Spoilers 14th August 2019

Muskaan and Ronak meet Gayatri to ask for the legal documents. They get Sir ji’s will. They meet Sir ji’s business partners and request them to meet in donation event. Ronak makes a big plan and tries to find Sir ji. Gayatri tells Ronak that Sir ji will soon come back to strike them. She asks him to check the school model. Ronak and Muskaan get some time to spend in peace and look forward to their new life. Muskaan surprises Ronak by showing a house model to him. Ronak tells her that they should soon get a child. They have a moment.

Rajaa Beta: Pankhudi is happy to see Vedant getting humiliated by the family after he confesses that he made Rahul thrown out of the city on Purva and his marriage day. Vedant apologizes to Dadi and says I went against Dada ji’s values. Dadi slaps him and throws him out of the house. Purva is shattered. Ramesh, Pankhudi, Rahul and Sanju celebrate happily for their victory. Vedant to lose Purva and family’s trust.


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  1. How is it that you know stories of all the seials on each channel?

  2. in shakti Atleast Harman ke death se pehle ek baar toh Harman saumya ka hot romance dikha dete.lip lock kiss & one intimate night.so what if she is a kinner.when mahi being a woman can take saumyas get up & rape him then why not Harman saumya in real spend such nights.they both are matured enough & aware about their limitations.not like preeto & mahi.two vamps with criminal act drugging a person to that extent where a human being is not in his senses.these kind of people must be prisioned.we wanted to see Harman saumya sharing a very touchable night together.and their first morning after this.then saumya will realise what Harman means for her in her life.she will never sacrifice him for anyone else.we want that possessive saumya for Harman.and also no hesitation from her when she hugs Harman or when he being romantic to her.this was necessary long time a ago.saumya is beautiful more than a woman.just in 10 days that rascal murderer vedant can fall in love with him then why cant Harman.he has loved saumya more than his own life.saumya Harman ka pehla aur akhri pyaar hain.harman ne saumya ko har tarah se pyaar kiya hain.there are no boundaries for him to love her.he loves her so much that he is insecured for her from anyone.if she loves sohum more he is insecured.his love for saumya is exceptional.so he deserves that love too.atleast last time fullfill the wish of shakti fans

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