Sadda Haq 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
They all come out of maya’s cabin. Vardhan sees them in corridor and leaves without saying anything g. Sahil says he doesn’t even wanna see our face, Sanyu says he will forgive us when he will know what we are doing.
Its okay that he is angry that we are dependent. We have to show him that we don’t need spoon feeding. She says sahil you and Parth will work in lab and will steal the tools as well. Me and Randhir will paina while kaustuki will manage admin. Sanyu says its better that we are working in rotation of two people. Sahil says while we will attend lectures. Sanyu says maya happy and we happy as well.

Vidushi comes to the college some pupils congratulate her and ask for the party? She proudly says in don’t invite you losers in party.

Sanyu and randhir are painting the library. He says you could have chosen kaustuki for this. Sanyu says I am with her whole day so I thought i should spend time with my best friend. He says no you thought you should get some work from ? sanyu giggles and says no the engineering drawing expert should have been here rather than admin department.

Sahil and parth are putting tools in bag. Vidushi comes there and She says I just hope maya don’t see the parts you have put in your box. You are stealing parts now. He says we are just taking them out for cleaning its messy like your head. She says leave al this I can help you by asking maya to reduce your punishment. He says I better clean these machines rather than taking help from you.

Vidushi comes to library and see sanyu and randhir painting. She says so sad FITE toppers have become painters. You have become so slow you work fast for dream team. Or you will get another punishment for slowly executing one. Randhir takes off the painting and says when she will see this she will know how slowly are we working. Sanyu laugh and says lets go for lecture.

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Scene 2
Sanyu and randhir are in class. Randhir writes a note stop passing time and think how to escape from here. he send it to sanyu. Sanyu says that’s what I am doing and throws it to randhir. teacher sees it and says get out both of you. They run out happily. Sanyu says randhir don’t you feel ashamed ruining the atmosphere of college. He says it was ruined the day maya became the dead. He sees the ring in her finger they start dancing on ‘ishq bulava’ in his imagination. Sanyu says where are you lost randhir.

Kaustuki is taking help from yo yo. Vidushi comes and says you cheat kautuki and you have messed it all. kaustuki says you’re cheat actually. You betrayed the team. Kaustuki says you are still thinking about the team. Yo yo says its not her mistake I came here to find a file and messed everything. Complain about me not her.
Sanyu and randhir are painting vardhan stares at them. Maya comes there vardhan leaves. Maya says you are going slow come on get it going.

Sanyu writes sandir on the wall. She says look sanyu plus randhir. He says cheating you still put your name first. Sanyu says lets put that rack here so no one sees it.
She takes a romantic novel and says I know you must hate the romantic novel.
She says I know you can read a thousand pages of text books in 2 days but won’t even touch a romantic novel. he says yeah they are illogical I don’t know what you girls love in them. SAnyu says I always hated them. only machine haves been my love from childhood.
He says the love I have been craving since childhood, I got it now, from my best friend. Sanyu says in heart where were you randhir i didn’t know I have a friend like you in front of me. Randhir says in heart what should I do ? Should I return the ring ? Why should I keep Samir’s ring when everything is over.

Scene 3
All of the dream team members come to library. They say the library looks good. SAnyu and randhir invert the pictures that make the design of the dream team car. They all smile.

They are all sitting really tired. SAhil says i am really tired how will we do it for rest of the days. SAnyu says we have to do this. Parth says vardhan sir is really angry. Randhir says should we tell him ? Vardhan comes there and says surprised ? Me too. What are you people doing ? Radnhir says we were about to tell you. Vardhan says I don’t need you to tell me anything. He says do you think that you can do anything for team after cleaning these wall? Ansyu sasy right now we just need sponsors. He says maya won’t ever let come them to you. Sanyu says we don’t have any other option. Vardhan says you can’t empower yourself but you can abate the power of maya. Do something that makes maya handicapped and she can’t you from making the prototype. Sahil says why vardhan sir speaks in code language. Sanyu says we have to do something to handicap maya. Sahil says we are handicapped right now. Parth says yeah really tired I think we should go now. We will decide something tomorrow. Sanyu gets a call from Samir, she says Samir I am sleeping I will talk to you later. When she turns Randhir is standing right behind her.

Randhir says when did your mom’s name become Samir. Why did you lie to me / Your engagement wasn’t called off ? Why did you lie to me ?. Sanyu says it was maa. He says tell me why did you lie ? He laughs and says look at your face. Look at you its like you really got caught. Even if you were getting engaged to someone else I won’t let you go. I can’t share you with someone. I am sorry I have decided something for you. He takes out the ring from his pocket.

