Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Lanka
Raavan sends in a barrage of monsters, whom hanuman desperately tries to fight off. MEanwhile, the wing commander and other dermons continue to attack the army. the commander eyes sugriva and hastens up. MEanwhile, hanuman thinks that if these monsters continue like this, they shall defeat rama. surgiva and angad beckon each other. hanuman continues to take his flight. By the action of his fumes, surgiva turns into stone, and all are apalled. hanumam comes and asks how did this happen, right before his eyes he swears that he shall get top the bottom of it, and try and stop them. he rushes ahead. the commander directs all monsters’ attack at surgiva and his team, so that there is law and order which is compromised. Dhumraksh continues to reek havoc, while vibhishan warns the leaders to beware of this. Laxman asks hanuman not to worry as they shall handle the others, but hanuman needs to handle the demon in his own smoke. hanuman continues surging ahead, complying. the demon is happy thinking that hanuman is himself trapped in his smoke engulfed all around him. hanuman comes very close to him, and finds the smoke affecting, and starts chanting lord rama’s name, strongly, and it doesnt affect him. the demon keeps hitting the army. hanuman says that first he has to get the demon in its original form, and stop him from being invisible. MEanwhile, laxman continues to deal with other demons, while the demomn guffaws the commander himself starts creating problems, with nal, neel and angad. they try and start dealing with different demons. the commander focusses his attention on surgiva and to shut him down. MEanwhile, hanuman comes and hits dhumraksh with a gada, but it doesnt affect him. he guffaws and claims that as long as he is surrounded by his smoke, nothing shall happen to him. hanuman says that he has the impossible power of the name of lord rama, and it sheilded him till now, and now it shall act as his power to kill him off. hanuman uses his trength chanting his name, and drives him straight down to the ground. hanuman says that today he shall die in the volcano underneath. As dhumraksh finishes off in the core of the eawrth, surgiva and other monkeys start chanting lord rama’s name emphatically. angad fights off another demon, with the help of hanuman. angad eyes him viciously. meanwhile hanuman returns back on the ground, after having dealt with dhumraksh. hanuman is elated that surgiva is okay. Just then, they sense neel in danger, and hanuman rushes to help him. he finds other good poeple in danger, by facing one demon or the other. first he rushes to neel’s help, and then kills off one demon. then he rushes to the other demon, and tries to finish him off with the gada, but nothing happens. rama and others are baffled, including hanuman. Rama tells him that the shell shall not break but the lower part is soft and asks him to hit there. hanuman jumps and the demon is thrown in the air, and then taking a log of wood, he hits the demon on the underside, and gets killed. MEanwhile, nikumbh, the commander starts attacking neel with his magical weapons. but finally neel overpowers him, with his strength and skill. hanuman is ecstatic at such warriorship. Vibhishan is elated too at their strong and silent string of success.

Meanwhile, raavan gets to know the latest turn of events and is tensed and enraged too. Raavan declares that tomorrow, he shall himself go in the battlefield, and tomorrow shall mark the death of rama and his army. he is enraged. the screen freezes on hanuman, rama and raavan’s face.


Precap: Hanuman asks them not to bother, as raavan can send the worst of monsters and biggest of armies, their warriors can easily defeat them all. raavan eyes them all enraged. rama fires an arrow, with much aggression, while hanuman and raavan watch tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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