Recap: Aryan and Tanya relationship confusion solved…Randhir jealous on seeing Rishav and Sanyu together.
Raishav comes back and finds Sanyu nowhere in canteen.
Yoyo sees this and thinks to tease Rishav.
Yoyo goes to him and says “Aree Rishav paji, what are doing there alone come sit with us na…you will enjoy for sure…come..come..areeee…come na.”
Saying this Yoyo starts pulling Rishav and he gets irritated but before he can say anything Parth says “Join us naa…whom you are waiting for..everybody is here except Sanyu….anddd…Randhir…come join us.”
As soon as Rishav hears Sanyu’s name he face lightens up but next hearing Randhir he mutters something under his breath and joins the group.
Parth and Yoyo laughs within their mind.

Parth’s POV
It’s good that Rishav has fallen in love with Sanyu in the very first sight…now Randir will get more jealous and out of jealousy he may confess his love..I am sure he loves Sanyu madly still now but his ego is not letting him confess his love. And his stupid thought of Sanyu doing accident. But I’m feeling sorry for Rishav, he gave his heart to such a girl who can never be his..Sanyu is always meant for Randhir…what can we do after all its love…you will never know when it happens and with whom. I will try to make Rishav understand about these two but for now I only care for Sanyu..I only want my best friends’ happiness…I know I’m sounding selfish but I can’t help it.
Like this two more days passes and Randhir always keeps coming between Sanyu and Rishav. Whenever Rishav tries to talk with Sanyu or tries to help her to get her attention, Randhir comes in between doing something or somewhat; like asking stupid questions, telling lie that Nirmaan or Ranawat has called her, giving her list of materials which are really not needed. Sometimes he even disturbed Rishav to make him stay away from Sanyu.
One day Sanyu is given the responsibility of bringing some materials and for that she needs to go out. But it is already 8 pm and as the work is important Sanyu decides not to hold it up.
Sanyu goes out but doesn’t find any taxi or auto. She gets confused as though this place is little out of proper city but at least 4-5 taxies are always found even after 10 at night and these taxies are always permanent so there is no risk in late travelling, because it is very common for ISRC candidates as they have to go out at night often for works.
Sanyu gets surprised. Suddenly, a bike stops in front of her. Sanyu looks at the driver angrily as the person came with much speed.

The person takes off his helmet and says: Come with me…I will drop you there. Even I’m going there only.
Sanyu asks “Why are you going there at this time, Randhir?”
Randhir says “Can’t I have my personal work…now come…don’t waste will not get any taxi today.”
Sanyu looks at Randhir with doubt but sits in back. All the while Randhir was looking everywhere other than Sanyu.
Randhir frowns as Sanyu doesn’t hold him.
Randhir starts the bike with a jerk so that Sanyu has to land on him and that happens. Randhir smiles widely. After all he did so much efforts to have a ride with her.

Randhir is passing by Ranawat’s cabin. He hears Ranawat saying something to Sanyu.
Ranawat “Sanyukta..I know it’s night but you have to go…this is very have to buy it personally…Its very much needed for tomorrow…we can’t delay any more.”
Sanyu nodes and gets out of Ranawat’s cabin to her room.
Randhir thinks of something and goes towards garage of ISRC. He punctures the tiers of Aryan’s and Rishav’s bike and goes out taking his.
He then goes towards the taxi stand and bribes the drivers of the five taxies which were present there and make them leave.
He goes in little distance and waits for Sanyu to come.
He notices Rishav checking his bike and kicking it in anger. He smirks..he knew before that Rishav is following Sanyu and he already predicted that he will try to take Sanyu with him. That’s why he punctured his bike and also did the same with Aryan’s bike as doesn’t want even Aryan to come in between for Sanyu and Aryan’s friendship.
Flashback ends.

Randhir’s POV
I am sorry Sanyukta…I am really sorry…I know I did wrong, I let my ego win…I have hurt you a lot with my words, actions and my stupidity. But from now I will always support you..I will heal your every wound…I don’t know what had happened during the accident but now I am sure you were not responsible for it, It was just an accident and it could have happened with anyone….I am sorry I blamed you for nothing….now I don’t care whatever has happened two years ago…I only know that I love you and I want to be with you.
Like this they both reach their destination and Sanyu goes for her work with a smile. She comes back after a while with a smile and finds Randhir waiting for her.
She doesn’t say anything but sits in his bike…Randhir also start driving without saying anything.

