Sanjivani 14th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Shashank requests Juhi

Sanjivani 14th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita dreaming to attack Sid. Ishani starts the surgery. She asks Sid not to stare and help in the surgery. He smiles and says you didn’t need any help, you have a good muscle memory, I m impressed, it needs years to get such expertise. She says I have spent 5 years of MBBS in gaining this expertise. They argue. He says I m the boss, I heard your complaint. She says my boss is corrupt, now complaint will go to your boss. Sid sees Vardaan and goes. He changes and throws his shirt. It falls on Vardaan. Sid says sorry, I didn’t see. Vardaan trashes the shirt. Sid jokes. Vardaan says I have no time for your jokes, the day I know the course of your money, it will be your last day here, think about it. Sid says you sacrificed my new shirt for such a small example, I m an open book, you may read this anytime. Vardaan says I will keep reading it. Asha says I find Dr. Rishabh cute, Aman didn’t come even today.

Anjali comes there. Asha asks Ishani to see her. She runs after Anjali. She says I m Asha Kanwar, first year resident. Anjali says your hands are wet, excuse me. She goes. Ishani asks was this Anjali. She goes to Ishani. Anjali says don’t follow to introduce yourself. Ishani says I want my work to introduce me, I want to complain about Sid. Anjali says he is the best doctor, why did you join Sanjivani if you have problems, Shashank also doesn’t think that we have good doctors. She gets a call and asks for Dr. Shree, Shashank has brain tumor. Ishani asks brain tumor. Anjali asks her to mind her own business. Ishani runs. The doctor says Shashank won’t be able to recover completely even after his surgery. Vardaanh says that’s sad. He goes to Shashank with a bouquet and says such a pity, I don’t want to lose a surgeon like you, get well soon. Shashank says thanks, the flowers are smelling good, they are helplss. Vardaan says we just have professional differences, I respect you, you know that. Shashank says I m not dead yet, don’t celebrate your victory. Vardaan says I will do what’s best for Sanjivani. Shashank says right, you will do what’s right for Sanjivani’s building, what about its soul. Vardaan says get well soon, I really hope that this isn’t our last meeting. Shashank says maybe. Vardaan says that would be very sad, take care. He goes. Shashank stays in pain. The nurses and ward boys talk of Shashank firing Juhi from work, nobody knows why.

Asha says don’t know when will Juhi and Aman come. The girl says Juhi is India’s youngest and brilliant neurosurgeon, everyone knows about her. Juhi comes to Sanjivani and recalls the past. Ashiyana….plays…. Everyone looks at Juhi. Sid asks when did you know this. Shashank says two months ago. Sid says you Juhi is your last hope. Shashank asks is this news viral also. Sid says promise me you won’t leave us, Vardaan won’t run Sanjivani, no way. Shashank laughs and says I respect Vardaan, he is firm on his principles, I like your path, raising the voice, helping the needy is very imp, being a doctor is… Sid says passion, not profession. Ishani gets down. Guard says she didn’t stop and scratched my hand. Ishani asks him to get aid done. Sid asks why are you following me, this is first year resident. Shashank says she has come to meet me. Sid asks do you know her. He goes. Ishani cries and asks what happened to you, I came to know that you have a tumor….

Shashank says don’t cry, you have gone through a lot, there is no tissue paper in this room. He laughs. She says I will just pray that you recover soon. He says I know, what’s going on in your mind, I know you since childhood. She asks where do I complaint about someone. He asks about whom. She says no, you just rest, I will handle him. He says I got to know its him, go, I m okay. Juhi asks Anjali how are you. Anjali says Shashank is your patient, he is all yours, I have to go for a surgery. She goes. Juhi comes to Shashank. He sees her and says Juhi…. He asks will you be able to forgive me. She asks why are you apologizing. He says I fired you from Sanjivani. She says you are my mentor, you had a reason for firing me from Sanjivani, who am I to question you. She cries.

He looks at her. She asks nurse to show scans and reports. She checks and says this is beautiful. He says I named it big bang. She says tumor is in frontal lobe. He says we took out such tumor from one patient, remember. She says yes, but this tumor is very big, your eyesight is fine? He says yes, you are wearing pink. She says strange, the patient loses eyesight in this stage. He says I should be dead, but I m not, will you perform this surgery on me. She says brain cells may damage, you could lose your memory. He says I know, will you do this. She says I can’t take such a big risk. He asks then will you let me die.

