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Recap: Parth taking care of Sanyu for some reason, Randhir jealous, Sandhir’s confrontation.
Next morning Randhir wakes up with a hangover. He feels like someone is beating on his head with hammer. He tries hard to recall what has happened in last night but he fails. He gets some blurry vision where he finds his farzi only. He doesn’t find anyone in room.
Randhir’s POV
Oh God! Why did I drink so much that I can’t even remember what has happened yesterday. Why Am I getting Sanyu’s vision? Was she there? Did she drop me here? But how can it be possible? Why will she take care of mine? She doesn’t love me anymore; she only loves that idiot now. She trusts him so blindly that she didn’t even believe me. But why am I thinking about her? I also shouldn’t bother about her. I hate her…yes..yes…I hate her…I hate her.
Suddenly he sees his own conscience standing there.
Heart- Are you sure?
Mind- Yeah..I am. I hate Sanyukta.
Heart- Then why are you thinking about her so much?
Mind- I’m not. She didn’t even bother to believe me. She doesn’t trust me now.
Heart- Why her distrust is paining you?
Mind- Arrey…How can she think like this…it would pain anyone.
Heart- Only those give us pain who are related to us. You don’t love her right.
Mind- Yeah..I don’t love her …I hate her.
Heart- How much will you lie andhir Singh Shekhawat?
Mind- I’m not lieing…do you hear? I’m not.
Heart- You are lieing. You love her still now.
Heart- Yes..yes you love her…listen to me…let your ego go…don’t let your ego win over your love…you will regret.
Mind- No I will not…I will not regret…She doesn’t deserve anyone’s love…she almost killed Parth for her arrogance..her dream.
Heart- Do you really believe this?
Mind- Yeah…I believe this…I believe this (whispering).
Heart- You know what…Randhir’s biggest quality is his confidence…Then why are you whispering? Why are you not confident?
Mind- I am confident…I’m confident..yes..yes I’am confident.
Heart- No you are not…you are still trying to make yourself believe that was the reason of that accident…listen your inner feelings….go to her, ask her…find out what has happened two years ago.
Mind- No, there is no need of it.
Heart- What if you later come to know that she was innocent…will you be able to forgive yourself.
Mind- She isn’t innocent…she isn’t.
Heart- Then why don’t you go and ask her? You know why you can’t ask her? Coz you are afraid…you don’t have the courage to face the truth. Coz you also know it very well that she isn’t wrong. You know that she can’t take anyone’s life…not even in her dream.
Mind- Don’t confuse me…I know very well that I’m not wrong.
Heart- If you are really that much confident then nothing can confuse you. Admit it the truth Randhir…otherwise one day you will regret.
Mind- No will not..I will ..I will not..I hate her…I won’t regret.. I hate her.
Heart- Accept..accept that you love her…you love her..she is only your destination are destined to be with her…to love her.
Mind- no(shouts)
Heart- Don’t shout..just accept truth…you love love her.
Randhir shouts “Stop it…just stop it…I hate her I hate her… I hate you.. Sanyukta Aggarwal..I hate you…Do you hear me I hate you.
Saying this he collapses on the floor.
Sanyu is working in lab alone. Actually she couldn’t sleep the whole night so she came to lab. Randhir’s devastated state is haunting her again and again.

Sanyu’s POV
I can’t forgive him…I can’t forget his words…but I can’t even see him getting hurt..I don’t want to love him..I desperately want to hate him..But I can’t …I’m stupid heart isn’t letting me hate him. As if I’m destined to love him.
Both are feeing miserable about their existence…their life are seeming just like burden for them.
Mujhe yunhi karke khwaabon se judaa
Jaane kahan chup ke baitha hai khuda
Jaanu na main kab hua khud se gumshuda
Kaise jiyun rooh bhi mujhse hai judaa

