Code Red 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

N.H-4, Maharashtra, 2008:
A girl is waiting for her producer to come. A guy tells her to wait inside. We will drop you at your place in a taxi, don’t worry. She goes inside finally on his request. The guy calls someone once he is outside. The girl is ready.You can come now. He notices a girl and tries to stop her. come with me to the hotel. I will drop you tomorrow morning. He follows her when she runs. They stop at a spot where a girl’s dead body is lying. He faints.

People feel there is a ghost in this area, near the hotel. Some people believe the stories while some don’t! Mumbai’s Pakeeza Hotel and its adjoining area has a story about a woman.

N.H-4, Maharashtra, 2015:
Aniket and his wife are heading towards the hotel. She is a professional photographer (I guess, not so sure though). She loves exploring the stories. Aniket talks about Shashank. He passed away 5 years ago. He was very sensible. He used to tell everyone to drive slow but I wonder what happened to him that day. The road was empty. Aniket stops his car suddenly when they notice someone running. His wife (Devina) insists but he says there is no one. They decide to stay there itself. Devina spots the hotel. I am really tired. Let’s stay here. He is not so comfortable but she insists. Your meeting is also nearby. It will be easy for you. They check in in Pakeeza Hotel.

Aniket is a little lost and tense. Devina notices the same. He puts it on his meeting tomorrow. She assures him that everything will go fine till she is with him. She goes to freshen up. Next morning, the couple wakes up rejuvenated. They click selfies. Aniket gets ready to go for his meeting. He asks her to accompany him but she wants to shoot some pics around this place. He is not getting good vibes from this particular hotel but she likes it here. He leaves then as he has to come back for their dinner date tonight.

Devina clicks some photos around the place (near a lake) when someone (a girl with chuda) pulls her feet. Devina wakes up with a start. She checks her photos once again. She shows the pond to the Receptionist. He tells her about its location. He understands that she must have seen it in her dreams. Don’t worry, she chooses the people as to who can see her or not! You must be related to her in some way. Devina denies. This is just a bad dream. The Receptionist says it isn’t a bad dream btu truth. People call me mad but then how did this pic come in your camera? Devina runs to her room.

Devina is awake at night. She is putting the media card in her laptop but is falls from her hands. She picks it up and checks the photographs. There are some pictures of a girl and of some places.

Hosiarpur, Punjab 2006:
A groom’s family (from Canada) has come to see a girl. Her brother (Vikram) comes to tell her about it. She (Simran) refuses to marry as she wants to take care of his father’s land. She tells the groom to find another girl for himself. The guy smiles hearing her straightforward reply. He gets up gracefully. We cannot force anyone for anything. We can be friends if not otherwise. I will anyways come tomorrow to the gurudware. He leaves with his family. Simran complains to her father for marrying her off. Find a ghar jamai for me so we can all stay together. Simran too talks about going to gurudware tomorrow.

Rajvir clicks Simran’s photographs. She questions him about the same. He tells her that Punjab is very beautiful so I thought to click the pics of all the beautiful things. She tells him to seek her permission next time. Her brother comes there. He indirectly asks the guy to come to the gurudware in the evening.

Simran has put a chabeel stall in the gurudware. Rajvir comes there as well. He keeps on asking for a glass in every two seconds.

At night, Rajvir throws a rock at Simran’s window. He couldn’t sleep so he came to meet her. come at the bridge. I will be waiting. She agrees. He gifts her bangles. She already has them but doesn’t mind taking it now that he has brought them. How do you know I like such bangles? He shows her the photos that he has clicked in his camera. She asks him about Canada and the girls in Canada. He says I like simplicity. I want my wife to hug me sweetly when I return home. We eat together and I talk to her little brother. I have seen lot many girls but I like you. I promise I will always keep you happy. I will make your family mine. He gives her a phone. It has only my number stored inside. Call me when you make up your mind. I will come to your house again to ask for your hand. She runs away saying that she will think about it.

Simran is in thoughts when the guy comes there. Her father is trying to fix the tractor but the guy offers to help him instead. Simran keeps on looking at him from a distance as he fixes the tractor. Simran’s father is impressed. Simran sends a text on his number. He smiles broadly after reading it. They get married.

Marriage unites two different families. She had expected the same from Rajvir. Simran too had thought of taking her family to Canada like many other girls from Punjab do.

N.H-4, Maharashtra, 2006:
The couple is heading to Hotel Pakeeza. They stop on their way to buy some western clothes for Simran. She looks very cute in jeans. The couple checks in at their hotel. Simran is a little uncomfortable with her sleeveless tops. Maybe the tailor forgot to stitch the sleeves. He smiles. He tells her to go to the room. I have to make a call. He clicks her few pictures before that.

Simran wears her wedding dress once she is in her room. She thinks of surprising her husband. There is a knock on the door. Someone else enters inside. He sits down to explain her why he is here. She continues to tell him to go out but he talks about how beautiful she looks in her photos. She calls Rajvir. Rajvir comes there just then. She says I have been telling him to go out but he isn’t listening. Rajvir tells her that he is not from Canada. I just sell girls like you to other people. She holds him by his collar. The other guy keeps on going closer to her. She cries for help but Rajvir closes the door from outside. Simran is crying later on. The other guy leaves. Rajvir comes there and sits down next to her. We get lots of money for this. He shows her the pics that he has of other girls. They do the same work. They get paid a lot. You too should think of doing this as you can earn a lot. Let’s work together. She snatches his camera and hits him on his head. She runs away with his camera.

Two guys stop their car when she asks for help. They take her in but have something else in their mind. She tells them that no one knows her here. They stop their car at a deserted place. She gets scared. Let me go. there is no police station here. One of the guys pull her out of the car. He has been drinking. She hits him with the camera too. She clicks their pics too. The guy forces himself on her. She tries to resist all this while but in vain. He tells his other friend to have some fun too but Simran is dead by then. Shashank and Aniket left Simran there only.

Rajvir looked around for Simran for the entire night and finally found her near the pond. He took his camera and went back to his hotel room. Rajvir talks to someone about his next target. He checks the camera but it isn’t working. He takes out the card reader. He goes to the washroom. He notices someone’s hand. He steps back in shock when he notices Simran’s reflection in the mirror. The card falls. He bends down under the bed to pick it but gets pulled under it. Blood comes out from under the bed later on.

It might be fate or Simran’s revenge that Aniket came back to the same hotel. Aniket had raped Simran at the same place and had left her there to die. She had taken revenge from Shashank and Rajvir already but now she brought out the truth before Devina through the pics. Devina packs her bags. You raped that girl and killed her. Aniket denies. I agree I made a mistake of raping her but dint kill her. Devina says it was no better than death. You can never be forgiven now as the one who could forgive you is dead because of you. You will get the divorce papers real soon. She leaves in a taxi. Aniket notices a girl walking in a lehenga and follows her. He is found dead in the jungle a few weeks later. His body was very much eaten by the wild animals by then.

Aniket was pulled in that hotel by Simran’s spirit only. There were reports of many more deaths in the hotel. This means that Simran was looking for all those people who were involved in her death or who mislead girls to have some fun. It clearly points out that one can forget anything but not memories!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Its such a wonderful punishment for all those who thnk women cn b a object to play wid…all guys lyk shasankh nd aniket shd get punishments lyk ths…

  2. now-a-days so much have changed technology improved but what is the use! those ppls’ thinking hasn’t changed till now

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