Annika.. Ya.. Paanika??? Episode 5

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The fifth episode of my fan fiction. Thank you for the love, support and the comments. Every comment, however small, makes me enthusiastic. Let’s take a moment to cheer the people at telly updates, because of which fangirls like us get a chance to explore our fantasies. Well, you get to know who Akira is, by and by.

Daadi: People in this family have become so self-obsessed that we are missing a certain something towards our guests.Suprisingly; no one has asked this basic thing to me.
Rudra: Daadi, I know it!!Smarty Rudy knows everything!Didi and Daadi would you like to have some tea?
Daadi: Donkey, no one asked me her name…Rudra, you too??
Shivaay : You are going to tell us anyway, Daadi. You bring guests to the Mansion only when they need your help , daadi.
Rudra: Like you brought Annika didi??(Smirking)
Shivaay: And…Soumya???(Looking back at Rudra)
Daadi: Her name is Akira. She is a lawyer. I know her mom very well. She wanted me to look after her for some time and I brought her here.
Pinky: (In mind) This shouldn’t be Oberoi Mansion, this should be Oberoi Guesthouse for girls. The population of guests is more than the members of the house.
All go.

Akira: Daadi, you didn’t tell them who my father is? And they didn’t recognize me too?How??Thank you so much Daadi, I will forever be indebted to you. I think I’m going to love this place.
Daadi: You sure will. If I had told everyone your dad’s name , Tej will be looking for opportunities to set you up with Om.Om wouldn’t like that and will be bent on going away from here,my dear.Your dad,luckily, neither told your name,or what you do to Tej , while finalising your marriage.
Akira: Thank you, Daadi. (Falls on Daadi’s feet)
Akira makes herself comfortable in her room while Soumya and Priyanka make their entry.
Priyanka and Soumya : Hallo,Didi..
Akira : Oh,Hello.(Very coldly)
Priyanka and Soumya are a bit discouraged but go on.
Priyanka: Actually we came to tell you that you can freshen up now and we’ll help you unpack your things.
Soumya: You don’t mind us touching your things, na didi?If you need anything,anytime we’ll help you.
Akira: Thankyou ,but I’ll unpack my things all by myself. I always do it.
Soumya : No Didi, actually your face has dark circles in them , so we thought you need more sleep. That’s why we asked you, it’s okay anyway, Didi.
Akira was moved. She felt, at that instant, that the girls before her could be trusted.
Akira: Thank you Soumya.You are right,I need help in unpacking my stuff…
Soumya starts unpacking her things and suddenly, the sharp end of a glass frame in the suitcase pricks her hand and blood oozes out.
Akira : Omigosh! Are you all right,Soumya? Here, let me help you.
Soumya: Its okay, didi.I’ll bandage it later.
Akira : Later, you gotta be kidding me! Look at the blood oozing.Just wait a second.

She takes a big medical kit out and dresses the wound to perfection.
Akira : Oh and Soumya, here are some skin creams for treating the wound after it has dried up. Don’t use that hand much.
Soumya and Priyanka watch on bewildered!They hurriedly finish unpacking.
Soumya and Priyanka: Didi, we’ll leave now.
Akira: One more thing,call me Akira.I don’t want to sound old.Thank you for helping me with the unpacking. I would’ve died by the end of doing it.Good night and sleep tight,both of you!(Smiling sweetly.)
Soumya : Prinku,did you too get a sense of Déjà vu?
Priyanka: I know right, She’s just like Shivaay bhaiya.
Om: That girl’s a lawyer. No wait, a professional liar. I have to bear another person who is going to lie all the time!Appearances can be deceptive. Her eyes tell one story and she is another one.
Rudra: Someone’s very interested about a certain someone?
Om: Did I say that out loud?
Rudra : Oh God ! Raitha phail gaya, Om’s thinking about a girl!!
Shivaay : Om you were right,that girl’s just like me.
Rudra : She even supplied a mini drugstore for Sumo’s small cut.
Om: Enough, I don’t want to talk about liars.(Closing the blinds). You guys sleep, I’m thirsty,I drink some water and come.

