan picks up Hanuman ji and thinks of Kesari’s words. She too finds him a little heavy than the morning. Bal Hanuman when he hits the little tub with full force. Anjana is startled to see imprints of his feet in it. She picks up Hanuman and begins to walk hurriedly but he falls from her hands. He is not hurt but the marble gets broken instead. She picks him again and heads to her room. Bali observes the tub and Bal Hanuman’s impact. This Markat is a Vajrakaye. Markat is not such an auspicious word for vanars but it became pious when Hanuman ji was given that name. Bali’s confidence was shaken seeing Hanuman ji’s strength. He started cross checking his strength to compare himself from Hanuman.

Bali angrily breaks a very big piece of stone. I stronger than that baby yet why am I feeling so weak before him! why is that baby much stronger than me? why is his strength making me feel weak?

Every arrogant person starts comparing himself with a person much stronger than him. Devotees like Hanuman too are arrogant but they are only arrogant about their Lord’s love. They are actually free from their personal arrogance, egos and become a receptor of my (Shri Krsihna’s) love and blessings. How can someone who is endless / limitless get hurt? This is why Hanuman never gets hurt. Anjana and Kesari were stunned by their son’s antics but then they remembered that their son is actually Lord Shiva’s ansh. They felt blessed and thankful to the Lord then. rukmini adds that a mother is a mother after all. She always tries to protect her son. she never spoke about her son’s strength before anyone but who can keep such things a secret!

Anjana is talking to Bal Hanuman. Kesari brings anklets, a new necklace and new pair of earrings for Bal Hanuman. Anjana makes him wear it. Anjana tries to remove the ones that Bal hanuman is wearing but in vain. Kesari cannot see any necklace or earrings in Bal Hanuman’s neck and ears. She wonders if he is joking but he still cannot see anything. Anjana thinks of Narayana’s words (to Ma Lakshmi). Kesari says why I can not see them. I could never see them before and not even now. Anjana can see and feel them. they are as real for me as the jewellery brought by you. Kesari feels that maybe she isn’t well. Is the poison reacting again? She denies. I am perfectly fine. You are not ready to trust me? Devguru Brihaspati comes there to bless Bal Hanuman.

Kesari and Anjana get ready to welcome him. Devguru Brihaspati blesses Kesari. Anjana is pulled back to the hazy memories of her previous birth when she looks at Devguru. The past and present began to mix up. Devguru notices Anjana’s discomfort. People forget their past birth to live a new life happily. Devguru knew that it can be dangerous to do anything before the destined time. He decided to tell everything to Anjana on the right time.

Devguru too talks about the necklace around Bal Hanuman’s neck and his earrings. Kesari says maybe something has happened to me as I cannot see it. Devguru says it is normal. No one can see them on the earth except this baby’s mother. Whoever else can see them will be your son’s Guru or Swami. Your son has taken birth to help that person only. He gives Bal Hanuman back to Anjana. The aim of your life is fulfilled. You too will be remembered for ages with your son. he blesses her.

Bali still cannot understand how stones can break by coming in contact with a baby. A baby gets hurt instead in reality. Was I day dreaming? Was it an illusion? No, that’s not true. What I saw with my eyes was reality but how can it be possible? Is that baby made of stone? Maybe this is why that poison dint affect him! Or maybe it is the effect of that poison only.

Bali comes to that Vaid’s cave but he is not there. Vaid Raj comes there just then. Bali beats him badly. You cheated me? I had asked for poison but you gave me something else altogether! What was that that you gave? Tell me or you will surely die today. His brother Sugriv looks on from a distance in confusion. Bali vows to kill Vaid Raj but Sugriv pulls him back in time. Vaid Raj says you aren’t giving me a chance to speak. That poison was so dangerous that I am ill (very high fever) since the time I have just touched it. you are saying that it dint show its desired effect? Sugriv asks his brother about his so called enemy. Bali talks about a baby Markat who is very strong. He thinks of Bal hanuman.

Precap: Anjana is looking for Bal Hanuman. No one has seen him. she panics. Everyone starts looking for the baby.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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