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Recap: ragsan are back at home…

Next morning, Sanskaar is waiting outside Ragini’s room. He looks at the watch and sighs. There are three suitcases lying on the floor…

Sanskaar ( shouts ): ginu… Poo…. Common yaar… Aaj nhi hai shadi..

Ragini: coming sansku….

Ragini and Pooja comes out of the room. Actually sanskaar had called Pooja to dress up ragini and then they’ll together go to airport. Ragini was wearing a simple sleeveless kurti with churidaar.. Looking simply pretty with a side plait. Pooja was in a jeans and t shirt. Sanskaar smiled at ragini…

Sanskaar: come lets go…


At Airport!

Sanskaar: ginu r u fine??

Ragini: sansku for the hundredth time… I’m fine now.. See….

She moves her right arm up and down. Sanskaar stops her from doing that. Ragini looks at him.. They hv a cute eye lock broken by Pooja.

Pooja: I’m so sorry for being a kabab mein haddi but v hv to go as our flight is announced…

She said facing her back towards them. Ragsan moved away, embarrassed ?. Sanskaar went from there followed by ragini and Pooja who then teased her….



Dp: ram…

Rp: ji bhaisaab….

They both go to study and discuss something.. After an hour they both come out..

Dp: u understood na?? V want this contract at any cost…

Rp: don’t worry bhaisaab… Today only i’ll go to mumbai….

Dp nods. Swara comes there.

Swara: voh… Papa ji…

Dp: whts the matter swara???

Swara: papa ji actually… I hv got a letter from Ryan School…

Dp: for wht??

Swara: papa ji for job. ….

Rp looks at dp who’s looking at swara angrily.

Dp: swara u know….

Swara: ik papa ji that we don’t have to work but whole day sitting here n doing nothing is just…..

Dp: swara… U know now u won’t be bored… Now u hv to take extra care of yourself… U r pregnant swara…. Take care of yourself and sit at home only…. Come ram…..

Dp goes from there followed by rp who gave a helpless look to swara. Swara looks on teary eyed…… She comes to her room and sits down crying….


Laksh and swara comes at hospital for the checkup where the doctor did some tests and gave them the good news after sometime… Both swalak were very happy but they felt something missing which was their siblings at their sides…..

They came back home where they gave the news to everyone. All were very happy and congratulated them. Shekhar, shomi and dada dadi too blessed them. Dada – Dadi were happy for swalak but didn’t showed.


Swara: y god y?? Y u did this to me??? Today is the most happiest day of my life nad my soul sister is not with me….. pls god.. Pls.. Make Me meet her once…. Pls….

N she cries and cries until she fell asleep in sitting position only.


Ragini and sanskaar are sitting hand in hand. Pooja was behind them. Ragini was sitting at the window seat with her eyes tightly closed.

Sanskaar: ginu… Y r u scared now??

Ragini: shsss….. Sansku keep quiet…. Pilot will be disturbed…

Sanskaar looks at her in disbelief and nods his head. He turns back and finds Pooja giggling silently. He looks at her helplessly and then turns ahead as the plane was ready to take off. Ragini clutched his hand tightly and chanted hanuman chalisa…. Sanskaar stares at her cute face. He smiles… …


Its afternoon, dp, adarsh andlaksh have came home for lunch ( Rp has left for Mumbai ) . Laksh looks for swara but can’t find her. He’s abt to go to his room when the watchman comes inside with a packet.

W: sir post has come for dp sir…

Laksh collects it and goes to dp. Dp opens the packet and sees a wedding invitation. Everyone looks on.

Ap: whts it ji??

Dp’s phone rings before he can speak to ap. He talks on phone and then looks at everyone.

Dp: my friend’s son is getting married so he has called all of us to jaipur… This is the invitation card…..

He gave the card to ap who read it.

Dp: adarsh book the tickets for day after tomorrow for all of us… n reschedule all the meetings and complete all the work in these days…

Adarsh nodded.

Sujata: bhaisa.. Is he very special frnd of urs??

Dp: yes sujata.. He’s my childhood friend and few months back only we again got in touch…. So u both ( ap n sujata ) remember everything shld be perfect ? and tell to swara also…

Ap: don’t worry ji we’ll handle…

Dp nods.

Addy came there after her school and landed on the sofa with a thud. Pari ran towards her.

Pari ( caressing her hair ): wht happened bacha???

