Code Red 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mumbai, 2014:
A girl is dancing. A guy comes close to her. She suddenly pushes him and feels something weird happening to her. A while later she is floating high in the air. Why are so many people here? Leave from here! It is a shoot happening in Rakesh Mill Studio. The girl (Anu) faints. People wake her up.

People feel something weird here in Rakesh Mill Studio. Sometimes the film roll catches fire. People run away from the Studio in fear. There used to be a cotton mill here. A man has been here since last 20 years. He hasn’t seen anything weird but has certainly heard some weird noises around this place. There are some people who don’t believe it too.

There are many studios in Mumbai where such incidents have happened. Many people have witnessed it. Many cotton mills were closed down in 1983 after which Mumbai changed completely. Approx 2.5 lacs of labourer’s life were changed. One such story is of Shekhar and Madhu. Something had happened with them which people still feel in today’s time. The Talash today is to find out the truth behind that incident.

Mumabi, 1981:
Shekhar and Madhu’s House, Vishnuwadi Chawl, Parel:
Shekhar returns home with Madhu. Madhu complains to Shekhar that he will be back to his first love from tomorrow (mill). I was at my mother’s house since last 10 days but now I will be alone again. I feel like breaking that siren. Shekhar says we have been married for 2 years. Dint you get used to it by now? This mill is our life. My Baba too used to work there. I am an engineer there. She has heard this story many times and suggests sleeping instead.

Rakesh Mill:
Madhu has sent a cute and teasing note with the lunch box. His colleague (Mr. Gokhale) joins him for lunch. He invites himself for dinner at Shekhar’s house tonight itself.

Mr. Gokhale is very happy to see the couple. He also relates the stories of the time he has spent with Shekhar’s father when he was alive. Everything has changed now (the management, the union, everything!). Madhu is intrigued but Shekhar dismisses it.

Labour Union Representative / Head instigate the other labours to protest against their mill. It is time to close down the mills as our hard work is going in vain. The owner is very much disturbed. He has thought of setting up another factory outside the town somewhere. Shekhar suggests bringing in a few new machines. We will dismiss some labours. They will be angry but the machine will yield productivity and it will eventually help us only. His boss likes his idea. Shekhar gives him a complete project report on the same.

At night, Madhu wants to know what is happening in the mill. You never tell me anything. Shekhar says I know you get worried that’s why I don’t tell you such news. They are about to get into a fight when someone throws a stone at their house. Shekhar reads the note, stop brining machines. He lies to Madhu that the kids of their neighbourhood played a prank. They both lie down to sleep.

Madhu has sent another note with the lunch box today which brings a smile on Shekhar’s face. He immediately calls Madhu. Lets go out and watch a movie tonight. We will go at 6 pm. Be ready. He even gives her a kiss on the phone which brings a shy smile on Madhu’s face.

The couple enjoys some cute romantic moments. Shekhar was only thinking about the mill before marrying Madhu. Labours of the mill were like his family. Madhu was somewhere very irked with that and somewhere deep down she was also very proud of it. Their relationship was getting stronger. There was another side of the story though – the angst of the labours working in the mill. They started feeling that Shekhar was not on their side.

Labour Union Head talks to a guy against the management. You feel Shekhar is your friend but do you think he treats you the same way? No, he is a puppet in management’s hands. One day he will run away with all the money. Let’s put an end to all the work and tell Shekhar things wont go as per his plan.

Workers confront Shekhar. Shekhar and Mr. Gokhale talk against the machines but Mr. Gokhale explains them the significance of the machines. Ganiya tells Shekhar not to break their trust. The Labour Union Head watches everything closely.

Madhu is upset with Shekhar for returning late. You dint even inform me once. I know what all is happening at the mill. He calms her down and then tells her everything. Our mill owner wants to set up a polyester factory outside Mumbai after selling this mill. All the workers will lose their jobs this way. I have suggested him to bring new machinery to save many workers’ job, if not all. Even after doing so much the workers feel that I am not with them. I feel that I should leave them on their own now. why should I go through so much trouble? She smiles. Don’t talk like a coward. I know I always tease you about that mill but I am actually proud of it all. They were your family before me. where will they go if you abandon them? Shekhar smiles.

