Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV says to Ishaani that she told him she married him for money. Now she doesn’t love Shekhar so money can be the reason. Buas hear this all. Ranveer asks who will she marry after Shekhar, would she like a doctor after lawyer, he can even initiate the proposal for some good one.
Dewarsh stops a girl and tries to flirt with her. The girl says he is shameless as well as charming. Dewarsh says every next girl wants to go with him on date, the girl says she already has a boyfriend. Dewarsh says this is wrong number, he thinks about some fun and asks her to note his number. When she does, he says he gave her his papa’s number. Ritesh comes there, Dewarsh asks him money for his new Sherwani. He says his papa already has property released from litigation, and wants to sell it. Ritesh says he wants to save it for old age. Dewarsh says then he will also meet him at old age.
Dewarsh winks at the girl for a call and goes inside. Ritesh gets the call as soon as Chaitali comes to him, she takes his phone from his hand and attends the call. The girl asks him for coffee at night, Chaitali was shocked. Dewarsh enjoys the sight. The girl asks why isn’t he speaking, he said himself married men are more exciting. Chaitali looks at Ritesh enraged, and says he was talking to girls here. Ritesh doesn’t understand what she is saying. Ritesh watches Dewarsh who tells him it was him behind it all. Chaitali warns Ritesh not to talk to any girl again. Another call rings, Ritesh promises to come. Chaitali is offensive.
RV says to Ishaani that there is no one to stop her third marriage. He forbid Shekhar, still there is no one to stop this wedding. Shekhar comes and tells RV not to make a drama here, he already warned him. He says Ishaani is his family, RV laughs that his family doesn’t know the meaning of family. Shekhar shouts, Ishaani asks him to be calm. Everyone gets alert. RV asks Ishaani can’t she see his insult, if she cares about him or Shekhar. Shekhar asks him to stop it else… RV asks what else? Kanchal comes to take Ishaani for Bhaat. Bua says they must not see what Ishaani’s family gives for Bhaat.
Baa waits for Ritesh, Kanchal brings gifts for Ishaani saying this is for Ishaani from Parekh family. Baa and everyone is shocked to see this. Kachal says Ritesh had to make a call so he asked her to keep this all with her. Kanchal asks Buas to see this. Baa was about to leave, she tells Chaitali that she is so ashamed today that she had to take her granddaughter’s bhaat from someone. Ritesh comes and tell them they won’t have to take any money from anyone today. He tells her that the his land piece that was caught in a case has been release and he sold it. He hands the money to Baa. Ishaani nods at Kanchal, who nods back. Dewarsh is shocked watching this. Ritesh tells Baa she won’t have to be ashamed for anything now. Ritesh goes to Ishaani, he says it was all so urgent that they couldn’t do anything much. He hands the envelope to Kanchal and says she has done so much for Ishaani. He calls Baa and Chaitali. They come forward and do the rituals. Ishaani gets up and says he gave so much money for her. He hugs her and says when he was young, his mota bhai did a lot and never let her speak. She and his mota bhai has done a lot for them, he can do this atleast. Baa gives Ishaani earrings, saying she brought these. Ishaani says these are really good, she will always keep them with her. They hug and Baa blesses her.
Chaitali comes to Dewarsh and was curt why he spent so much for Ishaani, when the Mehra’s are spending money for her. Dewarsh tells her to relax.
The drummers come inside, RV watches Ishaani who feels awkward. Shekhar asks Ishaani if she is happy. She nods. Shekhar asks her to forget all the tensions then and smile thinking about him. They dance together, RV dislikes this. Kanchal comes to Ishaani and asks her for Krisha’s jewellery. RV comes into Ishaani’s way, she asks why he stopped her way. He gets aside. She asks what is he staring. He says he wonders how she hides her evil face behind this innocence. Ishaani says if he thinks more about Ritika, he would have been worried about his not her life. RV smiles she cares so much for him. Ishaani asks him to stop stalking her. RV smiles and says it reminds him of a dialogue, ‘maa asks to leave Ishaani, Ishaani asks to let go of her memories, Ritika asks to leave this drama and he asks Ishaani to leave Shekhar’. Ishaani asks RV to grow up, behave as his age. RV says those who don’t have experience talk according to age, she is his biggest experience in life and the worst one, his estimations taking her can never be wrong. He leaves, but Shekhar comes there. Shekhar says he feared this that he will make her cry. Ishaani says she is fine, Shekhar asks where is the smile that is like a tonic to her. Shekhar tells her a joke, Ishaani was watching RV taking selfies with an old aunty. Ishaani laughs, Shekhar watches what she was smiling at, the aunty watched her selfie. Shekhar says to Ishaani that in one’s life a person can either make one smile or sad, the one who can do the both is the most important. He takes jewellery boxes off her hands and asks her to go. Ishaani watches RV leaving enraged, tears filled her eyes.

