Recap – ragini comes to MM with family

Everyone sits down in the living room. Shankar and Shanti serves the drinks and snacks to everyone. They talk about how they are happy with ragsan’s comeback. They talk to ragini about delhi. She answers about everything except about her love. She is getting impatient. Sanskaar has still not come and no one is even mentioning where he was.
“sansku where are you?” she gets emotional. First person she wanted to see was her sansku and he’s the only one who hasn’t showed up till now.
Pari senses her restlessness and whispers something in Addy’s ear. She runs to ragini and starts pulling her.
Addy : come didi i’ll show you my games and toys..
Ragini smiles and goes with her. She now has the experience to handle kids very well. She goes with her to her room and starts playing with her. She gets distracted and laughs whole heartedly. Addy kisses her cheeks.


Sujata comes to sanskaar’s room and knocks slowly. After 5 mins, he opens the door. His eyes were shining brighter than before.
Sujata : you are looking so happy beta….
She blesses him. Sanskaar hugs her and takes her inside the room. He rotates her round and round.
Sanskaar ; mom i’m so happy today…. finally my years of hard work has paid off…
Sujata : what is the matter?? Will you tell me??
Sanskaar : mom… you go downstairs.. i’ll come and tell everyone together…
Sujata : uff… okay but come fast… ragini and her family have come….
Hearing this, his smile grows wider. He forgot everything and just wanted to share the news with everyone.


Sanskaar comes down after 15 minutes. Pari asks uttara to call addy and ragini. Sanskaar was in the meeting for last 3 hours. His smile was conveying victory, satisfaction and happiness.
Sujata : chore.. will you tell or not??
Rp : what happened suji?
Sujata : arre hamara chora bawla ho gaya se… ( our son has gone mad ) he’s smiling like this from half an hour….
Sanskaar : mom you’ll also get mad after hearing this news….
Sujata glares at him. Everyone chuckles.
Addy ; bigchaa…..
She shouts while coming down. Sanskaar turns and sees addy running towards him. He catches her and picks her in his arms. Then after a few moments, his vision locked with hers. She stood numbed on the stairs looking at him. He looked at her from top to bottom, dolled up in a pretty saree, she was looking mesmerizing.
Their moment broke when addy hugged sanskaar and uttara shook ragini out of her trance. Sanskaar kissed Addy on her cheeks and looked at everyone who were waiting for him to reveal the news.

Ragini : Hi Sanskaar
Sanskaar : hey Ragini. What’s up?
Ragini : all good!
There was a twinkle in her eyes which he noticed. He smiled as she moved from there and sat beside dadi.
Shekhar : beta abb bata bhi do…..
Sanskaar : actually i was working for a collaboration with an Australian company from last 2 years and finally they have agreed and now my business will be expanding to Australia.
Everyone was so happy hearing his achievement. They hugged and congratulated him. Sanskaar never knew he would crack this deal but now somewhere he thought that family’s support and their blessings were one of the reasons for his achievement. He was always a family person.
While ap and sujata ran to kitchen to make halwa soon after blessing him, laksh, adarsh and rp discussed about his collab. Shekhar and shomi were too happy, they wished him luck. He touched dada and dadi’s feet for blessings. They blessed him whole heartedly. Two people who didn’t said anything but were happy for him internally were dp and ragini.