Precap-Sanyu is working on something she gets a call from Samir. She disconnects it and sasy now randhir will see this gift. Samir comes there and says what is going on sanyu ? Sanyu is shocked. Sanyu calls kaustuki and tells her that sami is in college. She says I have sent him to visitors lounge and randhir to his room. They should not see each other.
Samir and randhir are coming on the same point from parallel corridors.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ty. Atiba. For such a fast update

  2. the bestie of the day – sanyu’s mind voice considering Randhir as her best friend : hey bhagwaan, isse mujhse kabhi math cheen naa…. wah sanyu…

    and sanyu writes SANDHIR on the wall and gives Randhir idea of concealing it from others by placing the book rack right in front of it..

    missed the last part… Oops due to bad weather….

  3. eeeeeee…… precap looks funny + terrible ๐Ÿ˜€ btw 2days epi ws gr8 like the ring part n the sandhir scene ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Kya hai ????haad hoti yeh log kitna tadpaa yeinhe :'( ….. Its high time Sanyu must tell everything to Randhir has the time increases his trust on her increases and the more he trusts her he will get hurt which.I don’t want ….. Pls make everything normal soon writers

    1. i totally agree with u… mujhe bhi wahi fikar hai… sach jaanne ke baadh, Randhir apne aap ko kaise sambhaalega???

      1. Hai na di? I am also worried for this cutie pie

  5. OMG can’t w8 4 tmrws epi…..I wsh sanyu says yes……….please goddddddddd

  6. saddahaqrox kaha ho aap? Post next part of ff pls.

  7. @saddahaqrox pls post the fanfic before 9 eagerly waiting for it

  8. Wow,nice epi….actually it ws awsme ๐Ÿ˜€
    waiting fr tmrw n i think rd sameer ko nhi dekh payega
    Dear atiba thanx fr d pics

  9. another scene that i โ™กโ™ก ed.. SANDHIR throwing written crumpled paper at each other… plan to bunk lectures.. haye haye… SANDHIR rocks…

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  11. eeeeeeeโ€ฆโ€ฆ precap looks funny + terrible ๐Ÿ˜€ btw 2days epi ws gr8 like the ring part n the sandhir scene ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. I want Vardhan to play a key role in SANDHIR’S relationship… It was he who had asked Sanyu to conceal the fact from Randhir, that her engagement is not cancelled… I am preparing myself to see Randhir’s heart break…

    Earlier, in 1 epi, when Parth rescues Sanyu from drowning in the water tank and Rd yells at her… Rd goes to get hot cups of tea or coffee for both of them.. he comes with 2 cups in his hands… and seeing Parth & Sanyu laughing, chatting and drinking tea/coffee, he hides his 2 cups behind his back… it was heart wrenching to see that.. Actually, there was some sort of pain in my heart then… I cld not bear to see Randhir that way.. He has captured, got into our lil’ โ™ฅ to that extent.. right from day 1 he being an MCP to this day…. I mean, I don’t know how much it will hurt ME to see Randhir breaking down in near future….mujhse dekhaa nahi jaayegaa… unless, unless… Vardhan comes in handy, does s/thing…. Rd trusts Sanyu now so much.. even I cld see the glimpses of guilt feeling in Sanyu’s eyes tdy…. DD, what t’s & t’s do u hv in store for us…???

  13. Nice epi….bt so much excited 4 tomorrow’s epi..

  14. Dont wanna see rd’s heart breaking……..:-( Thnks atiba for ur update.

  15. Choti kaha ho tum. Missing u a lot.

    1. @akshara — DID u read my y/day’s reply to you for your question addressed to SHROX…… pls take a glance at it…..

  16. sorry it is not “my”….it shld be read as meera..

  17. Ok guyz,tumlogon ka ek tadapna toh kam kar hi sakti hu naa…
    CHAPTER 4 : The Discovery

    “If what attracts you to someone is their looks, then be sure that it’s not ‘Love’, it’s just ‘Infatuation’!”


    Sanyukta walked back to her hostel in a daze. She never believed in ‘destiny’, because life hadn’t exactly been fair to her. She had been brought up among hardships and had learnt to survive the hard way. And yet the discovery that she just made led her to believe that may be there was a thing called ‘destiny’ and that she was somehow fated to meet Randhir Shekhawat…again!

    She entered her dorm-room to find Kaustuki studying.

