Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kalyani gets into lift and power goes off. Lifts stops. She panics seeing a man inside and holds his shoulder. He lights his lighter and she relaxes. He calls security and informs that lift is stuck due to power failure. Security says there is some issue and it will be rectified soon. Kalyani and man’s nok jhok starts. He starts whistling. She realizes he is the same man whom she met before and says she heard his wistle before. He asks if it is nice. She asks who is he. He says he is a man. She asks to stop joking. Security guard calls back and says power wll be back soon. Power comes and lift opens. Kalyani comes out and walks out without meeting man. She enters a music company and manager gives her contract papers and says she can sing for other companies also and does not have any condition except she has to prioritze their dates. She asks their contract is very leniant and she wants to meet his boss. He says his boss is KVK and shows his cabin. She walks towards cabin and peon says boss left just now. She runs behind KVK but leaves in his car.

Protima tells Ketki that Sohrab wanted contract paper copy and she did not give him, but she cannot deny him for long as he is Ketki’s signature authority. She suggests Ketki to divorce him and says even she went through bad phase and just like one cannot keep rotten boddy part, one should get rid of bad relationships.

Aaji asks Meenaskhi to sing a song for her. Meenakshi says she will switch on music player. Aaji insists. Meenakshi sings Bijli girane mai hoon aayi….song.. in worst voice. Everyone laugh on her. Meenakshi taunts her. Phone rings. Meenakshi picks and misbehaves with music director and asks to call after 9 p.m. if he wants to speak to Kalyani. She turns back and sees Kalyani there. Kalyani asks who was it. Megha says new music director wanted to speak to Ketki. Kalyani scolds how can she misbehave with anyone like this and asks if she pick calls before also. Megha reminisces misbehaving with Protima but lies. Kalyani warns her not to pick calls again as Ketki’s career is just now booming and she does not want any negative impact. Devika sees Kalyani’s concern for Ketki and gets happy.

Shivam tells Megha that they will take revenge from Kalyani and Ketki and will destroy their career. Aaji hears that and scolds him.

Precap: Kalyani orders that Megha wil not pick any calls. Ketki argues that she will pick her calls. Aaji gets panic attack seeing their fight.

Update Credit to: MA

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