Sanskaar looked at ragini from corner of his eyes. She was also looking at him with proud and emotional eyes. She smiled at him. He too smiled but there was more to the news which he knew might hurt her.
Sujata brought the halwa. It was very hot and she had held the bowl with her bare hands. She was dancing, running and making weird faces until she reached sanskaar. Sanskaar took out his hanky and held the bowl with it. Sujata takes a sigh of relief and sits down blessing her son. Everyone nods in disbelief. Ap also comes with tray with bowls of halwa for everyone. Sujata was about to make him eat with her hands when he stopped her.
Sanskaar : mom wait. There’s more to it.
Adarsh : what sanskaar?
Sanskaar : actually… yesterday i told you that i’ll go back to delhi…. ( he looks at ragini who had a calm expression ) but now i wont go to delhi…
Everyone squeals in happiness. Dp saw everyone getting happy and excited on everything. He regrets for binding them and their happiness. He never let them celebrate anything. But now he knows the meaning of happiness. He smiles looking at everyone.
Sanskaar ; from when did you all become so over excited… ?? relax and first listen to me…
Everyone smiles sheepishly and sits back at their places. He takes a deep breath, looked at everyone but at last his eyes were struck at ragini.
Sanskaar : i’ll have to move to Australia for .. umm…. at least two years…..
Sanskaar noticed ragini’s reaction, it went from happy to shocked to sad till her eyes became blurry from tears which she wiped in a micro second. His trance broke when the bowl in sujata’s hand fell down.
She couldn’t believe what she heard. Of course she was happy with her son’s success… but it has just been a day, one day that he came back to her after years and now he’s talking about going away that too for two damn years. Tears flew down from her eyes like water from a tap. She murmured something which was not clear. Sanskaar sat beside her and side hugged her. She pushed him away.

Sujata : sanskaar… is this a joke?? Yesterday you were saying you’ll go back to delhi… and now aus… what?? Whatever…..
Sanskaar tries to calm her down but she was not ready to listen. She pushes him.
Sujata ; you always think about yourself… have you thought about me? Just…. just go from here…….
She runs to her room, crying. Sanskaar was about to go after her but rp stops him.
Rp ; wait sanskaar…. leave her alone for sometime…. you tell me is there any other way to deal with this? You can send one of your managers…
Sanskaar : no papa… i’ll have to go there myself to finalise the deal and then establishing the company there… i know earlier bade papa also went abroad to expand his business… and i have learned from him only…
He looks at dp. He returned his look with pride in his eyes. He was so proud of his son. He nods.
Ram was also happy for his son’s success but at this age what does a father needs, his son beside him. sanskaar understood his emotions and sat beside him.
Sanskaar : Papa, at least you understand na…
Ram : of course beta. I have to only understand everyone, everytime….
Sasnkaar sighs.
Uttara : bhaiya, please do something na… I think you just don’t love us anymore…
Sanskaar : choti.. please.
Adarsh : sanskaar, don’t worry. We’ll take care of them.
Sanskaar nods. He felt so helpless.
Ap ; when will you leave beta?
Sanskaar ; first i’ll go to delhi and set things there and after one month i’ll leave.
Uttara ; but mom….
Sanskaar ; i’ll talk to her…
Ragini, who was controlling till now gets up and leaves from there. she stops and turns.
Ragini ; let me talk to aunty…
Saying so she leaves. Sanskaar looks on. Dp too leaves as he got a call. Rest of them discusses with sanskaar.
Swara comes to Sanskaar with a big smile on her face. He just rolled his eyes and was about to move when she stopped him.
Swara : I’m so glad JETH JI.. finally my sister will get rid of you and i’m sure in these two years, she’ll find your replacement… after all how much time it takes to forget a friend.
Sanskaar stared at her. Her wicked smile was stabbing him in his chest.
Sanskaar : she’s not like you, swara. She knows the values of relations…
Swara : you toh don’t talk about relations okay? Apne sambhale nahi gaye and ragini ke bhi kharab kar diye. And i have still not forgotten how you talked to my mother.
Sanskaar : well at that time, she deserved that. And even now if someone will try to hurt her, i’ll protect her at any cost.
Swara : If she’ll be with you then only you can do so. And don’t think we are her enemies. We love her and we know how to protect her.
Sanskaar : yes, i saw that how you people protect her. I’m not saying anything now because she’s happy. But if i saw a pinch of hurt in her eyes, I’ll destroy you.
He said glaring at her. Swara felt goosebumps in her body as he warned her politely but still, with so much anger in his voice. She got her self back.
Swara : please get this out of your mind that we want to hurt her. Okay? And she wants to stay here only. Dare you manipulate her again.
Sanskaar : if she had wanted to stay here, she would have come back long ago.
Swara : of course, i know that. If you hadn’t tried to brainwash her mind and kept her away from us then she would have been there with us, long ago. And of course, I would have given you my best wishes happily… though i’m still happy about your success but due to other reasons….
A crooked smile spread across her face which turned into a sweet smile as she saw Laksh coming towards them. She holds his arm.
Swara : Laksh, you should also learn something from JethJi… he’s doing so good, isn’t?
Laksh : of course shonaa.. bhai i’m so happy for you.
Sanskaar smiles. He sensed a bit of hesitation in his voice. Of course, no one wants to be compared with their siblings.
Sanskaar : thanks Lucky. But you are best in your own way.
Laksh hugged him while swara looks away.