Kyun meri raahein, mujhse pooche ghar kahan hai
Kyun mujhse aake, dastak pooche dar kahan hai
Raahein aisi jinki manzil hi nahin
Dhoondho mujhe ab main rehta hoon wahin
Dil hai kahin aur dhadkan hai kahin
Saansein hai magar kyun zinda main nahin

Rait bani haathon se yun beh gayi
Takdeer meri bikhri har jagah
Kaise likhun phir se nayi daastan
Gham ki siyahi dikhti hai kahan
Aahein jo chuni hain meri thi raza
Rehta hoon kyun phir khud se hi khafa
Aisi bhi hui thi mujhse kya khata
Tune jo mujhe di jeenay ki saza
Banday tere maathe pe hain jo kheenchay
Bas chand lakeeron jitna hai jahaan
Aansu mere mujhko mita te hain rahe
Rab ko hukm na mit ta hai yahan
Raahein aisi jinki manzil hi nahin
Dhoondho mujhe ab main rehta hoon wahin
Dil hai kahin aur dhadkan hai kahin
Saansien hai magar kyun zinda main nahin

Kyun main jaagoon, aur woh sapne bo raha hai
Kyun mera rab yun, aankhien khole so raha hai
Kyun main jaagoon
These are the questions which are revolving their mind and heart. Both of them desperately are finding the reasons for live.
Randhir gets up from floor and goes to washroom. Sanyu continues work in lab but after sometime she feels a little dizzy.
She goes from there quickly and enters her room which is empty as all other students are in gym area. She gulps something and water. Suddenly her eyes fall on the table calendar of her desk. Something strikes in her mind.
She immediately calls someone “Hello…Ramesh everything done? Okk..fine…what’s the time? Okk..uncle thank you so much…yeah yeah…ok..bye.” She cuts the call.
She goes out of ISRC informing Nirmaan and Ranawat.
Randhir comes out of washroom and gets ready. He notices the calendar and recalls something. Randhir says to himself “Oh God! How can I forget? I’m an idiot.”
“Why are you calling yourself idiot, Sheikhu” Shanaya asks while entering the room.
Randhir says something to Shanaya in her ears.
Shanaya gets excited and shouts “Okk…let’s do the cele….” while Randhir immediately puts hand in her mouth ans says “Shanaya, can’t you keep quite…okk..listen..we have to tell it to everyone.”
“Okk” Shanaya says and again questions “Are you going to include Sanyu?”
“Yeah…otherwise it will look bad” Randhir says.
Shanaya nodes and goes from there. She massages everyone to meet in lab. When everyone except Sanyu and Parth meets there as both of them were out of ISRC, they discuss something.
At evening Parth returns and finds his room whole dark. As he switches on the light, he hears shout “Happy Birthday, Parth”.
At first, Parth gets shocked but then gets happy seeing his friends making his day special. He finds everyone to be there Randhir, Vidhushi, Aryan, Tanya, Shanaya, Yoyo, Sumit, Arjun, Joy, Becky, Kritika but Sanyu is missing.
He gets confused. Coz, Sanyu even celebrated his birthday when he was in coma. But today she is missing. He thinks may be she is busy somewhere else.
Shanaya tells that it’s all Randhir’s plan and Randhir and Vidhushi were most activated in the whole preparation. Parth gets happy but something is still missing.
Vidhushi notices this and concludes that the reason is Sanyu’s absence. She gets jealous to the core. She can’t digest the fact that Parth gives more importence to anyone else than her.
Though she is married to Ankit but her heart is still with Parth. In these two years she always cursed herself for marrying Ankit. In deep down, she already understood the fact that money can’t buy happiness.
But now she is helpless. She started to drink to forget everything. But, this pain is so deep that she can’t forget this by any means.
She can’t help but taunts “Parth, I guess you are missing your best friend. But, what can you do? She forgot your birthday…now don’t spoil our at least.”
Parth gets angry and snaps back “Sometimes, doing grand isn’t necessary to show your love; even small gestures can show it. Anyways, I don’t want to spoil your effort, coz this is very special for me. So, thank you so much guys for it. And I want to enjoy it fully without discussing unnecessary stuffs.”
Vidhushi boils in anger but can’t help it.
Parth gets surprised as he clearly get that Vidhushi is jealous with Sanyu.

