Shastri Sisters 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu looking worried. Rajat brings the car and takes her home. Alka asks Rohna to go home, and bring her clothes. Rohan says fine and leaves. Alka takes care of Devyaani and gets Anu’s message. She is shocked reading about Neil’s arrest and tells everyone. Shastri ji asks what. Alka says Rajat did police complaint against him for attacking Devyaani. The inspector beats Neil and asks why did he attack Devyaani. Neil says trust me, I did not do anything. The inspector says he can’t trust criminals, and asks him to say truth.

Neil says trust me, let me go. The constable says his relative came to meet him. The inspector says he will not leave him and opens his hands. Anu comes to meet him. Neil says take me home, I did not do anything, trust me, I can’t do this with Devyaani. She says give me some time. He says they will beat me more. He requests her, and says if he did the crime, he would have not asked her to free him, call Rajat. The constable asks Anu to go now. Neil says take me from here, please. Anu leaves and he cries.

Anu comes to Rajat and asks what is he doing here, Neil is getting beaten up, please free him. Rajat says I can’t help, criminals are treated so. Anu says his eyes have truth, please help him. Kajal cries and says Anu has made Rajat against them, please do something and free Neil. Rajat says the one who did mistake will be punished, don’t get emotional.

Astha smiles seeing Rohan in vest and turns. Rohan quickly wears the tshirt. He asks why is she here. She says she got tea here. He says I don’t want, I have to go to hospital. She says she will help him, and insists. He says he will take himself and asks her to leave. Minty is worried. Anu comes home and Minty stops her. She scolds her and Anu asks what is she saying. Minty asks her for sending Neil to jail and cries for him, don’t know in what state he is, this is because of you. Leela and Kajal smile.

Minty says she will free Neil, but who will save her. Anu says trust me, I did not file any report against him. Minty asks her to stop lying. Anu says calm down. Minty asks her to go away from her sight. Anu says listen to me. Mint raises her hand and Rajat holds her hand to stop her. Minty looks at him.

Rajat asks Minty not to do mistake to slap his wife. Anu defends Minty. Rajat says its your mistake too, as you always cover up mum’s mistake. He says he has complaint against Neil, and asks will she slap him too, if she has slapped Neil on right time, this would have not happened, she loves Neil and worries for his wounds, think about Shastri ji feeling same for Devyaani. Minty cries. Rajat asks her to think about the pain Neil gave to them.

He says he did all this planning, he gave Devyaani the scar, police will punish him and make him change. He says Neil is my brother and I love him, I can’t see him in jail, its not about relations, but humanity, I did what I felt is right. He leaves. Anu goes after him. Kajal acts sweet to Minty and says you know Rajat said all this because of Anu. She gets dizzy and Minty asks what happened. Leela says she is hungry since morning, she said she will not have anything till Neil comes.

Minty gets glad knowing this and asks her to have food. Leela asks her to rest. Minty cries. Rajat and Anu come to hospital and ask for Devyaani. Alka says she is resting. Shastri ji says thanks to get justice for Devyaani, its tough to send own brother to jail, he gave big sacrifice, his morals matter more to him than relations, I m proud of you. They all hear Devyaani’s scream and rush to her. Devyaani cries seeing the scar of her face and they all pacify her. Devyaani cries and asks Anu to wear and say, did doctor say the scar will go. Alka asks her to sleep now. Devyaani says I know you are lying, no scar will go, I will look such all my life, I can’t do anything. She cries and hugs Alka.

Shastri ji gets angry and shouts on Neil. They all see Neil and he goes to see Devyaani at home. He asks her to listen to him once.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Hi why their is no subtitel on the siries of colours?what wrong guys

    1. was wondering the same….have to read first then watch…WHY?

  4. so heartbreaking……:(

  5. In today’s episode rajat is brilent …superb episode

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    1. Cn u pls tell me how to update ur dp

  8. Pradishma,by creating an acccount in gravatar(gravatar login),u can update ur image

      1. I also wanted 2 kno

  9. why Anu alwys defends Minty?!

  10. sasural simar ka going to end in june15

  11. Nice episode.

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