Love changes life(part 9)

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[1/18, 12:21 PM] neha: Love changes life(chapter 9)

In sanskar’s room
Sanskar was deeply thinking abt his past

Fb starts
Girl nd boy was sitting in bench,girl was resting her head in boy’s chest nd their hand were intermingd.
Girl-bolo na y u called me here(pout face)
Boy kneeld down forward his hand which was holding a diamond ring
Boy- i don’t knw any cheesy line to say. I love u, u r my life wil u become my wife? Wil u b kumud sanskar maheshwari(imagine kumud as mahi of jamai raja nd a boy is sanskar)
Kumud-(happy tears) i wil shanky i love u 2.
San-i knw dr i love u more(nd abt to pud d rind in her finger)
Kumud???-not so soon dr. 1st catch me(she started to run nd shanky ran behind her)
San-hey stop yar plz
Kumud (stopd at middle road) k nw put d rind (forward her hand, san was cming to her bt bt a car cme at speed nd hitted her bandly she fal down wil pool of blood)
San(ran to her) kumu no nothing wil happen to u. I m here na we wil go to hospital(abt to take her in arm bt stopd by kumud)
Kumud(breathing heavily) no shanky i time is over nw, i want a promise
San(crying badly)dnt say like that kumu.i cnt live without u. I wil die along with u kumu plz dnt leave me plz.
Kum-shh stop crying like a baby u knw na i love ur smile a lot promise me u wil never do any stupidity nd wil move on in ur life u wil forget me nd live ur life happily shayad hamara waqt yahi tak ka ta. Nd plz never lost ur smile
San(blanky) wat rubbish u r talking ha hw cn i forget u nd move on i love u plz kumu dnt say lyk tat let me allow to take u hospital plz.
Kum(smile) k dnt forget me bt agar kavi tumhe firse pyar hua then u wil nt let her go promise nd keep smiling.
San(unheartedly) promise (kumud tuk her last breath in sanskar’s lap).
Fb over

Sankar wake up with a jerk and breathing heavily nd remeberd swara’s word nd kumuda’s promise
San(to himself)-ye mene kya kar dia? Unkowningly i hurted my kumu(teary eye)i broke my promise kumu i m sorry. I knw u love my smile (smiled)my laugh,bt kya karu along wid u mera kushiya v chala gaya ta. Muje laga ki sare dunia ka dard muje mil gaya bt sterday sme1 tought me tat i m wrong. I was punishing myself for nt able to save u bt she tought me tat i m dng wrong wit u(nw he was crying) i m sorry kumu (wipd tears) bt nw i wil fulfil my promise i wil live my life happily u lovd my smile na frm nw on i wil smile. I must thank swara for realising my mistake. (he got fresh he was luking dashing???) he got cal it showd swara he lift d phone
S-(exitedly)mr kadus gud mrnggggg.
SM-sound exited any spcl reason?
S-haaa i m so happy cme to my room soon jaldeeeeee.(she cut d cl).
In swara’s room
Sanskar opend d room bt to his shock al room was messed up like koi tsunami ake gaya ho.
SM-wt’s dis where is ms pagal? Hello(just den a big blast sankar followd d sound he went to balcony their every1’s face was covered with choco cake mixer of milkybar)
San-??what happend here ms pagal k sath rahte ap log v pagal ho gaye kya?
S(angrily glared to san) bad joke mr kadus
A-no sanskar wo (side hug swara)swara was nominated in best fashion designer award
SM(happy)-wow congrats ms pagal i m happy for u.
S-tq(exited) nd award function wil held in mumbai oly yippie u wil cme na mr kadus?

SM-ofcourse ye v koi puchne ki bat hai? I wil surely cme
S-and i wil introduce u to my bhaiyu u knw he is also a very big business man la(incmplete bcoz of phn cl)
S-(recievd)bhaiyu avi apke bare m hi bat kar rhi ti i mis u cho much(kiddish tone)
L-i mis u 2 gudia nd congrats i m proud of u.
S-thanku nd my gift
L(laughs) -wapas aja i wil give u ur gift
S-hmm wts d gift?
L-its surprise gudia when u cme u wil get it(ruko he kept in speaker ragini wishd her)
R-congrats shona i m very happy for u.
S-thanks bhabi(teases)magar ap bhai k sath kya kar rhe he? Ahem ahem
R(blushes)chup kar shaitan.
L(fake anger)gudia baht badmash ho gai hai tu. Dnt leave any chance to tease us na?
S-(happily) hw could i bhaiyuuu. Its my birth ryt to tease my bhai nd to b bhabhi. Acha k bye we r going outside to celebrate nd i dnt want to becme kabab mai haddi in ur romance bye bhaiyu bye bhabi love u a lot
Raglak-(smiles for kidish behaviour) bye gudia/shona. Lov u 2 nd tc(kept d cal)
Here sanskar was admiring her kiddish talk unknowingly he was smiling.
A-oh god princess u r unbelievable. Chal wash ur face u r luking lyk witch i wil also wash my face kya hal bana dia tumne mere beautyful face ka(dramatically)
S(glares him tuk a cake peace nd splashd it in his face)i look like witch ha? U idiot monkey donkey.
A-(tuk a cake nd splashd it swara’s face)u witch i wil show u who is idiot nd started trowing cake to e-o here sanskar stared to laugh whole heartedly (1st time in 3 yr)
S(shockd to watch her mr kadus for d 1st time nd admired him)(in mind)oh god he luk so cute while laughing pta nai ye kavi hasta ku nai hai(irritated face)hamesh angry bird ki tarah rahta hai bt nw ????