Parth’s POV
Why Vidhushi is getting jealous? She is married now..does she still love me? Why did you do it, Viduushi? You make everything so complicated. I can see your love. But, I’m helpless. I can’t love a married woman. Neither I can forget you. But, I can’t say it anyone…not even to Sanyu. What will she think if she knows I love her bhabi still now? I owe a lot to her. I can’t cheat our friendship. Sorry, but this friendship has become most valuable for me.
Like this the party gets over. Though everyone enjoys it, but Randhir, Vidhushi and Parth were quite sad though they plaster smile in their faces.
After some time, when everyone is drinking and gossiping casually abd heading towards their room, Sanyu comes back.
Sanyu simply wishes Parth and asks him “ Happy Birthday, Parth…sorry I didn’t get time to be in party, though I got Randhir’s massage. Actually..”
Parth interrupts “ You don’t need to be sorry…I know you very well.”
Sanyu smiles and says “Thanks..but you have to go somewhere…it’s importent”
Parth says “So..tell me the address na…why are you hesitating..”
But vidhushi interrupts “Are you out of your mind, Sanyu? Today is Parth’s birthday and you are sending him for work…that too this much late.”
Parth irritatingly says “That’s none of your business, Vidhushi. So, stop poking your nose everywhere” then he says to Sanyu “Tell me the address, Sanyu.”
Sanyu massages him the address and asks him to go and he will himself understand his work. After Parth goes everyone gives hopeless look to Sanyu except Aryan, Tanya and Yoyo.
Randhir taunts “You can never change…you always spoils other’s time for your own selfish purpose.”
Vidhushi grits her teeths and supports Randhir. Others also support Randhir by their gesture.
Aryan is going to say something but Sanyu stops him and simply says “A person should never change for anyone.” Saying this she goes from there.
Randhir feels like getting stabbed and goes from there teary eyed.
Sanyu goes to her room and thinks about Vidhushi’s behaviour.

Sanyu’s POV
Why Vidhushi is so jealous? It was clearly seen that she was jealous on my and Parth’s bond. It means I was right. Marrying bhai was her hectic decision. Thinking about comfort she agreed to marry bhai…that means she loves Parth…and Parth, I know, he also loves Vidhushi still now…I saw tears in his eyes today..when he scolded her. Oh God! Why love is this much complicated?
Thinking about all these she lies down on her bed. But today also sleep is far away from her eyes. Randhir’s words and Vidhushi and Parth’s complicated love is haunting her.
But now, she is also helpless. She doesn’t get anything what to do. She sees others entering in room and pretends to sleep.
Shanaya sees Sanyu sleeping and says to others “This Sanyu is so ruthless..she doesn’t even care about Prath’s emotion.”
Vidhushi says “She is like this only…Randhir tells right about her.”
Tanya couldn’t control anymore and says “Stop it…don’t say anything without knowing anything properly. She is the best friend whom anyone can get.”
Kritika says “Really…The person who almost killed her friend for her own dream are calling her..”
Tanya angrily says “That’s not only her dream…but it’s useless to talk with you all.” Saying this she goes out from there.
Shanaya says “She will obviously support Sanyu, as she can romance with Aryan na..”
After his everyone sleeps. Sanyu who listens all these, smiles faintly.

Precap: Aryan and Tanya’s relationship truth out…some Sandhir moments.

I’m really very sorry for being so late…but I had some exams and when I got free, I was down with fever. So, I couldn’t write. Now also, I have fever…but I’m little better now. So, I write it down. I will post the next one sooner.

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    Love you 🙂

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