PRECAP: Shekhar tells RV he is preparing case, why has he stayed at office. RV says he is the groom to be, he must be taken care of. Shekhar says RV must go and take care of his wife at home, he is hungry because Ishaani is fasting for him. He says he is sure Ishaani shouldn’t have fasted for him because she didn’t love him, but someone else.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Today’s episode was good only shekhar Ishaani & baa part.. Expecting some twist like revealing truth about Rithika so that there will be some interest.Now its time to reveal.. enough of dragging. . Please make some changes. Already fed up of this.. Ranveer character is totally lost.. Enough of Ishaani sufferings and sacrifices.. from the article we already came to know that Ishaani will put the blame on herself.. so, Shikhar call of his marriage with her… OMG … irritating.. anyway.. precap nice.. waiting for a good episode..

    1. Do you guys know any new promos

    2. no use of that….remember they showed promo of ritika burning photos even b4 falguni death but there’s no clue of it in the show… so dont wait……this drama will take tym…. by that tym, all viewers of matsh will vanish…..its so boring…

  2. rv is getting worser day by day…….. ye samajthi kyun nahi hai ki ishani ne jo kuch nhi karraha hai, vo sab uski kushi keliye karraha hai…….. and by the way, this soapy is dragging too much…….. feeling sad 4 ishani. but happy bcoz didnt see rithika’s face 2day 😀

    1. feeling more sorry for ishani than rv…yes ryt, at least ritika was not there today..

  3. Fed they ll take at least 2,3 months more to reveal cmplt wastage of tym

  4. Yeah I agree with you unknown

  5. Poor Ishaani cudn’t live her life her way since the beginning, its alwys som1 who plays her card, either tak decision for her witout knowing her likes/getting her consent(her alliance wit chirag) or manipulate her lik Ranveer did to make her accept chirag. And alwys blamed her for something though innocent, lik oil to fire she readily sacrifice her love whenevr its been put on agni pariksha, y cant she becom selfish for once in her life? RV spits poison whenevr he comes in contact wit Ishaani, her words hav transformed him so much but the pain is for us seeing them suffering? once all he wanted from her was just a pure smile, missing that old RV and sunny?

    1. agreed…

    2. Ur right I wanna see that old sunny and ranveer???

    3. same here…. longing for ishveer

  6. Im really fed up this show…im watching the show bcoz of rv…nowadays rv irritating alot..especially he s take care of devil rithika…im really hate tat scene..rv knows ishaani from childhood..if he remembers tat all he never hurt her..bcoz she s rich man daughter but she never do lyk this she s always maintaining the gud frnd ship with rv..even she knows he is a drivers son..but nowadays rv thinking ishaani marrying for money only..pls unite ishveer ..or else end the serial..waiting for gud episode…

  7. yaar kya dikha rhe h ye log…. ye aashiqui to kahi se v ni dikh rhi..
    q k jaha aashiqui hoti h waha nafrat ki jagah ni…itta gir k kaise baat kr skte h…ye dono..
    DRIVER KA BETA?? LOOTERI DULHAN?? i mean seriously???

  8. wats this..??? nowadays rv’s so called aashiqui also seems fake…..always creating a scene….when everyone around him is reminding him of his wife ritika, y doesnt he just go away and do his duties……very emotional scene with ishani and her kaka… now my doubt starts on rv– if he still loves ishani, he sud tell ritika that ish is his wife and he cant accept ritika…..but if he wants ritika, he sud let ishani go away and b at peace,,…. its entirely shikhar’s decision to marry ish,, if he doesnt have any problem,, y sud rv poke???
    how long this silence to be maintained???? cant bear it….just reading wu….no use of waiting for gud epi—seems cv’s are planning this revelation for a year… disgusting…

  9. pehle Ranveer balidaan ka devta bna krta tha n ab ye ishaani sacrifice queen bn gyi h
    ….ye ishaani kya kr rhi h?? shikhar k feelings k saath khel rhi …kiske liye …ranveer ki khushiyo k liye…
    jab ki ishaani ko v pta h…k ranveer 9 saal ki umar se usse pyar krta h…wo uske bina khush kaise rahega… move on hi krna h to kro bt dusro ki feelings k saath khel k?? apne pyaar ko hurt kr k??

  10. show is draggin, pls show ritika face soon n let rv n ishaani be,

  11. n ranveer is acting like acting like jerks…dont he have any self respect or wat?? going on intruding btwn shikhar z private matters… always being insulted… n ishaani seems so happy..even if c z wid shikhar… Rv sud mind his own business…

    1. nobody can watch their love with someone else….
      that is why ranveer is always interfering into the matters of ishani and shikar

  12. writers hum viewers ko ullu samaj rakha h??? aese kv hota h kya?? show sumthng practical…
    akhir dragg kr k typical saas bahu kinda serial bna dia


  13. episode was good .rv character has lost but than ishani and shekar acting , ranveer (shakti ) acting skill were excellent his expresions were totally awesome .irritating rithika was not there today.the show going to be more interesting now.feeling sad for shekar that he was thinking ishani was happy because of his family and all but when he came know that ishani had loved rv and still loving him because of rv happiness she had agreed to marry shekar . the writers should nt make the shekar as next villan in this show.iwas waiting for the good episode . when will ishveer reunite in the show and mistry behind chirag and falguni dealth.
    ishani was great if any men talks to women like rv they gone slap them in front of everyone but ishani didn’t .oneday shekar gone know about dewarch misdeeds shekar will punish dewarch as he like. where is sharman in the show