Sid comes to Ishani and asks how do you know Shashank. She says I will get that name to file your complaint. He says good, you didn’t complain to Shashank, he isn’t well, you shouldn’t trouble him. She says he will be fine, I won’t let you be fine. He asks do you have any mental problem, did you go through some problem in childhood, I m sorry, I didn’t mean to get personal. She says save your sorry, you will need it.

Sid asks did you complain to Vardaan. Ishani asks Vardaan to talk to Natasha. Juhi asks Anjali what’s her problem. Ishani hugs Shashank.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Luthfa

    Is Vardaan a typical power monger?He is after Dr.Shashank since the start.Sadistic to the core.
    And Anjali is behaving like whole world is against her.
    Dr.Shashank is just love.Ishani won’t rest until she gets Sid punished by any means.Her complaint has journeyed so far-Rishab_Sid_Anjali_Shashank_Vardaan.Wonder if Juhi will be out of it or not???
    Childhood scars don’t heal that easily.Those are like invisible mark on soul which only the sufferer can see,not anyone else.
    Hope Dr.Shashank gets well soon.

  2. The imagination was so amazing reminded me of Annika?????Dr.shashank is so humble and really love the way he talks and boosts up people. Juhi was equally good but unfortunately I hate Anjali…. doesn’t she love her father or is she like that only. If this is a reboot version then Dr. Anjali is their, makers should have shown Dr.riddhima also???I remember in Dil mil Gaye….she was the second daughter of Shashank….I wanted another parallel lead also in this very reboot just like yrhpk….Sid was so good but I think ishani needs to trust him…why is she taking panga???

    Precap-….ab Kya hoga… I hope surgery becomes successful

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Spark b/w Shashank and juhi is still same, it never fades…????

    2. I doubt either sid aur ishani are related to shashank..???

    3. Anjali is here where is dr. Aarman and dr. Riddhima???????????

    4. Story will be same but sanjeevini never fails to connet their viewers…??? just need to work on little lights, I mean show is too brighter in terms of backgroud light.

    1. Riana

      I 100% agree to you regarding this matter Shraddha. I cannot even watch the show properly on tv its looks too bright as well as too dark. I think the cinematography and lights of the 2nd musical promo was best. It was subtle as well as natural and properly visible atleast.

  4. Clear the misunderstanding between ishani and sid

  5. Riana

    These cinematographic lights its way to constrastive and need to get fixed and they need to match it up with good comedy bgms in comic situations. These are my complaints – Dr Ishani oops Riana ?
    Talking about the episode, the funniest part was Ishani’s imagination. Just like our Khidkitod Anika. Anyways she was amazing.
    Dr Juhi entering into Sanjivani and recalling her old days was so emotional and beautiful along with the Aashiyana song. Lovely. ❤❤
    Dr Shashank and Dr Juhi’s bonding as a mentor and student is great. Looking forward to see them grooming the young docs too in future.
    Dr Anjali is such an irritating character like seriously infact Vardhan i find him more entertaining and villainy but not irritating while Anjali is just getting on my nerves. She behaves as if like her planet is somewhere and her parents dropped her on another planet as a punishment lol. Dont she care or love her own father. Infact as much as i know Dr Riddhima was an adopted daughter of Dr Shashank but Anjali is her own daughter but still. Whats her problem. Strange ! ?
    Dr Sid is amazing like always. Just started to like him. Waiting to discover his past.
    Dr Asha is so funny just like Saathiya’s Sona’s character. No change at all. Just loving her. And what she finds Dr Rishav cute. Whats gonna next ? Will love bloom ? ??
    Anyways the last part was really complicated for me understand. Ishani is definitely mentally unstable. She really needs a psychiatrist and need to be more open with everyone. I am saying it because i just love her character. So much layers. Slightly colorful but a grey girl due to her past. Interesting. ❤?
    Precap – Omg ! I just hope Dr Shashank gets recovered asap. ??

  6. Whats the connection ishaani and shashank has?

  7. Nice episode

  8. Manisha Sharma

    Can someone please what happened at the end of old sanjeevani..

  9. Astmasiddika

    A nice & a little emotional episode , Dr Anjali doesn’t care about anybody other than appreciation from her dad , a sweet person is Dr Juhi , sometimes we get the unexpected , it will take a lot of time heal ,
    Precap- ?? Dr Ishani will not sit quiet untill Dr Sid get punished bechara , Dr. Shashank get well soon

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