Sanyu’s POV
I know you deliberately send those taxies away…I had already seen you outside Sir’s cabin…why are you doing all these Randhir? Why are you making everything difficult for me? I love you..I still love but whatever has happened between us may be I can’t forgive you. Please Randhir..don’t give me hope to be with me…you will again leave me for your ego…I can’t stand more heart breaks now…after many efforts I am able to mend myself this time.
A lone tear escapes from Sanyu’s eyes.
Suddenly few drops of water falls then again some and raining starts. It is like the rain drops are giving the two hints of their future of love…it is like washing each pain of these freshens their mind and heart. Both of these two lovers feel immense peace in their heart.
They recall their previous bike ride in rain. Happiness and love start occupying their heart.

But suddenly it starts thundering.
Sanyu doesn’t understand why but a certain fear start engulfing her heart. She feels like losing her happiness yet again..the happiness which only starts ringing the bell of the door of her heart with Randhir’s changed gestures. Yes..its true that she didn’t forgive Randhir..but his acts to be close with her is making her wounded heal a little. But these thunders are again giving her hints of upcoming storms to her.
After a while thunder stops and it is again blissful rain..she again starts feeling peaceful, happy…she doesn’t get anything..if the thunders take storm in her life then will his pleasant rain bring the happiness of her life yet again…the question starts arising in her heart.
They reach ISRC. All the while Randhir was totally silent..his heart was also beating fast with an unknown fear and then a blissful feeling like Sanyu. He is also confused
They enter silently and find a man standing there.
Both of them look at the person with shock.

Precap: Randhir: I hate you Sanyukta…Sanyu: I hate you Randhir.

A veryyy bigggg sorryyyy to you all…but I was helpless…at first my laptop was not functioning well…then my test..then again my stupid laptop get into its non-functioning mode..I got back the laptop yesterday only.
Thank you all for commenting…and please keep is request to the silent readers.

By the way I today only read that Param has accepted that Harshita and Param are in relationship and he is serious about it…though I am not that surprised but feeling really very happy…I don’t know why I always felt a more then friendship relation between them whenever I saw any segment.
How many of you are watching Param’s new show Ghulaam? The story is really good but little vulgar and harsh…but still new concept as for tv…Param and niti both are looking good but still for me the spark between Param and Harshita are missing in between these two…the chemistry of Param and Harshita was instant and spontaneous…according to me obviously…and this is too early to reach any conclusion but I felt so.
This is my personal opinion…sorry if anyone is hurt.
The show has some typical bollywoody scenes but still good..hope in future the story doesn’t get spoiled like other serials. But for me SADDA HAQ was even better than this. As SADDA HAQ contained even more reality and truthfulness in its story telling..I felt so. What are you guys thinking…plz share your thought. And of course no offence to anyone.

  1. Thank god…….u came. Bdw seriously param nd harshita r in a relationship?? Wow….soo happy for them..

  2. Hi!! U are back!! Finally! Gladd to see ur ff 😀 😀 And the precap…eagerly waiting for this entry!
    Yess!!! I also read in the newspaper and am so happy!! Yaaaya!!! 😀 😀
    Param looks great in his new show Ghulam! 🙂

    Keep Writing..looking forward to the next chapter! 🙂

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  6. SidMin

    Loved it the episode was very very very very cute …. Rd was so sweet …. he punctured all the others bike ? bribed the taxi drivers also …. ?
    Omg Param and Harshita ….. in a relationship ….. are you sure …… I mean where did you see this ….. If it’s true I would be the most happiest person on earth ❤❤❤
    And the new show …. Param is doing a great job with it ….. his acting skills ….. all of it can be seen ….
    Love you ?
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  7. Aana

    Loved it…..amazing job dear…..nd that was so sweet of randhir yr…..truly enjoyed it….
    Nd abt param nd harshita r u sure???? I mean still they HV not announced officially…. BT I wish it bcoms true.. Love them both a lot…
    Nd abt Ghulam same thinking….. BT then also param is doing grt job…love him

  8. Richu

    U are right!!even I don’t see any spark of a mesmerizing effect in both…..though Rangeela had done a great job…..Randhir’s acting with sanyu????????

    Your ff…osmmmmmm!!yaar…

    N ya #happyforparsh

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