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Reporters 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya at her home thinks she is 100% sure Bhavna is responsible for Apurva’s missing. She guesses that due to Bhavna and Gurunath’s affair, they must have killed Apurava. She thinks how to inform Kabeer about it as she is in Manav’s team and he will not believe her. Manav is an opportunistic and if her guess is right, he will get a new hit story. Mom gives her tea and asks why is she still awake. She says her brain is awake. Mom asks the reason. She says same her papa’s and says she cannot sleep until she finds out truth.

Ananya reaches KKN office in the morning and enters Kabeer’s cabin, but is shocked to see Bhavna in his cabin. He says she is shameless to enter without knocking, especially when guest is in and asks her to g out. She sadly goes and sits on her desk and wishes hi to Richa. She gets an idea and gives a file to Richa and says it is her theory regarding Apurva shroff and she thinks he is killed. She asks her to present it as her theory. Richa asks why she. Ananya says she should enlighten truth to everyone and says Kabeer does not believe her and she cannot believe Khalid and Manav, so she has to present it as a favor.

Kabeer calls a staff meeting and tells that Richa has a story for them and according to her Bhavna and Gurunath killed Apurva. Richa nervously says she saw Bhavna nervous and she percets that she has killed Apurva. Khalid asks if she is face reader. Richa gets more nervous. Ananya excuses everyone, walks out of meeting room, calls Sunny to get footage which they shot at Apurva’s house. He enters meeting room and calls Ronnie out. Kabeer senses something is wrong. Manav also walks out. Kabeer asks Richa if she wants him to read this new on his slot and says she needs solid proof first and asks her to collect more proofs and dead body should be there for murder.

Ananya watches footage of Apurva shroff and says this voice does not match Apurva’s. She says it is gurunath’s and she is sure Apurva was murdered long back. She says rohan must be having his pic. She watches gurunath’s footage and says both voices match.

Kabeer reminisces his meetings with Bhavna and Richa telling Bhavna got a support in KKN and him. He opens her sent painting, sees paint on something, calls peon to repack painting. He calls Bhavna and says she should give interview during his news to stop people from talking bad about her.

Ananya tells Richa that her proof is perfect and asks Richa to tell it to Kabeer. Kabeer comes out and asks her if she got any more proof as Bhavna has complained against party chief and he has called her for an interview. Richa nervously tells about Sunny’s footage and stammers. He asks if she is 100% confident on herself. Ananya says if he does not believe her, how can she. He goes to her, frightens her a bit and tells if Richa’s theory is true, he will question Bhavna during interview and says it is time to prove herself.

Precap: During Bhavna’s interview, Kabeer tells her that Gurunath and Apurva’s voices match. She asks what rubbish is this. He says she is very close to Gurunath and killed Apurva.

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  1. I think to make it more interesting some big news channel should offer a job as a senior journalist to ananya….

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