There is Ganpati pujan at the mill. The owner of the mill gives the aarti thaal to Madhu. Madhu does the aarti. Ganiya (Ganesh) introduces himself to her when she gives him Prasad. Ganiya feels it an insult as the thaal was previously in his hand. A guy instigates him against Shekhar.

One day, Madhu drops the veggies by mistakes. Ganiya comes to help her. He takes the bag upstairs for her. She offers him water. He again invites her to his house again. She too does the same. You can come over anytime.

Labour Union Head (Patil) sits down with Ganiya. This is probably your last meal as your job will be over. The list is out. Your friend Shekhar has made that list. Shekhar comes there and takes a tea. One of the workers (Raju) offers him his plate rudely. Our life is ruined and now we will do the same to you. They put the food forcibly in his mouth. Mr. Gokhale comes to Shekhar’s rescue. Patil is just enjoying the scene. Shekhar cannot understand why Ganesh and Raju are becoming so violent. They have not even lost their jobs. Mr. Gokhale scolds Patil for instigating the workers but it falls on deaf ears.

Patil is on call with Wadhwa. I will do it. there is an engineer who is the only obstacle in my way but I will get him out of my way. Singhania will have no option but to sell the mill then. You can make your buildings easily then.

Ganesh and Raju are sitting with another guy and talk against Shekhar. Ganesh talks about destroying Shekhar’s life. I want torment him so he too can feel what pain is. You both should support me. His friends nod.

Shekhar reads another cute chit next day. He dials up home. He complains to her for spoiling him. I will divorce this soutan (mill) the day you make much better food than this. She knows that this can never happen. There is a knock on the door so she keeps the phone on hold. Ganesh and Raju forcibly enter inside the house. Shekhar is worried. Madhu slaps Ganesh but Ganesh pushes her on the bed. Shekhar runs towards his house. Ganesh forces himself on Madhu and then suffocates her to death using a pillow. Shekhar is still on his way. Madhu breathes her last. Ganesh and Raju leave from there.

Shekhar finds Madhu dead by the time he is home. He cries holding her hand.

Rakesh Cotton Mill’s owner Singhania wanted more profit. Patil got the deal. Ganesh wanted his job and bonus. Shekhar and Madhu only wanted to be together. Shekhar and Madhu were completely caught in the war between money, power and rights. They had never thought that their life will take such a drastic turn because of the mill. Shekhar has nothing today, neither his mill nor his wife. A scary loneliness was what was all left.

Police Inspector tells Singhania, Shekhar and Gokhale about what happened with Madhu. Shekhar is sure it is someone from the factory. Go and question the workers. Singhania doesn’t want it as of now as the workers are already agitated about the bonus. Our negotiation process will go down the drain if we start this now. Police is looking in the matter. Shekhar walks out of the cabin. Singhania is concerned about Shekhar.

Shekhar reads the notes written by Madhu. He misses her.

1 week later:
Police is still clueless as they have no proof. Shekhar knows that they also know the truth but don’t want to do anything in reality. You are just postponing it as the owner is giving your money to keep quiet. I told you that one of these workers have killed my wife. Why are they roaming around freely then? I used to think of all of you (workers) as my brothers yet one of you did this! I was talking to the management from your side. You guys are shameless. You should have killed me if you had a problem with me! What was Madhu’s fault? You raped her and killed her. I am right here before you. you can kill me. Mr. Gokhale calms him down somehow.

Shekhar takes out his lunch box. He takes out the last note from the box and also thinks of the incident when Madhu was killed. He is in tears again.

Shekhar comes to their canteen. He lights fire to the area and locks the gate from outside so no one can go out. He had deduced somehow that Ganesh was involved. All of the workers died. He tells Gokhale that he did to them what they had done to Madhu. I will live alone for forever so how can they live freely. This right here is their justice.

Whatever happened in 1983 in Rakesh Cotton Mill is still known in Mumbai. Shekhar killed his own friends. Who was to be blamed for his madness? Shekhar handed himself over to the police afterwards but the innocent people who died in the canteen are still waiting for justice. They are still here. They can be heard but are somehow dismissed. They don’t let people work here today too. they are still waiting for the justice that they are never going to get.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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