Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 23)

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Hello frnds…

Sanskar tried to please swara.

Swara ran from the hall. She tried to catch her breathe. She suddenly heard footsteps. She knew those. It was sanskar. She didn’t want to talk to him. So she again ran from there. She wanted peace. She wanted sometime for herself so she could cry. She ran towards terrace. A piece of glass pricked her feet but she didn’t care. The pain in her heart was way more than that.

The wind was blowing heavily. The sky was covered with dark clouds. Thunderstorms were going on. Rain was pouring heavily. Swara just ran on the terrace. She sat on the swing and looked in the infinity. The words of sanskar were still piercing her heart.
Swara: oh god… U know very well i never asked for this life. All i asked was just a little happiness. But see…i got everything but happiness. Why does it happen that whenever i start to see love in his eyes the next moment he does something making me realize my fault. Why…. Why…….
She was shivering. Her clothes her hair were wet. She clutched the chains of swing. Tears were escaping from her eyes. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned and found two eyes glittering at her.
Sanskar: chalo swara… You will catch cold.
Swara didn’t answer.
Sanskar: i said chalo.
Swara ignored.
Sanskar held her wrist and tried to drag her. But swara didn’t move.
Sanskar: swara please… I know you are angry but at least take care of yourself. You will catch cold.
Swara still didn’t listen. She was still looking in infinity.
Sanskar held her hand tightly but to his dismay swara jerked her hand. Sanskar looked back in disbelief.
Swara: please… For god’s sake leave me alone.
She folded her hand. This time she wasn’t crying. The anger and the frustration was clear in her voice.
Sanskar: swara… I know…
Swara stood up.
Swara: you know…. Oh really you know… You know everything na yuvraj. Then tell me what’s my mistake? What more i have to do to prove myself?
Sanskar: nothing swara… Please…
Swara: no… You have to tell me… So that this situation can solve for once and all.
Sanskar: swara… You don’t have to…
Swara: i have to yuvraj… So that i don’t have to cry again and again. Because everytime the mistake is from my side. Because everytime it’s me who is wrong. This time you are sorry but after a few days someone will say something and you will believe and again i have to pay for those mistakes i have never done.
Swara turned her face away.
Sanskar held her shoulders. Swara was not even looking at him.
Sanskar: swara… One last chance… Please… One last chance…
Swara: and why should I give you…
Swara felt her heart skipping a beat. She then felt as if her heart was raising a million of times. But suddenly kaveri’s words hit her.
Swara: love yuvraj… Love means trust..  now place your hand on your heart and tell me … Do you trust me…
Swaraa’s eyes were red. Sanskar placed his hand on his chest. He closed his eyes. Swaraa’s smiling face came in front of him. He opened his eyes. He saw swara nowhere around.
Sanskar: swara….  Swaraaaa…
He frantically searched the terrace. She was not there. Suddenly he heard horse steps. He looked down and found someone going out of the palace sitting on the horse. The person turned . It was swara. Sanskar ran from there. He too took his horse and start to ride it. He was following swara.
Sanskar: swara… Please… Please wait
Swara didn’t listen.
Sanskar: swara… Danger is there
Swara: even death is better than living with you.
Sanskar finally stopped swara.
Swara: why… Let me go..
She was shivering with anger.
Sanskar: i will never… Never let you go…
Swara was not ready to listen anything. She just wanted to go away from sanskar. She started to move from there. Suddenly she felt a tug on her hand. Then a jerk and the next moment she was in the arms of sanskar. Swara tried to hit him. She tried to push him away. But all failed.
Swara: leave me… For god’s sake leave me.
Sanskar didn’t answer but hugged her more tightly. Swara started to punch him on the chest. Her anger was at it’s peak. After her hands were tired she started to scream. Sanskar didn’t say a word. He just hugged her. Tighter and tighter. Finally she calmed down. She stopped to fight back. But she never hugged him back. After a long time sanskar broke the hug. He lifted her chin. There were tears.
Swara: i am still angry.
Sanskar: i am sorry.
Swara: i want the trust.
Sanskar: i trust on you. I am really sorry.
Swara: I don’t believe.
Sanskar: come with me…
He extended his hand. Swara hold his hand. He lifted swara in his arms. She didn’t protest. He took her to a temple nearby. He finally made swara sit on a stool.
Sanskar: swara… In front of you is the idol of lord Krishna. I swear on god if i ever fail to keep up with the duties of a husband…if i ever fail to keep my wife safe and happy… If i ever fail to love my wife more than my own life i will take my life with my own hands.
Swara stood up at once. She kept her finger on his lips.
Swara: Don’t… Just don’t you ever ….
Sanskar: swara… When i married you i never thought you would be such an important person to me. You know.. i love you very much… I don’t know how to express but i know my heart beats for you.
He took the sindoor from the feet of idol.. he filled her hair with sindoor.
Sanskar: i love you a lot swara.
Swara felt her anger vanishing. She just smiled a little. Sanskar wiped her tears.

