Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shri Krishna’s wives wonder about the dream. How can an apsara give birth to a vanar? Her name was Punjisthala whereas the woman in the dream was referred to as Anjana. Rukmini smiles. Punjisthala was seeing her future in dream. She had to be born as a lady named Anjana to give birth to Hanuman. It all happened due to a curse. The wives wonder how Punjisthala could be cursed when she was a devoted devotee. Who cursed her and why? Shri Krishna says nothing happens without a reason in this world (sin / curse / good deed / good end result). Punjisthala had been very given a very big responsibility. She had to acquire a curse for that. She was as devoted to Dev Guru Brihaspati as she was to Lord Shiva. She was always seen taking care of him. She made a rudraksh rosary once to make him happy.

Punjistahala offers rudraksh rosary to Guru Brihaspati. He in turn blesses her with the boon of a soon. She is taken aback though. He too wonders why he said so. I am sure Goddess has made me say it. She reasons that apsaras never become a mother. He too is confused but knows that it is not impossible. You too will give birth to a baby boy. He will be an intelligent, brave and an immortal person. He will be praised everywhere by everyone. The journey of this rosary has just begun.

Shri Krishna says Punjisthala started forgetting this incident as a few days passed. One day she went towards the earth while she was roaming around. Punjisthala is amazed by the beauty of earth. You see a new scene / incident / witness a new feeling or emotion here every second. Her journey is suddenly halted. She notices a big light emanating from the earth and go down in the forest to see where it is coming from. She notices a rock shining brightly and is fascinated. Her friends try to stop her but she goes ahead and picks up a smaller stone to clean it. She backs off when another ray of light shines from that spot. She pulls a stick and suddenly there appears a yogi. She immediately apologizes to him. I have broken your tapasya. I had no idea you are inside. I could see a vanar in the soil. He is all the more miffed now. Vanar is actually inside you! You are like one vanar. He curses her. You too will become a vanari!

Jamwati cannot understand how Punjisthala could be so naughty. Shri Krishna says it was done so by me (his yogmaya). Whenever my interference is needed in the world then Yogmaya does something or the other to disturb people. There is always a reason behind everything, a bigger aim! Mata Kaikeyi used to love Shri Ram just like Bharat. If she wasn’t troubled then how would have Shri Ram gone to exile and how the other events would have followed? Yogmaya prompted Dev Guru Brihaspati to bless Punjisthala with a kid and made the yogi curse Punjisthala this way.

Punjisthala bends down on her knees to seek apology from the Yogi. He says I have been on maun vrat since so many years. These words cannot be undone or be false. I cannot take them back even if I want to. Neither of us is to be blamed for it. Lord has chosen you for this. You will have to give birth to Lord Shiva’s ansh. She looks at him in amazement. You will get back to your apsara avatar after a few years. You will be able to return to Swarg then.

Shri Krishna’s wives are happy that Punjisthala was an apt person. Plus she was so talented. Is Hanuman also interested in singing? Shri Krishna shares that Hanuman forgets everything whenever Hanuman sings. He becomes the song himself. There is a very interesting incident related to that. Dev Muni Narad challenged Hanuman to a singing competition when he heard the praises of Hanuman (singing). Jamwati knows that Dev Muni Narad is the ultimate music Guru. No one can stand before him.

Narad ji is at Kailash. He tells Shiv Parvati ji about an incident where the apsaras couldn’t stop themselves after hearing his song. It was such an amazing scene. It would have been great if you were there too. Shiv suggests Narad ji to create the same magic here. Narad ji wishes for as great a company as the apsaras in the Swarg. Shiv ji suggests calling Hanuman in that case. Narad ji is amused. He can only play some instruments. Shiv ji says no one can stop themselves after hearing Hanuman sing. Narad ji agrees. Let’s have a competition in Kailash today. Shiv ji thinks of Hanuman ji and he appears there just then. Hanuman ji greets them all. Shiv ji tells him to sing from his heart today. We are all waiting to hear you. Hanuman ji repeats Narad ji’s words. I just take Shri Ram’s name in my bhajan. Shiv ji wants to hear just that. Hanuman ji sits down to sing. Everyone is mesmerized hearing him sing including Narad ji. It has snowed because of his song.

Precap: Shri Krishna says Lord Shiva only did all those acts in Bal Hanuman’s avatar. Brihaspati knew that Anjana and Kesari will surely meet. Lord Shiva was the script writer of Anjana’s love towards Kesari after all.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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