Sadda Haq 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

All are trying to think how to get hot water working. As usual Randhir and Sanyukta don’t like each others idea and argue with each other. Kastuki says do fast whatever they have to, she can’t take bath with cold water. YoYo hears it and later he arranges hot water for Kastuki.

Randhir is in some room and says he will make this solar water now. What does Sanyukta think of herself? I will make it such way that she will just keep seeing.

Someone delivers parts to break lock to Parth. Sanyukta comes to him and asks if he can drop her on the busstop. She further says she’s tired now with all the activities and she thinks she should get married. Parth makes her understand that this is the life, but they can’t stop living. She tells him, he knows everything, but he still won’t follow his advice. Parth is confused. She says after Arpita left, he has locked his life in a box. Why he’s not moving on. Parth gets mad and asks if that was a joke. Sanyukta holds his hand and makes him understand. Parth says it’s not easy, but she insists him to move on.

Vardhan is in his office. He says, he (Randhir) is writing his feelings with code language everywhere in the college. Vardhan hopes no one finds out what he’s writing, else..

Parth is lost in thoughts in classroom. Sanyukta comes there. She looks at him and says she is sure he will fight with this situation as well. There’s code language on the desk. She wonders if Randhir is writing about her, she decides to crack that language. She’s lost in thoughts now. Kastuki comes and reminds her about the task. They go to the lab. Parth says to himself, he knows this task is important, but for him, it’s more important to open Prof. Rao’s room.

All are working on the task. Sanyukta is wondering about the text. She breaks some glass. Peon comes and tells her she will have to pay fine. She says she will pay it later. Vidushi taunts Sanyukta that Vardhan told them to make best from waste, that doesn’t mean they make waste.

Parth is getting prepared to break the lock. Sanyukta is writing something weird on the board. Kastuki wonders what’s going on in her mind. Sanyukta says all crap, there can’t be any language like this. She takes it as a challenge and decides to solve it. Randhir is working alone on the task. He says he is sure both Sanyukta and loser Parth must be doing something which have no connection with the task. Parth succeeds in opening a sample lock. He says he was sure, no matter how difficult, but it would never be impossible. Someone knocks the door of room he’s in. He opens the door and it’s Vidushi. Vidushi looks at him shirtless. She then looks in and doesn’t see sample lock as it’s covered by Parth’s tshirt. She asks Parth what he’s doing here. He says, task’s preparation. She leaves. Parth is relieved. He gathers all his stuff and leaves.

Kastuki decides to talk with Sanyukta, but she gets a message from YoYo asking her to come out as he has something to show her. She gets excited and leaves. Others also leave except Sanyukta.

Sanyukta says she will make sure she decode this language. Randhir comes there and she closes her book. He asks her to show what’s there. Why she closed it when he came. Sanyukta asks why would he care. He says he has solved all of her problems, he can solve this too. She says, my life, my problem, why are you getting involved? They realize their hands were touching to each others and have an eyelock.

Precap: Parth approaches to Prof. Rao’s room. Vardhan sees it in a camera. A guard also goes there. Vardhan rushes to go there. Parth manages to open the lock, but he hears someone coming there.

Update Credit to: Tina

  1. yoyo is such a nice guy yar he alwayz makes others smile and he is a suchcha aashiq too…..
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