@ palace
Sanskar was sitting besides swara. Swara was still not talking to him.
Sanskar: show me your feet… You are hurt.
Swara didn’t respond.
Sanskar: are… What happened…
Swara ignored him.
Sanskar: swara… I am sorry baba…
Swara: I don’t want your sorry…
Sanskar: then what do you want
Swara: nothing.
Sanskar: are…
He suddenly thought something. He went out of the room. Swara was wondering. She sat there. After what seemed a long time sanskar came back.
Sanskar: close your eyes swara.
Swara stared at him.
Sanskar: i said close your eyes
Swara closed her eyes. Suddenly she felt sanskar putting something in her hair. Swara opened her eyes and was shocked. Sanskar was putting a gajra in her hair. A little one with mogras and roses. Not a neatly aur beautifully made but a one which was showing the true essence of love.
Sanskar: swara… This palace has a lot of money. I could have decorated your entire bedroom with flowers…but i don’t think you would have appreciated that as much as this gajra. This is a sole effort of mine…for you.
Swara looked at herself. Her open hair adorned with gajra. Suddenly swara looked at some cuts in sanskar’s hand.
Swara: what happened… How did you get..
Sanskar: ah… Nothing.. just don’t know how to use needle properly.
Swara was touched. Inspite of being the yuvraj sanskar did this to please her. Tears welled up in her eyes. But anyhow she hid them.
Sanskar: acha… I have to go. You take rest.
Sanskar turned. He wanted swara to stop him. He wanted her to say at least once what she feels for him. But she didn’t. Sanskar walked with heavy steps. Before he could have reached the door he felt the sound of payal. It was coming closer. And suddenly he felt a tight hug. The smell of mogras filled his heart. He was feeling the touch. The touch of soft hands. He placed his hands over hers. He turned around.
Sanskar: look at me swara..
Swara looked at him.
Sanskar: you have to tell me what do you feel for me..
Swara blushed a little. She turned her face.
Swara: you know everything..
She tried to go but sanskar hold her shoulders.
Sanskar: nah… You have to… You have to tell me..
His voice was heavy. Swara felt goosebumps. Sanskar was moving his fingers down on her hands. Swara turned and ran from there. The natural blush on her face was making her more beautiful. Sanskar moved and came closer to her. Swara closed his eyes. She was ready for his touch. But she couldn’t feel it. She turned around and looked at sanskar who was standing cross armed.
Sanskar: if you will not say i will make you crave for my touch more.
Sanskar moved closer to her. Swara stepped back. Sanskar held her cheek.
Sanskar: i know everything swara… Everything.. your eyes are saying you are mine. I am so happy to get a wife like you.
Swara hugged him. She hugged him tightly. She didn’t want the hug to end. The warmth of his body against her was causing an unknown sensations in her body. Sanskar moved his hands on her back. Swara shivered a little.
Swara: sanskar…
Sanskar: hmmm
Swara: i…. I love you….
Hearing these words caused sanskar’ s heart beat faster. He tightened the hug.
Sanskar: swara..
Swara: ji
Sanskar: do you like my touch?
Swara broke the hug and turned around. But sanskar didn’t allow her to go away from him. He hugged her from back. He slowly moved his fingers towards her belly. Swara was shivering. The touch was making her go uncontrollable. On the other side the essence of love of swara was making sanskar mad. He was feeling something he had never felt before.
Sanskar: answer me…
Swara blushed a little.
Sanskar: can i consider this yes..
Swara again blushed.
Sanskar: do you want more?
This question made swara blush harder than ever. Sanskar got to know her wish. So he touched her back. Swara closed her eyes. Her breath was shallow. Sanskar finally put his lips on her back. Swara felt a shiver ran down in her spine. Sanskar sensed her feelings.
Sanskar: swara.. can i…..
This was enough for swara. She turned and kissed sanskar’s cheecks. Sanskar held her tightly. He kissed her everywhere on her face. Their lips met and a strong sensation spread in their bodies. Sanskar broke the kiss only to start kissing swaraa’s neck. The jewelleries were thrown down on the floor. The bangles were scattered on the floor. The kamrband was lying on the floor. All the jewelleries telling the tale of the meeting of soulmates.

Sanskar lifted swara in his arms. He made her lie on the bed. Swaraa’s eyes were closed. Sanskar’s heavy built body was touching swaraa’s fragile properties. Soon they were below the same blanket. All the boundaries were crossed today as love knows no boundaries. In the end sanskar kissed swaraa’s forehead. He placed a flick away from her face. Swara closed her eyes. Soon she was asleep. Sanskar made her lie down comfortably on the bed. He put his clothes on. He moved out of his room. He was standing on the door when ragini came running towards him.
Ragini: Bhaiya… Where is swara… She is fine na..
Sanskar: yeah she is… She is sleeping
Ragini: sleeping.. she never sleeps too early. Let me go inside.
Sanskar: sure(suddenly he remembered) no… Don’t..
Ragini: why…
Sanskar: are.. swaraa’s sleep will get dusturbed..
Ragini: are nah… Don’t worry..
Before sanskar could have said a word ragini moved inside. The light was dim inside. Ragini felt something pricking her feet. It was the kamarband. Ragini thought this to be wierd. But then she found bangles and then earrings…her doubt was cleared. She looked at sleeping swara covered with blanket with her dupatta on the floor. Ragini smiled a little. Finally everything was good.

Ragini came out to find lakshya trying to go inside.
Lakshya: are.. how can she sleep so early… It’s my marriage and she is my bhabhi.. i am waking her up ..
Sanskar: are lakshay… She will wake up soon.
Suddenly ragini too joined sanskar
Ragini: ha lakshya.. don’t worry…
Ragini almost dragged lakshya from there.
Lakshya: are yar..
Ragini: budhhu hi rehna hamesha…

Sanskar entered the room. He looked at his swara sleeping like a baby. He corrected the blanket and hugged her from back. That night was blessed.

Precap: Swasan moments

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