Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with king subahu laughing. Rishi says what has happened to everyone of you? you are all lord ram’s and lord vishnu’s disciples and why do you speak against him now? King says I am not his disciple anymore. King tells his sons to go and kidnap the horse and bring it here. The sons plan ad go.
There nikumbh laughs and says I have set the plan now and hanuman, your ram will never be successful in establishing his rule. There shatrugan tells pushkar that now the horse has to be taken in the kingdom so that king subahu accepts the rule, you will go with the horse. pushkar says yes and goes with the horse.
There the three sons are in the forest road from where pushkar will be entering the kingdom. One son vichitra sees and laughs and tells his brothers see the horse has come with a protector who is just a kid and they really think this kid will protect the horse from us? We will defeat them. Brother daman says we have to plan and you vichitra with your mayavi arrows have to distract that kid so that from behind I will go and kidnap the horse and bring it. vichitra says yes and other brother goes to the hill to get an overview and protect his brothers. There vichitra attacks his arrows and from the wild mayavi dogs come and go running towards pushkar to attack him. Pushkar sees the dogs coming and says these wild forest dogs are here to hurt the horse. I will kill them. Pushkar removes his arrow and attacks the dog killing one. Suddenly an army of the creatures arrives. Pushkar says these are many but my arrows will kill all. Hanuman is flying and hears this and says putra pushkar is in trouble and the horse may get hurt, I have to go and protect him. Hanuman goes. As pushkar attacks, from behind daman comes and he takes the horse with him.
There pushkar attacks the dogs with his arrows. Hanuman arrives when 2 dogs pounce on pushkar , hanuman kills them with his gadha. The other dogs run away. Pushkar says why did you come hanuman ji? And I am the first to protect the horse and then you. I could kill all of them. Then pushkar turns back and the horse is not there, he says where did the horse go? Hanuman and pushkar find here and there but horse is not there. Pushkar says I will go in that direction as it seems the horse got scared from the dogs and ran away, pushkar attacks arrow and jumps on it and goes. Hanuman says the horse did not run away and someone has taken it, I have to find out. Hanuman sees footsteps in a direction with the horse and goes there.
There lord ram and everyone is putting oil in the fire as they do the Pooja. The fire is still low and everyone is shocked. Rishi vashisht says rishi chyavan why isn’t the fire rising? Rishi chyavan says this means the horse is in trouble.
There as daman takes the horse in the forest, pushkar reaches there and says stop you devil and that horse is ours, you cannot take it. daman stops and hanuman comes too. Daman says now a monkey and a child will stop me? There from the hill another brother attacks arrows and from the arrows some huge soldiers come out and walk towards hanuman and pushkar. Daman says these are my soldiers and they will kill you. hanuman says no one is allowed to use mayavi powers in lord ram’s rule. Daman says we don’t accept that ram’s rule and daman with his powers attacks gold pointed balls on hanuman and pushkar. Hanuman hits it with his gadha and pushkar with his arrow. They come back and hit daman. Pushkar says now you see whom you called a child. Hanuman says pushkar take the horse in your control and I will fight all of them. Pushkar takes the horse and says I can fight them myself. Hanuman thinks I cannot let pushkar fight these mayavi demons and I have to make a plan. The huge soldiers come and surround hanuman and then create a trap covered by electric binds, the soldiers take hanuman into space. Damna tells pushkar that he is just a kid and he doesn’t fight with children. Pushkar says you think you can defeat me? Then why did you take the horse like a theif and not snatch it from me by fighting? Fight me now. Daman removes his sword and pushkar too and they both fight.
In space, hanuman thinks I have to defeat these demons and get back to pushkar and protect him. Hanuman says jai shree ram and gets huge and the binds break. Hanuman hits the demons. The demons fall down but get up and laugh. Hanuman says I have to do something else, he uses his power by blowing wind but the demons get up again. hanuman says I have to defeat them now.
There pushkar fights and as the swords clash daman punches pushkar.

Precap: king subahu has the horse and says now I will not give this horse and we will go to war. Pushkar says if you want war so be it. pushkar goes and the armies are ready. Hanuman is thinking.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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