Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kesari addresses Bali (in Purohit’s disguise). You have made a mistake (in a teasing way). If Purohit ji was in your place then he wouldn’t have offered just a little bowl but the entire pot of kheer. Anjana smiles. Bali signals her to take the Prasad. Anjana accepts the Prasad and takes a bite of kheer. Bali pays his respect to the Shivlinga and also notices Anjana eating more kheer. Purohit ji looks on helplessly. Anjana feels dizzy. She drops the Prasad. Kesari catches hold of her. He wonders what happened to her suddenly. Bali hides. A lady checks Anjana. She is not well. She needs immediate help. We should return to palace asap.

It is the biggest sin to kill an unborn baby. It qualifies you for hell till the end of life. Bali had done everything he could to make sure Hanuman is not born.

Daasi informs Kesari that Anjana has been given poison. Anjana is lying in her bed. Her colour has turned blue. Kesari sends his servants to bring royal Vaid ji. Everyone continues to look after her day and night. Everyone is tensed as Anjana is not recovering. Kesari is sure nothing will happen to his wife and his son. There is no snake bite. They are unable to understand what could be the reason. The royal Vaid has still not come. Kesari is tensed. He thinks of an idea. He suggests creating a dhum. The same daasi goes to work on a backup plan as well. Kesari is sad to see his wife in such a condition. He caresses her cheek. Anjana (in her unconscious state) thinks of Shiv ji and a baby. She thinks of what all she has been through to have this baby. A sweet track plays in the background. Kesari talks to her. You will be fine real soon. She talks about their baby. He assures her that he wont let anything happen to their baby. To make her talk, he talks about the baby. How will he be? She thinks of the blessings given by the ladies (Goddesses) and tells him. She passes out. Kesari is in tears. He looks up and folds his hands.

Narayana is meditating. Ma Lakshmi decides to do something. The same daasi is bringing something when she feels dizzy and passes out. Ma Lakshmi comes there in the disguise of the same woman. She suggests Kesari to bring the royal Vaid ji himself. I will take care of Maharani ji till then. He leaves. Ma Lakshmi comes back to her original form as soon as Kesari leaves. She sits down beside Anjana and touches her head. A shloka plays in the background. A pot appears in Ma Lakshmi’s hand. She mixes something in the water and feeds it to Anjana. She also makes Anjana vomit the poison. Baby Hanuman has also turned green inside the womb. Anjana becomes normal again. Ma Lakshmi sits there next to her all this while. Baby Hanuman is also healthy once again. Ma Lakshmi smiles. She gets up to go when she finds Narayana standing there. He is touched by her gesture. It is famous that the entire world prays to you while you pray to / take care of me. But tonight you took care of someone else. What secret is this? She says it is my duty to save Anjana and her son. Narayana assures her that Anjana and her son are fine now. This will actually become a boon for the baby. Baby Hanuman too bows down before the Lord. Narayana smiles. The obstacles in the future will also become a road to success for your beloved Anjana.

Jamwati asks Rukmini why she said so. Rukmini says Hanuman was taking birth to actually protect my Swami so it is my responsibility to take care of him. That night, I was actually serving my husband only by taking care of Anjana.

Anjana and Kesari are sleeping. Lord Shiva comes there. He is holding a bay in his hand. He tells Anjana to wake up. Her soul walks up to him. She kneels down before him. He points out to the baby in his hands. This is your son only. This is the same baby for whom you had to come to earth from heaven; for whom you had to remain childless for so long; the same baby for whom you had done 12 year long Tapasya. This is the same baby who is being born to help Narayana in his human form. You and Kesari will be remembered for ages because of him. I am giving you my Tej through this baby. Anjana takes the baby from him. He disappears after blessing her. Anjana wakes up. She looks around and can feel Mahadev’s presence. Kesari wakes up hearing her calling out for Mahadev. She shares her dream with Kesari. He says this points out that our baby is going to come real soon. She is overjoyed.

Next morning, Anjana walks up to the balcony. She offers her prayers to the rising sun when she feels terrible pain. She lies down on her bed. Kesari is praying in the temple. Anjana calls out for Ma. Ma Parvati sends her blessings from Kailash. The whole palace lights up.

Sankatmochan Hanuman ji was born on Chaitra Shukla Purnamasi, Magha Nakshatra, Tuesday.

Anjana hears someone laughing. She opens her eyes and looks at the baby lying next to her on the bed. Bright light is emanating from the baby. She smiles but is also a little blinded by the light. She gets up to have a closer look at the baby. Kesari too notices bright light coming from Anjana’s room. Everyone in the heaven is happy by Hanuman ji’s birth. Nature smiles as well. All the Lords and Goddesses bless the baby.

Kesari calls out for Anjana as he cannot see. He somehow reaches her side. Are you alright? He cannot see anything because of the light. She tells him that this is their son’s tej. She thanks Lord Shiva to let them see their Tejasvi son. Bless us in such a way that he remains Tejasvi but we humans are able to see him too. Lord Shiva listens to her prayers.

Anjana and Kesari are overwhelmed to see Bal Hanuman. He is already adorned with all the jewels. Anjana finally breaks into a smile as she notices his every feature.

Shri Krishna says Anjana and Kesari had finally got a baby boy. It was all like a dream come true for them.

A song plays in the background as Anjana holds Hanuman ji’s tiny little fingers. She hugs her baby next. Kesari looks on happily.

Jamwati gives the credit to Devi Rukmini / Ma Lakshmi for saving Anjana and Bal Hanuman. Bali had made every effort to make sure Hanuman is not born. You helped all the Gods by saving the mother and the baby. Thank you so very much!

Kesari and Anjana are mesmerised by their kids’ beauty. I have never seen such a cute baby. There is something different about him. Have you ever seen such a beautiful baby? Anjana denies. Kesari knows that their son is very different from others. We should give him a name. She talks about the ritual. He reminds her of their secret ceremony of keeping a secret name for the baby. The couple get thinking.

Shri Krishna’s wives discuss / debate about what secret name they should keep for their baby. Shri Krishna shares that Kesari and Anjana got into a similar discussion like you all. This had happened in their life for the first time.

Kesari and Ajana want to keep their baby’s name on each other’s name. They both decide on two different names. Kesari chooses Anjanaye while she sticks to Kesarinandan. Narad ji appears there. The couple greets them and offer him a seat. Narad ji has come to see Bal Hanuman. He picks up Bal Hanuman in his arms and says a shloka. Your son will not be affected by anything (weather, age, or any sin). Your son will always be happy. He will never get sad or be deprived of knowledge. He will always be healthy. Anjana is very happy. He gives him back to her. he also tells them that their son will have lot many names. You have anyways done the secret naming ceremony. Kesari says we still haven’t confirmed on one name. Narad ji agrees. Your son has heard both the names so many times that he has accepted both of them. The parents are amazed to see Bal Hanuman reacting to both the names. Narad ji points out that these names are not a secret anymore as nothing can be hidden when he appears there. These two names will be remembered for ages. People will chant them for ages. Hanuman Chalisa plays in the background. All the Gods and Goddesses look down at Bal Hanuman with love and affection. Epi ends on everyone blessing the baby.

Precap: Bali gets to know that Hanuman has taken birth. He again decides to kill the baby. Anjana is bathing baby Hanuman when he hits the little tub with full force. Anjana is startled to see imprints of his feet in it. The baby starts crawling.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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