[1/18, 12:21 PM] neha: Ishveeransh(2 shockd to c him laughing) oh god 9th wonder happend
San stopd laugh
Swasan(confusd)9th wonder?
Ish-ha mr maheshwari is laughing???ek min kai mere eye karab to nai hui na(rubd her eye)
RV-no ishu mene v deka(stil in shock)
A?ha me 3
S-hahahaha luk at ur face guys(to san) mr kadus tumne sbko 400vl tg ki shock de di ha???
San-k guys i wil waiting in parking u all get ready nd cme 2day’s treat frm my side
S-wow sanskar maheshwari’s treat mr kadus tq??
San smild nd left
In abc place all were enjoying pulling eo leg cutted d cake celebrating sg’s success
S-k 2days ice cream treat frm my side (she gave ice cream to all)
S(to san)nd dis is ur fav venila ice cream
San-hmm (take tat)cn i eat it i mean ???kai fir se kuch mila to nai dia na?
S-????dont worry mr kadus. Its a normal ice cream. (hold her ear wit puppy face)cholly next time i dont do like tat cholly for mixing chilli in ur i ceam(kiddish tone)
San-its k ms pagal.
S-bt hw could u eat tat ice cream agar kuch ho jata tumhe?hw could u??
San-(in mind) jine ki vajah hi nai hai to kuch ho ya na ho who cares(to swara)k baba nw i m sorry
S-hmm k. Lets go to room i m tired.
San-we didnt did anything i mean
S(sad)-hmm bt without pani puri i doen’t luk like celebration. No maza yar. And her in us pani puri it just a dream???.
San???(wispers) nd wil make ur every dream come true.
S-did u said anything mr kadus.
San-no cme lets leave.

After sme time swara’s room
All r waiting for sanskar bcoz he told them he has a surprise for swara
S-(impatient)bf mr kadus where is he?
A-how do i knw princess(just den san came holding a tray covered wid plate)
San-so here is d surpise (opend d plate)
S(exited)-pani puri wow. Bt here hw?
San-hmm i prepared it
All were???
S-sacchi(to ansh)pinch me na
A(pinchd her) happy
S-oww its mean its true (stard to eat)yummy (ful wid pani puri) ???
San-tq dr bt eat slowly.
Ishveer(abt to taste swara beat their hand)oww shona let us eat na
S-no ye mere liye hai so oly i wil eat it
San-ms pagal let them eat i wil prepare again for u tmrw
S-sachhi? Pinky promise
San-(laughed) of course promise.
Sudenly swara started to cough san gave her water nd pated her back
San(scolding tone)i told u eat slowly cnt u tc of urself now enough of eating cme sleep nd take rest
S-no i want to eat more plz.p
San-no means no(he lift her placed her in bed nd covered with blanket) nw sleep gnt
S-gnt gnt bf
A-(who was observing sanky’s concernd behaviour towards swara)ha gnt princess(all left d room nd slept in their respective room)

Days passed after 4-5 days
Everything has changed swasan bond become close followed by swara’s pranks on san nd bf.

In san’s room
In phne conversion
Boy-gm shanky how is ur ms pagal?
San-gm she is awesme ???she is a kid yar ( started to talk abt her) lucky avi me chalta hu or she wil kil me(boy is lucky means laksh swara’s bhaiyu)
L-(serious)do u love ur ms pagal?
San(smiled faded away nd serious)r u mad lucky she is my frnd tats it nd dnt forget i lov kumud
L-no shanky u lov ur ms pagal luk at u how much u changed or i say she changed u, u again started to enjoy ur life like before u always talk abt her
Sa-no its nt lyk tat
L-k just imagine tat she is going away frm u hamesha ke liye use kuch ho jay…..
San(shouts)lucky wt rubbish u r talking ha dnt ever think like tat me kab use kuch nai hone dunga
L-luk u cnt imagine tat u love her yar its just u didnt realised it. Pls think abt it kai der na ho jaye(kept d cl)
S(to himself)do i really love her?he think abt their moments,her behavious a smal curved apear in his lips. S i love her wow ms pagal i have fallen for u(jumps in exitment)i have 2 tel her ya (he left to meet her)

In mall
S-wow bf dis ring is so pretty i lovd it.
A-bt not more than u princess. He put d ring in her hand in engagement day it wil b in ryt hand in ryt time.i m so exited
S-me 2 cnt wait for engagement day (hugged him)
Dis all was sean by sanskar he was broken to listen tat.

Precap-san ignore swara nd much more

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