Sasural Simar Ka 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar and Piyush is in temple. Piyush says why have you brought me here ma? Why are you so worried? Simar says you will know. Simar looks at the tree and says mataji was talking about this tree. She goes to tie a thread on the tree. Piyush says why has she brought me here? Something about this kundli? he gets a call. Its Roshni. He says thank God you called. He leaves the kundli there. A girl comes and tears a paper from it. Piyush comes back and says ma our number is coming.

Anjali is getting her statue made. She says tanvi come here and drinks the juice in her hands. She says but I made it for papa ji. Anjali says he had shake already. anjali says keep standing here with the glass. She keeps standing and anjali drinks the juice. Piyush comes and says what is happening here? Tanvi is dad’s caretaker not for all this? Anjali says I was really hungry. Vikram says she is not your servant she is just dad’s caretaker. Anjali says what about when she serves you breakfasts? Vikram says I don’t order her. I dont’ order her. Anjali says let me focus and please go. Vikram says you couldn’t take care of dad yourself and now when I have hired tanvi for dad you are making her do this. Tanvi says its okay sir I will handle all this. Anjali says she has no problem them why do you? I will increase her salary.
The sculptor says I can’t work like this. Anjali says sorry sir. She says Vikram please go from here.

Pandit ji reads the kundli. He says there is nothing wrong. Simar says but at his birth time a pandit ji said there would be a problem in his kundli. Pandit ji says sometimes because of good deeds they go away. Don’t worry at all. Piyush says why are you worried ma? simar says a pandit ji said there will be a problem on your 25th birthday. Piyush says nothing would happen don’t worry. Don’t take tension of all this. I am hungry lets go home.

Anjali says to Vikram you keep shouting on me. You don’t even talk to me properly. I feel like you are not even happy. He says its not like that. She says I can see it. He says I am sorry. You are always lost ever since you won that competition. She says I am a star. he says okay. You are a star. Sorry please. She says how cute. You look so cute when you say sorry. phone rings. Vikram says star’s phone is ringing. Its Sam.

Scene 2
Roshni and Piyush are leaving for honeymoon. Simar says go to your guest room directly. Everyone teases them. They leave. Simar is worried. Mataji says I can understand you are a mom. But don’t worry. God will take care of him.

Anjali is checking her dresses. She says I will donate all these clothes and I will call all the media so the world can see how good I am. She gets a call from Lilly. Lily says how are you? Anjali says I am good and very happy. I am looking for good contracts.
Anjali says that sam has sent me 100 messages since morning. He is so cheap. He is not classy at all. Lilly says I think you don’t know who he is. Sam’s dad in a billionaire. And they are looking for a model for their new company. Its a great contact for around 15 to 20 crores. Anjali says I will call him.
He texts Anjali can we meet him? Anjali says yes tomorrow maybe today I am busy.

Vikram comes in and says I brought something for my wife. She says how cute. He says open it. Anjali opens its a sari. He says how is it? Anjali says yeah. It is good. He says I knew you would like it. And this green is your favorite color. I will get fresh and you wear it. I wanna see how you look in it. He goes to bathroom.
Anjali throws it on bed. She says he thinks I am a house wife. This sari is so boring. Tanvi comes in. She says is Vikram home? I wanted him to bring some meds for papa. Anjali says you take so much care of all of us. So I want to gift you something. She says this sari for you. She gives him that sari. Tanvi says I can’t take it. Anjali says please don’t say no. Tanvi says I can’t take it. anajli says so you didn’t like it? Tanvi says its pretty. Anjali says then take it and wear it. She leaves. Anjali laughs and says thank God I got rid of it.
Vikram says you didn’t change? Anjali says I am very tired. Can I change it later? He says okay you rest. I will see dad.

Ananiya says on call what is in this box di? She says open yourself. Ananiya opens. It has a locket. She says this.. The woman says Piyush’s fifteen birthday will start and you have to make him wear it. Ananiya says but they have left for jaipur. Di says then you go there too. No mistakes this time.

Precap-Roshni has decorated whole house. She says happy birthday. She puts a little cake on his face. He throttles her and smashes the cake on her face. Roshni says what are you doing..

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I think vikram break up with anjali so soon

  2. How vikram react when tanvi wear that sari tanvi is beautiful than anjali

  3. Actually i like thanvi and vikram unite

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