Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vali says you will have to fight with me Hanuman. This fight will end with your end only! Vali’s mother wonders if she did injustice with Hanuman. Vali, for whom I took a promise from Hanuman, is after Hanuman’s life only! Vali says you have many boons and blessings of God but I have the boon with which I can use them against you only. I will leave this warzone only after defeating you! Hanuman thinks of Sugriv’s warning words. Vali asks him what he is thinking. You have to fulfil your father’s promise and save your Sugriv Bhaiya. Pick up your weapon and attack me. Hanuman thinks I will have to fight with Vali Bhaiya to save Sugriv bhaiya and respect father’s promise even if Vali Bhaiaya gets all my powers. He advances towards Vali. Vali thinks he will get half of Hanuman’s powers now.

Vayu Dev says it is the firs time when I am worried for Hanuman. Till now he was undefeated because of his powers only. As soon as this war starts Vali will gain half of his powers. It will be really difficult for him to defeat Vali then. Varun dev seconds him. Vali couldn’t harm Hanuman till now as he dint look at Vali as an enemy. He will get half of Hanuman’s powers today. Plus he will not lose his calm because of the necklace that Devraj gave to him. Narad ji wonders what Lord is doing. Such a problem has come on your devotee. Hanuman will have to be extra careful or the situation can go out of hand.

Hanuman picks up his mace. Vali attacks him but Hanuman stops it with his maze. Nature is affected by the war. Vali gets half of Hanuman’s powers. Everyone gets tensed. Anjana is highly tensed at this realisation. Don’t know what will happen now. She prays to God to protect the kids of both the families. Vali laughs.

Vali’s mother regrets doing what she has done. Maharani Anjana is praying for both the sons whereas I put Hanuman’s life in risk by taking such a promise from him.

All Gods are worried.

Vali’s mother thinks if she should tell Anjana about the promise. But what’s the use of it now? If I take back the promise then Hanuman will surely kill Vali. She looks at them. Vali can be powerful but he wont be able to harm Hanuman. I am getting worried for no reason.

Vali pushes Hanuman. Everyone is shocked.

Ravan is happy that Vali has half of Hanuman’s powers now. He is more powerful than Hanuman. My plan is going right. No one can save that vanar kid from Vali now. No one! He laughs evilly. I have one more wish. I want to see one more scene. I want Vali advancing towards Hanuman and killing him! I want to witness that scene.

Vali says save yourself Markat if you can. He attacks Hanuman with his mace but Hanuman saves himself. Vali tries again but fails. Maharaj Riksharaj remarks that Vali is acting so barbaric towards Hanuman. I apologize to you all on his behalf. Parents are most embarrassed when kids go wrong. Maharani murmurs that Hanuman isn’t attacking Vali because of the promise. Anjana couldn’t hear her clearly. What was Maharani ji saying? Kesari tells Maharaj to be patient. Vali will surely have a change of heart. He has your upbringing. He will certainly come back on the right path.

Vali tells Hanuman to give up on his effects to save himself and try not to fight with him. I will not lose my patience because of the necklace I got from Devraj. Hanuman thinks he will have to think of something now. Vali hits Hanuman who falls down. His parents panic. Anjana shouts. Is my son fine? Vali hurt him so badly. She cries. Vali laughs.

Narad ji remarks how Hanuman is not using the rest of his powers. Vayu Dev says Hanuman still wants to avoid the war. He has promised Vali’s mother not to kill his life. Vali’s mother has put Sankat Mochan in Sankat to save her own son. Narad ji says mothers are so different. Anjana thinks of every kid while Vali’s mother cannot see anything beyond her own son.

Anjana is in tears. How will Hanuman attack the one who he thinks to be like his brother? Vali’s mother is relieved of her son’s safety. Hanuman will not harm my son. He has promised me.

Vali says what happened Markat. The fight hasn’t even begun yet and you have accepted defeat already. If you dint have the strength to fight with me then you could have told your father to keep his crown in my feet. Hanuman gets up. Vali Bhaiya will never lose his patience. I will have to do something else to stop him. He increases his size shocking Vali. His powers go to Vali yet again. Hanuman is shocked to realise it. Vali is content. He too expands his size. Hanuman says Vali BHaiya can also grow his size like me.

Anjana says the war is going extreme. But Maharani ji is not at all affected by it. Look at her. She seems worriless. Kesari follows her gaze.

Vayu Dev says this way Vali will gain most of Hanuman’s powers!

Ravan is happy to see what’s happening. Vali should get Hanuman’s powers and kill him.

Hanuman says it is becoming difficult for me to fight with Vali Bhaiya as he is getting half of my powers. I will have to think of something to save Sugriv Bhaiya. Vali remarks that he will answer his attacks using thr same powers with which he will think to attack him. He tries to attack Hanuman with his mace. Hanuman holds it and breaks it. He hits Vali with his mace.

Precap: Vali and Hanuman return to their normal size. Hanuman ducks as an eagle comes his way.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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