Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravana praying and is protected by a shield. There lord ram says thata here there are 107 neel kamal here and one is missing. Hanuman is very sad and says I am sorry lord and I failed in my task and I counted 1 more and how could i? your Pooja is failing because of me. Hanuman says lord I will go back and bring one neel kamal and come here. Lord ram says no hanuman, going back and coming will take time and sun is about to set. Lord ram says don’t worry hanuman because you did not fail in your task and when you brought the flowers I counted myself that time and it were 108 neel kamal but now suddenly 1 is missing. Lord ram says this is maybe mata’s test for me. In heaven lord Shankar and parvati smile. Lord Shankar says once lord Vishnu kept 107 neelkamal for me but when one was missing he sacrificed his eye praying for me and lord ram being a form of lord Vishnu may do the same even if lord ram is in a human form.
Lord ram there says to make up the 1 neelkamal I will sacrifice my eye to mata parvati. Everyone is shocked and hanuman is saying no in hand signs. Lord ram takes arrow near his eye, that time lord Shankar, mata parvati, son kartikeya appear. The arrow in lord ram’s hand turns into the last neel kamal. Lord ram is amazed and everyone get up and lord ram gets up. Everyone say pranam, lord ram says accept my pranam bhole baba, mata parvati and kartikeya. Mata parvati says that lord ram I was impressed when you passed your test and even hanuman did so I bless you that you will be victorious in your war against ravana. Lord Shankar says that shree ram you are the from of lord Vishnu himself and you did exactly the same thing that lord Vishnu did when he prayed to me and 1 neel kamal was missing. Lord ram says that lord Shankar I think myself as a common human and nothing else and I do what is possible for me to do. Lord Shankar says being a human you have always walked the path of righteousness and honesty even in war and the disciple who walks on the path of righteousness will get my blessing and not the one who is on the path of iniquity, lord Shankar says to ram that I bless you that you will be the one to be victorious in this war. Kartikeya says same and says may you be victorius and gives blessings. Suddenly a voice says but hanuman if ravana is successful in his prayers then mata parvati will be forced to protect him and this time he may win. Everyone see here and there for the voice. Hanuman says feels like I have heard this voice before, suddenly ganesha appears and says it is me hanuman. Everyone say pranam lord ganesha. Lord ram says pranam lord ganesha. Ganesha says hanuman you have a task and you have to go and disturb ravana from his prayers to mata parvati so that his prayer is failed otherwise mata will be forced to protect him and he may win the war. Lord ram says but lord ganesha wont that be iniquity too and disturbing anyone in their prayer? Lord ganesha says no shree ram and disturbing the one who wants to force mata to protect him in war by praying and forcing mata is iniquity itself and disturbing that iniquity is not wrong and I am the creator of knowledge so I can be its destroyer too and please allow hanuman to go there quickly and do the task otherwise ravan will be successful. Lord ram says you are the idol of knowledge itself and I believe you, lord ram blesses hanuman and says go hanuman complete your task. Hanuman takes blessings and goes. Lord Shankar, mata parvati, kartikey and lord ganesha say you will be victorious and they go.
There hanuman goes to ravana where he is praying, hanuman sees that ravana is protecting himself from his shield of mantras. Advisor tries coming near but gets throw back from the shield. Hanuman says this shield doesn’t seem to be penetrable easily. Sugreeva there says we will win as lord Shankar and everyone have blessed lord ram and are with him. Vibhishan says yes but disturbing ravana is very difficult and I am sure he has protected himself with his shield of mantras and how will hanuman enter it? lord ram says hanuman will enter it.
There hanuman tries hitting his gadha but it comes back and hanuman says my gadha came back. Hanuman then says taking the name of lord ram will remove all problems, in heaven all gods are worried and mata parvati is worried. Hanuman becomes tiny and goes flying to penetrate the shield and he hits the shield and enters it. there lord ram says hanuman will enter the shield easily because ravana doesn’t know that hanuman is a Brahmin and he was born in the great guru brahaspati’s ashram. Lord Shankar says the same thing to mata parvati and says he is not just a monkey but also a true Brahmin so hanuman could enter it. hanuman enters the shield and sees that a book is kept and there is mantra which ravana is reading. Hanuman says ravana did not know I am here which means ravana is reading the exact words of the mantra. Hanuman sees a bee trying to enter the shield but it gets bursts. Hanuman says I have an idea now. Hanuman turns into a bee and he goes and erases a letter from the mantra and comes back to his form. Ravana reads the wrong mantra continuously. Suddenly the page starts moving, ravana thinks why is this moving? And he takes the book in his hand but it bursts. Ravana is shocked and the shield goes. Mata tara devi comes and she is very angry. Ravana gets up and says what did I do mata? And why are you so angry and I was very faithfully reading your mantra as I am your disciple. Mata tara devi says you missed a letter and such mantras have very powerful letters and each letter has a lot of power and by reading the same mantra so many times you have made it impure and harmful and I will punish you. hanuman comes to his size, ravana sees him and says this monkey has done this. Mata tara devi with her eyes removes lightning and throws ravana on the ground up and down. Mata tara devi says your sins will have effects and you will suffer and be punished for your sins. Tara devi goes and hanuman flies back too. Ravana gets up and starts laughing and says I am ravana!! Lankesh ravana!! And I am powerful myself and have powers granted by brahma dev and lord Shankar and I don’t need anyone’s power now and not even from mata tara devi. Ravana says I will defeat ram and kill everyone. Suddenly a loud bursts and blood rains on ravana, ravana says this is a sign of impureness, ravana then says I have the powers to turn impure into pure. In palace, mandodari says I can hear ravana’s voice and he has failed in impressing mata. But I have to keep him happy for the time he has and tomorrow he will face the same thing everyone has but till then I will make every moment happy for my swami.
There hanuman comes to ram and everyone is happy, hanuman takes blessings of ram. Hanuman then says that ravana has failed but his ego has still not gone and he will prepare and come for war tomorrow. Lord ram says his ego has taken everything from him and he has to be punished and even though he has knowledge but with ego everything fails. Vibhishan says yes but ravana will prepare so we have to be alert and prepared as tomorrow is a big day.
There ravana is all red and he walks in his palace and sees the stairs with flowers. He says these flowers? Mandodari has done this to welcome me. Ravana comes in and mandodari comes and sees ravana and thinks ravana has suffered so much, she then still smiles and says swami come in, ravana looks down. Mandodari takes ravana to her room. Ravana looks at beautiful mandodari. Mandodari thinks ravana is sad and I have to make every moment happy for him. Servants come and keep clothes and go. Ravana tells mandodari that he failed in impressing mata tara devi. Mandodari thinks I will make everything happy today as who knows what will happen tomorrow.

Precap: ravana is at the pond and he says I will defeat everyone with my own powers and death itself is scared of me. Ravana says I will make the battlefield full of blood.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Wow lot of drama. I can’t wait until Monday’s episode.

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