Addy: mumma I’m so tired…. Pata hai….

N she started telling her school stories while Pari caressed her hair. Dp looks at the mother – daughter. He signed ap to come with him.

In their room,

Dp: ap… Wht ru doing whole day sitting in this house?? Teach some manners to ur granddaughter… Look how she’s behaving…

Ap: she’s a kid ji…

Dp: So wht?? this is the age to learn abt manners and etiquettes…

Ap: ji i’ll talk to pari….

Dp: u better do…. I don’t want to face any embarrassment at wedding….

Ap nods. Dp goes from there followed by ap……


Arnav is already waiting at the airport for the trio… He waves his hand at them as he spots them at the exit of the airport… They too smile back and come towards him…. ArKaar hug each other.

Arnav: I hope there wasn’t any difficulty in coming…

Sanskaar: no… Vaise toh nhi thi… But there were some speed breakers in the sky….

Ragini ( ?): wht speed breaker?? But sansku I didn’t felt any…

Sanskaar: ur eyes were closed na baby so u didn’t feel…

He said cupping her face with one hand while the other two giggles. Arnav made his way to the car followed by the trio….. They drove off to the palace where Arshi’s wedding was supposed to be happen…….

In the car, they all were talking and chit chatting…

Ragini: arnav…

Arnav: yup..

Ragini: u said ur bua is of old mentality and scolded khushi’s friend for having a boyfriend…. Then how come she’s not angry on u n khushi???

Sanskaar: arre vah ginu…. Samajhdaar ho gayi ho tum bhi…

Ragini gives a glare while Pooja giggles.

Arnav: she thinks that I n khushi r having arranged marriage…..

Trio ( ? ) : wht???

Arnav: yup… Only my mom dad, my di n khushi’s mom dad n u three know that it’s a love marriage.. Rest all think that it’s an arranged marriage…

Ragini brings her right hand forward to tap his shoulder but hiss in pain. Arnav stops the car while sanskaar takes her hand in his. Pooja too gets concerned.

Pooja: di r u fine??

Sanskaar: ginu how many times I hv told u not to move ur hand.. But u never listen to me….

Arnav: hold on guys… Whts happening??? ( he sees the bandage on her arm which was hidden till now with the dupatta ) hey ragu wht happened?? How did u get hurt??

Sanskaar ( realising ): nothing bhai… Actually its a small wound…

Arnav: but how.. When?? ‘ n u guys didn’t even told me?? Poo u too??

Ragini: arnav I’m fine.. Its a small wound.. We knew u’ll get worried that’s y v didn’t told u… See how u r getting hyper….

Arnav: but Ragu…

Sanskaar: bhai trust me its okay….

Arnav: that’s y u guys didn’t came yesterday…

Sanskaar nods. Arnav sighs and moves his hands in air.

Arnav: u don’t consider me ur fam…….

Before he could complete sanskaar and Pooja kept their hands on his shoulder and nods no. Ragini looks on teary eyed. Arnav looks at ragini who was on verge of crying. He wiped his tears and started the car. The silence occupied the atmosphere till they reached the the palace…

As soon as they all got down, Ragini hugged arnav followed by Pooja and sanskaar. Arnav like an elder brother took all three of them in his embrace…

Arnav: promise me now u’ll not hide anything from me… Common promise me??

He forwards his hand as they break the hug. Pooja and ragini kept their hands on his. Arnav looks at sanskaar. He holds his ear and sanskaar too kept his hand on his. The girls giggled. Khushi came there.

Khushi: hey guys….

Ragini nodded no to arnav and he compiled. Khushi came there nad hugged everyone. They all went inside….


Five of them, arnav, Ragini, Pooja, Khushi and sanskaar comes inside the beautifully decorated lawn of the palace….

Ragini: wowwww!!!! This is soo beautiful!!!!

She twirls. Sanskaar smiles seeing her. Ragini stops as she sees a woman in a beautiful sari coming towards them. As her vision got clear, she stumbled amd her eyes were filled with tears… Arnav held her protectively. Sanskaar too looks in that direction and is shocked.

Ragini ( whispers ) : maa….

Sanskaar understands and her situation and holds her hand tightly… Arnav, Khushi and Pooja looks on confused………

The episode ends with shocked faces of ragsan!!

Okay! So you’ll get another Sangini Update tomorrow, Promise! Till then read, vote and comment and also keep smiling!!???

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