Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vayu Dev meets Anjana and Kesari. You are about to get rewarded for all your Tapasya. He gives them a mango as Prasad. You wil surely be blessed with a baby very soon. They fold their hands before him. He blesses them and then disappears. The couple is very happy.

Anjana is sitting before the Shivlinga. Kesari gives her the mango. Anjana recalls Lord Shiva’s words. Vayu Dev will give you my Prasad. Accept if from your husband’s hands. Anjana eats the mango.

Rukmini says Anjana got pregnant after a while later. A mother goes through many changes in that period. She has to bear a lot of problems too. Jamwati adds that this is why all the other ladies / female members of the house take special care of a pregnant lady. Who took care of Anjana? Shri Krishna calls Anjana super lucky. My sister Jagdama (Parvati ji) herself came to help her.

Parvati ji gives Nandi the responsibility to look after Kailash and Lord Shiva when he comes out of his meditation. Lord Shiva asks her to fill his pot with water as it is empty. She is hesitant but then agrees to do it. He has been teasing her only. I can fill it with the Ganga in my Jata too. She wants to help Anjana as she might need her help / guidance. She is bearing your ansh after all.

Shri Krishna’s wives dint know that Lord Shiva is also naughty like him. Rukmini ji replies that both Lord Shiva and Narayana are equal in many ways. They are pleased that Parvati ji was so concerned about Anjana. Shri Krishna says love and fear work side by side. how can someone be in trouble when you have a mother like Ma Parvati.

Ma Parvati changes her avatar and turns herself into a normal lady. Her loin also turns into a cow. She intentionally says Gauri’s cow can give you all the answers. Anjana overhears this. She shows an inclination to talk to the lady to Kesari. The couple greets the lady and her cow with folded hands. Anjana asks her about her baby. Parvati Ma says you did a tough Tapasya which made Lord Shiva happy. Your son will be really intelligent, loved and famous. You must be a little careful though. I am here to help you. She guides her about what all she has to do in case she feels anything wrong during her pregnancy. Anjana smiles shyly. I understood everything. She blesses Anjana that Ma Sherawali will always help her son in overcoming all hurdles. Ma Parvati blesses the couple. She leaves with her cow next. The couple keeps looking at her with surprise while she is walking away.

Satyabhama are sure Anjana would have taken all the necessary precautions. Hanuman ji could have been born without any trouble. Shri Krishna smiles. How is that possible! Hanuman looks all calm today but don’t think that he was like that since the beginning. You think this is how he had been born? He was very naughty. Anjana started changing after she got pregnant. She was glowing. She became super hungry. Anjana eats everything that is served for the lunch but she is still hungry. She wants to eat mango. Kesari is amazed. You are still hungry? From where should I get mango in this season? She wants to see mango tree only. That enough will satisfy me! he nods his head in confusion. Anjana is sad. He decides to send someone to the other part of the jungle. Maybe we can find something there. She nods. They turn to go when mangoes appear on the tree as per Parvati Ma’s blessing. A mango falls in front of the couple. They look up again and are surprised to see mangoes all over the tree. Anjana makes Kesari pluck many more mangoes as she always asks for the other one that he leaves. I want the biggest mango. Next, she herself plucks the mango by flying high in the air. Kesari looks at her puzzled. You are pregnant. She too is confused. Baby Hanuman smiles from inside the womb.

Anjana was gaining an extraordinary strength. It always used to surprise and impress Kesari. Hanuman was the source of that strength.

Anjana shares a dream with Kesari. I felt as if our son was walking inside the womb. She again feels the same sensation. Kesari too keeps his hand over her womb to feel it. Anjana hears some noise. A tree is about to fall over two kids who are playing nearby unaware of the upcoming danger. Anjana rushes and holds the tree. She pushes it backwards. Kesari and the kids look at her in awe. The couple cannot understand how all this is happening. Surely it is Lord Shiva’s ansh’s doing. They look up thankfully.

Precap: it rained on the baby shower day. Anjana cries before Shivlinga. Ma Parvati decides that the baby shower will happen, come what may. She comes to the palace with other Goddesses from the heaven. She blesses Anjana and her son.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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