sangharsh jindagi ka (Episode 26)

Avni dont know that how she will handle that situation. She returned home from hospital and packed her bag.she is continuously crying.she left the house.she dont know what to do ,she reaches airport decided to go back London.she booked the flight ticket,but the time of flight is in she is waiting on the airport and recalling all the memories related to neel and his family.

On the other hand
Every one is waiting outside the operation theatre and praying with god.
After sometime
Doctor came outside …..
Doctor:congratulations Mr mehta ur daughter is safe and out of danger now.till morning u all can meet with her.
All family is thanking to god.
Bebe:where is avni ,inform her also she is continuously praying to god .
Shweta:ok I am going .

Shweta went to the temple of hospital ,she didnt found avni there ,she searches avni all around the hospital but failed to found her,then she thought that may be she is at home.she make a call to avni but she didn’t responded as her phone is inside the bag so she didn’t heard the tuning.
Shweta become a little tensed.she call on the landline number.a servant picked the phone.
Shweta:hello ,call avni ,I want to talk with her
Servant:sorry ma’am but she is not at home.actually I have seen her going with bag.
Shweta: what didn’t she informed
Servant: no and even she is crying a lot.
Shweta: ok ,if she will return then inform us.
Shweta thinks that where is avni gone and then suddenly in her mind strikes about neel.
Shweta: neel what u have said to avni
Neel:what ,nothing mom
Shweta:u have told anything to her i.e. why she left the house.
Neel:I didn’t told her anything wrong.I dont want to talk about her,i know that she will not go anywhere she will return back.dont worry.
Shweta: its impossible ,how can u be so chilled.
Everyone is tensed about avni and wait that may be she will return till morning.

In next morning….
Avni is waiting on airport ,she get the news that due to heavy rain the flights get cancelled. She thinks that now what she will do.she dont have enough money also
From inside her bag she pick her phone and found that 3 missed calls from shweta last night and 2 missed calls of just now.
She call back to shweta…
Avni:mom is it alright ,how is sara.
Shweta: where r u ,shweta is Continuously taking ur name and doctor have said that the person whom sara is calling ,let her to meet with her,otherwise she will go in coma.
Call didconected as avni’s phone get switched off.
Avni(with herself): omg now what ,r they planning or this is right.
She is sitting and thinking, an old came and sit beside her.
Old lady:what happen my child,it seems lyk that u r tensed btw two conditions
Avni:how do u get to know.
Old lady:I am psychologist my child, u can share ur problem with me.
Avni:actually my husband told me to leave the house as all problem arises bcoz of me,and on the other side my bestie needs me ,so what I have to do.
Old lady:child with my point of view u have to go back as ur bestie needs u and leave what ur husband said ,and if ur bestie will get well then u can think upon this.

By hearing avni ran away but she again return and said”thanks” to that lady.
She reaches to the hospital but found that sara is alright.she got to know that it is all planned.
Shweta: sorry ,actually we have only option to bring u back.
Sara:when I needs u then u left me.I am angry with u
Avni: i am sorry ,actually I have no option ,leave that.
She hugs her.
Avni:now I am back ,I will take care of u.
Neel noticed that avni ignored her.
Everyone reaches home….
After sometime
Neel is standing in front of mirror..
Flashback starts…
In hospital
Sara eplain all the things that avni stop her to meet with that guy she didn’t listen ,she even dont know about Justin ,on that she requested with them because she has told her.
Flashback ends…
Neel standing (in her thoughts):she always helps me and even my family.she always saves her and I misunderstood her. I have….
Suddenly avni enter the room..
They both look at each other
Avni:I am sorry actually,servent have kept my bag inside ur room so I am here to take it.
She pick her bag…
Avni:yes do u want to say something.
Neel:he shake his head as “no”
Avni:I know that.
With teary eyes she left the room..
She shifted in Sara’s room as to take care of her.

On the other side neela call in the hotel ornate where avni works.
Neela:I am avni’s mom,as one month completed is she returned from India by completing her course.
Employee:no ma’am she settled over there at Mr mehta ‘s house.
Employee:we heard the news that she got married over there and we can’t give any information about her as we don’t know,s sorry ma’am

Call disconnected..
Neela:what she got married,how could it happen
Ashish: I think it’s rumours
Neela: let’s check it out ,there is no some truth
Ashish :ok fine tmrw morning we will go India.

In next morning …
They reaches airport of Mumbai.
They booked a taxi and reaches to the mehta ‘s house.
Avni shocked to saw her mom ,dad and her sister .
Mr mehta:welcome Mr and Mrs singhania ,u didn’t inform that u r coming to India.
Neela:if we have informed u then how this reality came.
Shweta:about what r u talking.
Neela:u know well.
Avni touches her feet.
Neela:don’t dare to lie with me ,u got married.
Avni: actually mom
Neela:yes or no
Neel came…
Neel:yes mom ,she is my wife
Avni stares him as first time he mentioned that she is his wife.
Neel:it’s too sudden that we didn’t informed u and we decided that we came London and inform u about our marriage but bcoz of so many problems we r not.
Ashish:it’s ok neela why r u making issue of that,u also want tha same.
Ashish:do u remember we came at ur house last time, so that our daughter become bride of ur son.
Bebe:it’s good then ,let’s have some sweet now.

In next episode
What neela will take decision,will it be in favour of avneil or against.if in favor then will their life take turn if not then also.

  1. Nice yaar…….

  2. Nice yaar …. Eagerly waiting 4r next update

  3. Excellent episode. A lot of twist & turns are here that makes your story more interesting to read. Your way to describing all the situations of mixed emotion are really outstanding. As the way you express the feelings of avni & Neil, the plan of bring back to avni are superb. Very different & twisting episode proves that you are good narrator. Always you are try to do your best that’s why I can’t wait to read & comments about your story. All the best sister????.

    1. Pritiyadav

      Thanks for appreciating me.

  4. Khyathi

    It’s just awesome.please keep updating

  5. Priti u never fail to amze me. it is difficult to amaze me since me a scorpion and also my name means analysis. So i do analysis of everything I like. U have great copatibility in urself. I love ur ff a lot and i want it to be never ending. Suspense is the key to ur ff. Want more suspense ftom u always. Good luck behen and also good luck for ur studies . Me having lot of exams in September. Do update ur ff soon.

    1. Pritiyadav

      Thanks dear and sure I will update as soon as possible.

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