  14. <\3 :/ 🙁 ;(

  15. <\3 :/ 🙁 ;( ab to muje meri aashiqui dekh k gussa ata h…. plz re unite ishu n Rv

  16. Its Upcoming Episode Of This Week.
    Ishani and Shikhar’s marriage preparations are facing turbulent times with RV’s accusation of Ishani having stolen jewelry and accumulated 40
    lacs rupees. RV makes an entry during Ishani’s pre- wedding rituals with Shikhar and makes the charge upfront. Shikhar at first defends Ishani and wants to know the truth from her. He gets into agitated mode when she admits on the charge of stealing. He gets into believing the truth ‘as it appears’. Shikhar is shattered and also heartbroken since his trust on Ishani has diminished. Thus, he asks her to leave from his sight. Soon after, Ishani cries profusely and starts to leave Shikhar’s home. This makes RV feel pity for Ishani as she is leaving. Shikhar is oblivious on why Ishani has accepted the crime in first place but has swayed and became a victim of the circumstances himself. He inches closer to calling off his wedding with Ishani. Ishani were having doubts earlier on why RV has trashed Derwash and her acceptance of theft could be interconnected with it. The larger questions are two-fold: Will RV clear his misunderstanding on Ishani: That she is not after money ?; Will Derwash’s role in the jewelry theft and
    his broader intentions to marry for Krisha for

    1. Does that mean derwash stole the money

    2. yes but poor ishani didnt know it….so she took the blame on herself… everyone sees the things the way they are shown——nobody ever tries to find the truth…irrtitated with this drama…

  17. All balaji show’s have similar story…wahi ghisi pitti pati,patni or woh ki story…writer’s plz ab toh much naya dikhao. Kasauti se leke ye hai mohabbatein, kumkum bhagya or meri aashiqui…me bhi wahi purani kahani AGR much naya nhi hai to stop d show’s. We r living in 21st century par serials dekh k ESA lgta nhi hai kyuki actresses ko abla naari,bechari,tyag ki devi dikhaya jata hai. Isse better to negative roles hote hai unki personality strong dikhayi jati hai. Mujhe balaji k show’s achche lgte hai par jab bhi ye stupid story repeat hoti hai to pura show bakwas ho jata hai. Har cheez ki limit hoti hai par jab limit cross ho jaye to sahi nhi hota. Usi tarah main lead characters ko bhi strong hona chahiye. Ha ek women apni family or unki khushiyo k liye sacrify krti hai par serials me kuh bhi galat ho to unhe galat bhi dikhate hai or insult bhi hoti hai. Jab meri aashiqui start hua tha to iski story unique thi or bht achchi thi or 2 leap ane k baad bhi ishani ranveer ek nhi ho paye. Na to ye pata hai k falguni ka murder kisne kiya bas har koi ishani ko blame krta hai. Its my humble request to writers plz kuch to achcha dikhao…serial me negativity zyada hai…an much to positive dikha dijiye plz…I hope k ane wale episode’s achche ho…Jo ranveer ishani ko kareeb laye tabhi lagega k serial me ashiqui hai na k nafrat, ladayi badla…etc………lolz

    1. aashiqui bachi hi kaha h….sab to bas badla hi lete rehte h…ek dusre ki insult karna fav tympass ho gaya h….koi kuch jaana hi nhi chahta…bas jo samne dikhe usi pe saara gussa nikal deta h……….ye ritika badi smart h—kisiko sak bhi nhi hone deti aur sabke samne sabse bechari bhi lagti h……….plz koi to taras khao viewers pe….jaaan loge kya??

  18. achha tha ki rv ishani se nhi mila tha.. at least dono pyar to karte the….there was still care…..ab jab dono mil gaye hto khun k pyase ho gaye……ye tyag ki devi ko hi sab kuch kyo sehna h?? kabhi to ritika k baaare mei bhi kuch dikhao…..rv bhi dimag nhi laga raha ki aakhir ishani kyo aise kar rahi h….she was a wealthy man’s daughter to achanak gold-digger kyo??…..pata nhi shikhar kyo apni lawyer ka kaam chhor ke bematlab k dialogs dete rehta h…kya family mili h ishani ko—idiot bhai aur money minded kaki…..khusi hoti h kanchal ko dekh kar…aajkal baa is also positive…… arey ishani tu kaunse jamaane ki h—abtak fon bhi nhi check kiya???….dhanya ho writers jo achhi si story ka bedagark kar diya…dimag fry kar diya… kuch to aage badho—bas lage hue h ek hi cheez se chipak ke… aur nhi samajh mei aata to band kardo show ko..

  19. today ishkar dance super, but where is sherman, godri, nithin?……….., waiting for gud episode

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