He sees Akira near the swimming pool, playing with the water and wearing her headphones and walking. He strides quickly, brings the water and comes near the swimming pool. Suddenly, he slips and falls on Akira, while both of them land in the swimming pool.The phone, free from the Headset plays the music blazing loudly.
SEH LOON , SAATHIYAA.(Bgm and song ends)
Both of them look into their eyes till the song ends inside the pool and quickly jerk themselves up.
Shivaay and Rudra are surprised by the loud sound and quickly separating the curtains look outside and see Akira and Om getting out of the swimming pool together. They gasp, close their mouths and look at each other.
Akira: I’m so sorry Om, you got wet because of me.I got drowned in the music and in the fascination for water, I made the place watery too..Sorry..
Om: Its okay. I already knew you were a weirdo the first time I saw you.
Akira: Weirdo,me??? And says the guy with the ridiculously long hair who stares into people’s eyes with the intensity of a man who has never seen a girl before. I know I’m very beautiful but that doesn’t mean you stare the hell out of me. You should’ve been with Baba Ramadev. Who imported you into the 21st century, Baba Omkara?
Om walks off in a huff.

He thinks of sneaking inside room but is caught red handed.
Rudra: You drank water, Om? No, wait, it looks like someone made you drink water instead?
Om : Shut up Rudra.Let’s all sleep.
Shivaay : Of course, Om needs plenty of rest .He has quenched his thirst, after all..
Rudra : Seriously, we should put a board saying “Romance Pool” in front of that pool. Afterall,it has seen a lot of steamy Romance.
(Shivaay remembers all his moments with Annika and gets sad. Om and Rudra sense it and stop talking. They all lie down, drowning in disturbed slumber).

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  1. Awesome

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you Charitha!

  2. Vincy

    Wht abt Anika?

    1. Shubhadra

      Annika will get a mast heroine entry,Vincy…BTW, I like your username…

  3. Awesome…. especially the encounter of anita and om

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you , Naiha!!

    2. Shubhadra

      Thank you , Naisha!!

  4. Diyaa


    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you diya di!1!

  5. Tht was one fantabulously amazinglu awesome episode!! I seriously loved it… and it was funny too ?? nice combination! I think this is ur best episode yet!

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you!!!Yours is the most enthusiastic comment I ‘ve got till now…

  6. where is anika

    1. Shubhadra

      Anika is coming,Safaq!!!

  7. Its superbb….. Loved it….but plz unveil the truth soon…… I really want to know what happend between shivika…..?

    1. Shubhadra

      Sure,bhavana….Working on Shivika track,will post the most awesome idea possible..!

  8. Hey shubhadra! I read all the parts today.. they are just awesome ..but I have a doubt that reason behind Anika and jhanvi’s departure has not been told..will you disclose that in future episodes ???

    1. Shubhadra

      Sure Mansi and a big thank you…!!!I will disclose the reason soon…Thank you for the specific comment,will remind me to tie all loose ends..!

  9. JanviSingh

    Superb….. I luvd d idea of naming the pool as romance pool…?????

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you..The idea came spontaneously janvi,which usually doesn’t happen..!

  10. Shivika

    Fantastically superbbb……amazingly fabulous…..loved it

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you di…..How are you now??

      1. Shivika

        I m better than before dear…..thnxx for ur concern

  11. Razna

    Hi shubhadra dii…i just read the all parts today…its just amazing….and todays part was suupprb….but plz bring back our anika back….and start shivika faastly…..and i really loved om and akira new jodi… sure that u will rockkk…it!!!!…….and iam waiting for next one.. post it asap…

    1. Razna

      I mean start shivika romanceee fastlyyyyyyy

    2. Sure razna……Thank you for taking the time and patience to read all the parts…It’s so wonderful to know…Annika aa Rahi hai…..

  12. Amazing episode…

    1. Thank you Ankita???

  13. I am very much confused can you plz explain what is going on

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