Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sushanth sees Priyanka holding his wallet and shouts why she takes money from his wallet without informing him. Priyanka says emptying husband’s wallet is wife’s right. Sushanth sits silently. Priyanka sees his face and says she will not take money again. Sushanth smiles and say she can use her wallet. She asks to give money then. He gives and once she leaves, he takes Mala’s pic out of his wallet and thinks if she is in Jaipur, why did not he see her.

Vaibhav checks Karan named profiles on net and asks Mala if she knows her husband’s full name. She says she does not know. Viren asks her not to worry, he will take his police officer friend’s help.

Saachi and Aryan get ready for Jaipur sight seeing. Priyanka jokes with Aryan not to forget saachi during sight seeing. He says he has never heard someone forgets his wife during honeymoon. Sarita asks Saachi if she is sure she wants to go for local sight seeing. Saachi says it is their collective decision. Servant informs that Kusum has come. Family fumes seeing her. Saachi happily hugs her. Daadi asks her to come and sit. She says she has brought honeymoon package gift for Saachi and Aryan and asks Aryan to accept it. Aryan says he doe snot have time. She says Saachi told her, but she thought this is the time for them to enjoy, so she booked an island package. Neelima takes it and asks if she thinks they cannot afford honeymon package, they even booked Maldives package for them, but the don’t want to go, she can even ask Saachi. Kusum says she will leave then. Daadi asks Saachi to drop her out. Saachi leaves. Daadi asks family not to inform Diwakar about this, he will be more upset.

Viren scolds Kusum for creating problem in Saachi’s life again. Chandra says it was her idea. Vren gets angry. Chandra leaves. Viren calls Saachi and asks if everything is fine there. She says yes and disconnects call. Aryan comes and scolds Saachi if she wanted to go on honeymoon why did she make such a big drama. Saachi says she did not know why mom did this, she just told Tanu that their plan is canceled. They hear Diwakar convincing Sarita not to do this and enter their room. Diwakar says Sarita broke her piggy bank and bought Goa honeymoon package for them. Sarita says it is a good package and they should go. Diwakar says they should respect their mother’s decision and if they reject, he will feel bad than Sarita. Prabath enters and says there is a call from their Kasauli client. Saachi touches Sarita’s feet and apologizes on her mother’s side and says she did not tell anything to her mother. Sarita asks not to apologize.

Viren asks Kusum not to go to Saachi’s house and create problems. Chandra comes and says problem is solved, Saachi had called just now and informed her in-laws gifted her Goa honeymoon package, at least now Saachi’s in-laws are forced to accept their decision. Viren sees Mala sad and asks to tell in detail where and how she met her husband. She says in Kasauli.

Prabhath tells Sushanth that he has to go to Kasauli for client meeting. Sushanth stands in a shock. Aryan says he will go and looks at Saachi and then file. Sachi feels sad.

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  1. so we guessed it right..its indeed Aryan’s parents who send them to goa..Aryan beta jana to tmhe padega chahe jaise bhi ho..but what is this lady’s story..she says she has a husband and she don’t even know his full name..seriously??pura naam bhi nai Pata Aur shadi kr li???? ???

    1. I think sushanth must hav loved her but usko koi duplicate sushanth ne dhokha diya hoga.sushanth i still doubt can leave a girl like this .?

      Daily soap me kuch bhi ho sakta hain.

      But difficult times for sanchi as mala s staying with mittals.for sure.
      Honeymoon se aabe ke baad ye drama hoga

    2. even I can’t imagine him leaving a girl after going to an extent that she is even having a kid..mujhe nai lagta he can do something like that chahe wo Apne dad se darta bhi to tb bhi..but as you said daily soap me Kuch bhi ho skta hai to lets see ??

    3. but I just hope is baar Aryan stupidly behave na kare sanchi k sath..at least in this matter he should take a stand with her and try to solve the issue..Warna agar khud hi ladte rahenge to baki prb kaise solve karenge..

    4. I just hope yeh bua ghar jakar bada drama na kare aur yeh tanu bak na de yeh kakisa saanchi mein hamesha fault kyun dhoondti hain aur bas phir agar viren ko pata chal gaya ho gaya phir satyanash .

    5. you know them yaar..its their job..bua drama bhi karegi Aur tanu bolegi bhi..hai to usi ki beti na..pet me koi baat kaise rakhegi..and she will spill the beans very soon..and jo one sided hatred hai that’ll turn into a full fledged war.. ??

    6. Ur wish s fulfilled nilima aur bua lad padi @ kundali dekhne wale baba ke yahaan ab ye ladaii kaha tak jaari rahegiiii….☺

    7. hahaha..agar main wo baba hoti to unko Dekh k apni dukan band karke nikal leti..unka kya bharosa kahin tod phod karne lag jaye to.. ??

    8. Lekin isse ek baat acchi ho sakti hain aryan will understan sanchi morn her position now as he wil b in her shoes as she s getting punished 4 nothing n then he wil start supporting her.lets c

    9. even I wish the same..lets hope for the best..

    10. actually aisa hona hi padega because that’s the main theme of the show ????

  2. interesting…
    archi love story again to start in a few more days…
    i think we have to wait till next week

  3. hey MA…
    what’s ur real name…? and by the way thanks for the very fast updates

  4. Lakshmi

    lovely archi…they r just rocking..
    by the way can u change the dp..the new one..?

  5. Enough yaar they are dragging it too much. It’s irritating

  6. aur kab tak ye family drama salayenge? kal v nehi dekhne milnge patch up sayad. it’s realy too much…. yr… in dona kaki aur bua ko 1 wk k liye koi kidnap kar le plz..

    1. 1 week k liye kyun..kidnap karke le hi jaye Aur rakh le Apne paas..hum unke bina manage kar lenge.. ???

    2. Phir… Unn kidnapporon ka kya hoga….. 2-2 ko jhelna padega…..

    3. wo unki prb hai na ?? hum to bach jayenge at least ??????

  7. Now you people know what will happen next… :3 viren will introduce mala to diwakar’s family and then whole truth of sushanth and mala will come out and the blame will go to none other than saanchi and her family.. and once again there will be a huge rift between saanchi and aryan and the two families… what the hell :3 … why do good serials become so worst… I’m 100% sure this will only happen..! -_- :3

    1. ya all this may happen but I don’t think there will be rift between archi after they patch up..I guess the understanding part will start between them after the honeymoon track..

  8. Omg..I hate the bua/jiji!!! Most selfish, annoying and non-thinking person ever!!!

  9. ajj k episode me v patch up nhi honge sayad.. I wish nxt wk tak na intzr karni pare hume..

    1. and I fear next week tak wait karna hi padega..because before the patch up lots of sequences are left..and Abhi to Ye log nikle bhi nai hain.. ???

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