Ragini knocks on sujata’s door.
Ragini : aunty please open the door. It’s me ragini…
Sujata ( crying ) : leave me alone ragini….. let me cry in peace…
Ragini ; let me come in aunty…. i’ll also cry with you…
Sujata opens the door and lets her in. Ragini gives her glass of water, makes her sit and side hugs her.
Sujata ; why do you want to cry? My son is going not yours??
Ragini looks at her like… ( emoji ). She let go off weird thoughts and concentrated on sujata.
Ragini ; aunty.. your son is my friend also… and i know like me you also want his happiness and success…
Sujata ; of course chorii… but why like this?
She cries holding her. Ragini wipes her tears.
Ragini : aunty i know it’s is difficult for you. But you have to let him go happily so that he can concentrate on his work and come back soon. Aunty, trust me i have seen him working in the office late late nights. He has worked very hard for this. So instead of becoming his weakness….. please become his strength….
Sujata : i understand beta…. but i have got him after so many years how can i let him go… delhi was still okay.. but that aus….
Ragini : Australia…..
Sujata : yes that only… its beyond oceans.. how will he live alone? And i don’t want to be away from him… i don’t know when i’ll see him again…. what if i die….
Ragini keeps her hand on her mouth and nods no.
Ragini ; please aunty… don’t even think about it. If sanskaar hears this it’ll break him. Because of you he might stay here but he’ll never be happy…
Sujata looks on emotionally and thinks about what ragini said. She wipes her tears and nods at her. Ragini smiles and hugs her.
Ragini : thank you aunty.
Sujata ; you have understood my sanskaar so well…
She caresses her face. Ragini smiles.


It’s lunch time. Everyone is seated on the dining table. Uttara and swara are serving the food. Ragini is sitting opposite to sanskaar. Everyone is having food. Sanskaar was trying to make sujata agree. She was fully enjoying her son’s attention but at the end burst out laughing.
Sujata : chore… i understand it’s your dream and i’ll never come in between you and your goals. You can go but you have to call me everyday… what was that ragini??
Ragini : video call…
Sujata : you have to do that.
Everyone smiles. Sanskaar side hugs her. They start discussing about his departure, business, farewell and everything. This all was heating up ragini from inside. She didn’t know what she should do and how will she manage everything.

Rp ; what about you ragini? Will you also go back to delhi?
This question shocks everyone especially gadodias. Ragini looks at everyone and then at sanskaar. They literally haven’t spoken to each other let alone discuss these things. She sighs.
Ragini “; i don’t know uncle. I haven’t thought about it.
Swara : but ragini why do you need to do job now? Now you’ll live with ma and baba… right baba?
Shekhar ; well of course laado with live with us… and about job it’s her choice….
Sanskaar : umm… ragini if you want to stay here it’s okay. You can quit the job.
Ragini, who was already filled up with so many emotions bursted.
Ragini : you cannot decide what i want and what i don’t okay??
She bangs the table. eVeryone looked at her, quite shocked. Sanskaar clears his throat. Ragini realises.
Ragini : umm… sorry sanskaar i didn’t mean that. I was…. i …
Sanskaar ; it’s okay.
He gives a faint smile. parish are thinking what happened to them. They all continue with their lunch. Ragini looks at sanskaar but he doesn’t looks at her. Well again, ragini has hurt him when what he really needed was her support.
The episode ends with sanskaar’s sad face.

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