Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tripti gives nails to Radha and asks her to pin them on the ground. Coach explains about the new task and divides kids and their parents. He informs about ball game and its the rules and how is it played. He says ball should not fall on sharp object, else it will burst. Radha then understands why Tripti gave her nails. Hetal calls Jigar and asks him to send her medicines via driver. Jigar says he will bring them. He starts the game. Hetyal and Gopi clean the ground to remove any obstacles on the ground for the ball to glide easily. Vidya and Samar finishes the task first. Gopi asks Vidya how was it. Vidya says it was nice and says she is thirsty. Gopi takes her to give watger.

Coach asks the next team to start the game. Kokila and her neighbour start cleaning the floor and they both start fighting. Coach disqualifies them from the task.

Coach then asks Rashi and her team to start the game. Radha pins nails on the ground acting as cleaning the ground. Gauri is in the ball this time. Gopi sees nails on the ground and tries to remove the nails, but she is unable to remove. She then keeps her hand on the nail to protect the ball with Gauri in it and her hand gets pierced by nail. Jigar comes there and sees Gopi there. He then sees Rashi running towards Gopi and falling on the ground. He runs towards Rashi.

Hetal sees Gopi’s injury and gets worried. Gopi says it is a simple wound and will heal soon. Rashi starts writhing in pain. Kokila sees Jigar/Hasmukh near Rashi and asks him not to come near her sister. She says she will take Rashi to doctor. Coach there says she cannot leave the competition like that and says he will call doctor. Jigar picks Rashi and drops her on side. Rashi takes his phone and calls Urmila. Urmila picks her call and says why did she woke her up from sleep. Rashi says she is injured now. Urmila asks her to come to her home. Rashi says she will come there, she can meet Jigar there freely and informs that Kokila is getting Radha married to Jigar.

Doctor examines Rashi and says she must have a fracture and will have to be x-rayed. Kokila says she willl take Rashi to hospital. Coach says she cannot go like that, else her whole team will be disqualified. Kids ask her not to go as they will lose their chance. Kokila agrees. Rashi says she will go to her friend’s home.

Coach gives Kokila and Savita punishment of bungie jumping. Kokila scolds Savita that they are doing bungie jumping because of her. They both shout worridely during bungie jumping. Kokila then enjoys bungie jumping and starts laughing. Coach says kids that like their mothers participated with them, their fathers will have to participate with them tomorrow.

Samar/Sahir/Prateik say they will enjoy the camp with their fathers tomorrow. Vidya asks Ahem to come to the camp with him. Ahem says she cannot come. Vidya says Gopi that she did not have her father near her earlier and used to miss him, now he is with her, even then she is missing him. Ahem listens that and hugs her. He says he will come with her tomorrow. Kids get happy that bade pappa is coming for the boot camp with them tomorrrow. Gopi also smiles happily.

Hetal sees Gopi smiling and then getting sad. Hetal ask what is she thinking about. Gopi says she was thinking about the nails in the boot camp and says Radha swept the floor, then how did the nails come there. Hetal asks her to relax as their kids are safe. Radha hears their conversation.

Precap: Tripti gives gun to Radha and asks her to exchange it with paintball gun.

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  1. Go to hell radah nd tripty leave the innocent child alone man

  2. Gud rash I is going to urmila away from koko.

  3. Lol..!!! Radha might shoot kokila instead in head.. N her memory might come back..!!!

  4. anjuara ahmed

    thnx the director writer nd kamala ma for excepting raghav nd kalpi’s relatin…now we want to see them as an married couple…plz dnt separate them

  5. You have not written in this update that how gauri got saved…nor gopi only rashi rashi rashi what the hell u guides ate doing….write everything that is happening don’t write from your own…keep it in mind….I don’t want this mistake again comptan

  6. Tooooooooooooooooooooo boring.What is this?No story basically.Just few kids playing and we spent 30mts of time to watch crap.This should seriously go Off screen if the future if the story is also like this.

  7. so boring………………..pls stop this serial as writer dont have any more story to tell

  8. Dunne understand tht tripti n Radha doesn’t have any other work to do..from last 8 yrs they been wasting time on modi family..who do this??!

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