For the sake of u, (two shot) shot 2 last part

Hii frend this is diksha back with the two shot story called “for the sake of u” hope u all gonna like it. Let’s start the next shot and last part of this small tribute.

@ lakshya’s home
Lakshya enter inside he was really happy that after this much time he will meet two most important person of his life. He enter inside. he listen giggling sound of two females he got surprise seeing ragini with his mom. Just than the both females see lakshya at the door admiring them. They became very happy seeing lakshya they had a big smiles on their face. They both went toward him but ragini stop and let the mother and son duo meet after long gap. Both the mother and son was teary eyes they had missed each other. Ragini was admiring the duo.
“Sit son, how’s ur training. Were u eating on time? U look tired first u go get fresh. and than u sleep we will talk afterward.” said lakshya’s mom caressing his hair.

“Yes, lakshya u go. Get fresh and than have something and than u relax we will talk afterward.” Said ragini.

“ok as u say females but we can talk while having food. I am going to get fresh mom pls you set the dining table.” Said lakshya
He went to his room. He get fresh and than they talk lakshya was their with them for four months than he get his joining letter. Than he went to his post. He was leaving their in really tuff situation in those situation where maybe we can’t even able to survive. almost working for 24 hours with other officer. After eight months he came home back for one month. He get married to ragini. And after one week of marriage he had to went back to his post because of emergency situation. Their was sudden war started. And for one week he was not even able to contact to them. They were worried for him. After one week ragini got a letter. She open the letter and read that. That letter was stating

“army officer mr. Lakshya got ‎Martyr while the war fighting bravely with enemies.”
She fall their with a thud and was reading the letter again hoping may be she had read wrong but no she had read right. tears start falling from her eyes. listening the sound her mil come their.
“what happened ragini why r u crying? tell me what happened? Pls tell ragini. Now u r scaring me.” said her mil with heavy heart.

She was worried seeing her in that state. Bad things start coming in her mind just than she saw letter in ragini’s hand she took it from her hand and start reading the letter after reading that she break down she start crying bitterly. Ragini saw her and compose herself because she know that now she is the one who can compose and pacify her mil. She was trying to make her calm. And suddenly ragini notice that her mil was keeping her hands on her chest and was wincing in pain. She immediately call the doctor. Doctor reached and check her and tell that she had heart attack and she is no more. Now ragini can’t held back she broke down completely first she lost her love her husband lakshya and now her only support her mil. Than listening crying sound the neighbours gathered their and was trying to pacify her but no word is enough that can heal even one percent on her wounds. Her parents also come their.

Next day

lakshya dead body also come their. Than they completed last rituals of lakshya’s and her mother with full respect. They did full army ritual for a ‎Martyr. Their come media persons who was asking her question like what she wanna say about it? And telling that she is ‎Martyr officer lakshya’s wife. His mother died listening this news and so on.

She was already in pain and all this like increasing her pain. After some day she was trying to live normally but her pain was not letting her live. Than she get a courier which was containing his things and a pen drive seeing which her wound again became fresh she went to her room which was befor used to be lakshya’s and her. And she start crying holding lakshya’s pic she was caressing his face in photo and tears were rolling down continuously from her eyes than her eyes fell on the pen drive she take the pen drive and connect it with laptop. Their was two videos one has named as ragini and other has named as mom. Ragini played the msg for her she has no guts to open another folder. That vedio of lakshya He was wearing his army uniform. And his face had a smile.

“Ragini see mine wish my dream is completed u know i feel proud thay i m soreounded with people who’s motto is ‘Service Before Self’ you now all are here is awsome and somewhat we all are same we r happy to served oir country but we feel bad that we r not with our family when they needed but we know we can’t get all thing we should be happy in what we get. Ragini see i m going to the war i don’t know whether I’ll be back amd we will be able to meet.

But i m sure whatever the situstion I’ll make u both proud. I’ll be back either on my feet or in the flag but in both condition u should be happy i know if i came in our flag it will be difficult for u to live happily but promise me u will try. And ragini if i come as a ‎Martyr than u will take care of our mom and pls try to move on and dear don’t u try to wear those colurless cloth i can’t. See i had completed one dream of ours and now its ur turn to complete our next dream. And last but not the least by the way i know that u know i love u but what is wrong in saying again. So, my love my life my wife i love and i miss u alot.”

Video ends she was crying silently. And her tears were rolling down coountinuously but as her love has said her to try to smile so, she smile.

Like this the story end. Said Himanshi.
Geeta : yr its a nice story. I m really proud to be an Indian.
Himanshi : me too yr. U know their is so much way by which people are serving the country.

Geeta : yupp u r right but the irony is we forget the name of martyr. ok let’s go now.
So frend this is dilsha ending this two shot story ” for the sake of u hope u all will like it.

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