Sadda Haq 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir comes to ward and goes to karan’s gf. he says hi, she says you are randhir? he says yes. she says i saw your photos with karan. randhir says how are you? she says i am okay, how is karan? where is he ? Randhir says he is fine. He is under surgery once it is done, he will be fine. Ragini says is that true? randhir says yes i don’t lie, relax he will be fine.
Sanyu wodners over randhir’s behavior. she recalls the way he asked her to leave him alone.

Sanyu sees randhir in canteen and sits with him. she says don’t shout and listen to me. i know there is something troubling you. i am always with you, you can share everything with me. randhir says go from here. sanyu says why.. he says you are teasing me, i don’t need to share anything with you leave me alone. sanyu says look at yourself, you dont look normal. Are you stuck in some police matter? or someone threatening you? randhir stands in anger and says will you please shut up? He gets a call from hospital, doctor asks him to come for ragini. He says i am coming, take care of her.

PKC says did you find ay information about the tractors? Sahil says there is nothing on net. Parth says we couldn’t find anything. yoyo says this means project cancelled? PKC says not. He asks sanyu did you get any info? where is randhir? sanyu says i dont know. Sanyu says there are no details on net and people of the village don’t know about it. The old generation mostly passed away. PKC says no one knows about the revolutionary engineer. PKC says maybe no one wants to work with him. sanyu says that genius changed the future, i would love to meet him and thank him. I am sure, he must be doing some magical invention. Ranawt hears it and his head hurts. Vid says the news and all dont talk about such people. Sahil says maybe he changed his identity. Yoyo says or he died maybe? Ranawat breaks the glass outside, sanyu goes out to see it. Pkc says who broke it? sanyu says why is he so mad?

in hospital,raghini says i want to meet karan, nurses are trying to stop her. She says randhir they are not letting me talk to karan. Randhir says he has been sent to Singapore for surgery. I talked to surgeon he told me karan is fine. he is resting, i will call him when he is conscious. Calm down when and take your medicines. Randhir looks at raghini and says till when will i lie to her? She will know the reality someday. what should i do? Randhir is sitting in distress, Thruv comes and gives him tea. He says when a patient asks me will it pain? i always lie and say no. So they can have the courage to face it. we have to lie sometimes, its part of treatment. i hope you understand.

Ranawat falls from his chair after drinking peon wakes him up and says your class time it is. students are awaiting. ranawat says before that put the thread in needle. He looks for his buttons and says not everyone’s cup of tea. He stitches his buttons. Peon gets him up and takes him out. Ranawt takes hi bottle.

sanyu says there is no info. Vid says why are you so desperately looking for it? sanyu says yes yes. She say finds a small photograph. Vid says lets print it out and check from magnifying glass. vid says dont you know the reason why randhir is not coming to class? he has been missing for 2 days. she sees randhir and says there he is. sanyu goes to randhir. Vid says i can’t wait and stand here with this printer. she leaves. sanyu says please tell me whats wrong? why are you concealing it? Don’t you trust me?

Precap-sanyu says i know you must be thinking that i can’t help you but i can support you. He says i don’t need support from anyone, i am the problem for people. go from here. ranawt sas is playing with a web. sanyu comes in, ranawt says better focus on your life not others.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. Poor rd till when will he lie n dis truv is lieing to anju n sanyu n ranawat is d engineer who made tractor but he is stopping every1 who is trying to know about DATengineer

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