Second Chance (Part 10 – First step to stop Noor and Anwar’s Wedding)

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let’s start,

Precap : Adi knows Zoya’s flashback, Zoya and Adi nok-jhok continues…..

A bright sunday morning……

Adi and Zoya was sleeping on their respective houses, They both wake up by the phone calls from their siblings…

Zoya’s Home

phone rings…………

Zoya ; Hello Noor

Noor : Appi

Zoya : Noor what happened ?? Why you sound so tense???

Noor : Today Anwar and family is coming here?

Zoya : for what???

Noor: They are coming to take us for selecting wedding dress.

Zoya : oh!!!

Noor: Appi I don’t want to go ??? What to do now???

Zoya : Don’t worry I will do something and call you back ??

Noor : ok Appi but do fast !!

Hooda house ,

Adi was sleeping in his bed like a cutey boy…. Suddenly his mobile starts to vibrate,,,,

Adi in his mind voice : who the hell is in the morning

Adi ; Hello

Arjun : Bhai its me Arjun??

Adi : who ??

Arjun : Me Arjun??

Adi with a confused face : Arjun your room is next to my room then why are you calling me ??

Arjun : bhai am not inside

Adi : What ?? Where are you in the morning itself??

Arjun : Leave all this and listen to me.

Adi : tell

Arjun : Anwar and family are coming to Noor’s house for selecting wedding dress

Adi : so what and by the way who is this Noor ?? Anwar? why are you getting tensed when Anwar is coming to Noor’s house??

Arjun: Bhai have you forget yesterday’s meeting ??

Adi : what meeting ? which meeting?

Arjun : meeting for stopping Noor and Anwar’s wedding

Adi : Who is Noor ?

Arjun : bhai you seriously don’t know who is Noor??

Adi : No

Arjun : Noor is my lover. Noor is the sister of…

suddenly Adi completed

Adi  : Zoya??

Arjun: Yes, but one minute when I say this much you said you said you know anything ,then how suddenly you say that Noor is Zoya’s name

Adi become silent , he was lost in the thought of Zoya

Bepannah…. Bepannah…. plays

Arjun : hello bhai can you hear me ??

Adi : ah tell ?

Arjun : Answer to my question bhai ?

Adi : Because………….. pause for a minute , Ya i was testing you that how much responsible you are??

Arjun : Seriously bhai??

Adi : yes

Arjun : we have to do something

Adi : Don’t worry I will do something.

After sometime,

Adi called Arjun

Adi : Arjun, Today Anwar and family will not come .

Arjun : Seriously bhai ??

Adi : Don’t you believe your bhai

Arjun :Thank you bhai

Arjun happily end the call and decided to share the news with Noor. He called Noor

Arjun : Noor I want to say something

Noor : Even I want to say something.

Arjun: Is it ?

Noor : yah

Arjun : then you tell first

Noor : No you tell first

Arjun : OK we will say together . on the count of three

Noor : ok

Arjun and Noor : 1,2,3


Arjun and Noor : WHAT????

Guys with this question mark I am stopping here. I am leaving time for thinking how Zoya and Adi stopped Anwar’s coming.

To know it STAY TUNED!!!!

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  1. Nicks

    Kindly ignore the spelling mistakes

  2. Shesha485

    Wow, Aditya and Arjun conversation is hilarious. Arjun and Noor saying that Anwar family won’t come is superb. Excited for the next episode

    1. Nicks

      Thank you

  3. Adhu

    Nice episode. Adi is hilarious. Adi managed when Arjun questioned him of telling Zoya’s name. Noor and Arjun saying same thing together was surprising. Looking forward to know Zoya and Adi’s plan to stop Anwar’s family from coming to Waseem’s house.

    1. Nicks

      Thank you

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