    “He’s a Shekhawat Kaustuki…He’s their son”, she spoke without preamble.

    Kaustuki looked up in surprise, “What?? Sanyu kya bola tumne?”

    “Randhir…He is Randhir ‘Shekhawat’ …son of the late Drs. Shekhawats…I just found that out when i went to the admin office…”

    Kaustuki’s jaw dropped, “He’s the surviving son??? I can’t believe this…He’s nothing like them…From what u said, his parents were extremely humble and compassionate…But randhir? sanyu are u sure about this??”

    Sanyukta nodded, “I’m sure…it’s him…And yeah, he’s nothing like them…May be because he lost them too early…”

    “So that’s why!!!!” exclaimed Kaustuki out of the blue.

    “That’s why what?” asked sanyukta.

    “That’s why his gang behaves like they own this place!!! Randhir does own this place!!! My goddd…Sanyu stay away from him…He’ll ruin u…”

    Sanyukta didn’t reply.

    “Sanyu, u aren’t thinking of confronting him again ,are u? Please…panga mat lo…He’s way above our league…”

    Kaustuki was right. Randhir probably didn’t even remember that he met Sanyukta 12 years back. Besides it’s not like they were buddies or anything. Randhir had just come to Dehradun to visit his parents when Renuka told him that Sanyukta was his of the same age as he and that her father was battling for his life. She had asked Randhir to go talk to Sanyukta and cheer her up and that’s what he had done. A favour.

    “I will stay away..” said Sanyukta, mentally deciding that no one would ever find out that she met Randhir Shekhawat as a child.



    It was 5 minutes to midnight and Randhir sat on his bed wide-awake, having flashbacks of that fateful night exactly 10 years back.

    5 minutes more and it would be his 18th birthday. He would legally be an adult.

    “A legal heir to the Shekhawat empire…” he thought.

    His birthday was a living nightmare. It was the day he dreaded the most. Laced with painful memories, this day did nothing to make his survival easy.

    His phone beeped. It was a text from Ishita.

    “Waiting for u outside ur dorm…Come down please..”

    Randhir glanced at Karan and Parth…the former was sleeping, while the latter was listenning to music.

    He got up quietly, grabbed his jacket and tiptoed out of the room. Ishita was waiting just outside the gates of his hostel.

    “Hey” he said on spotting her.

    She came upto him and embraced him tightly and whispered, “Welcome to the adult club.”

    He hugged her back and mumbled a ‘thank u’.

    “Let’s take a stroll”, she suggested.

    Randhir agreed taking her hand.

    There were only a handful people who knew about the truth of his parents’ death – His uncle Dinesh, the ‘Board Members’ of his parents’ foundation viz parents of Karan, Smriti, Parth and Ishita, Ramu chacha and the receptionist whom Randhir had called on that night stating about his parents being shot.

    Years later, when he was in the 7th standard, randhir came to know that his parents’ death had been hushed up. The receptionist had been pain handsomely to keep mum and she obligded. Karan’s dad and Ishita’s dad had faked the autopsy reports.

    What Randhir failed to understand was why everyone was so keen on fabricating the truth! He spoke to his uncle about it who said that it was to protect randhir and the foundation.

    “Beta, ur parents had shares and collaborations with huge establishments. The moment those people realize that their death was actually a murder, they’ll withdraw all the funds they have invested and the foundation will collapse immediately. No one wants to do business stained with ‘blood’ and ‘death’, do they?”

    Randhir however cared little about ‘business’. He wanted the criminals to be caught and tried for murder. Dinesh assured him that they were always on the look out to capture the people that were behind it and bring them to justice.

    But 8 years had gone by since and justice was yet to be served.

    Ishita knew how much Randhir despised his birthdays. It had been a custom for all his friends to never wish him on that day. Rather they tried their best to make him feel that he still had people who loved him and cared for him.

    “I won’t attend class tomorrow Ishi…Ramu chacha has asked me to come home..” he told her while strolling.

    “Home? U agreed to go?”

    “yeah…He’s getting old Ishi…I can’t refuse him..”

    “I understand…He really loves u a lot! He’ll prepare all ur favourite dishes for sure!”

    Randhir smiled despite himself.

    “Will u stay there tomorrow?” she asked.

    “Nope…I will return by evening…Waise bhi we don’t have lab tomorrow…So shouldn’t be a problem..”

    “Ok then, I’ll wait for u..”

    They had reached the girl’s dorm by then. Ishita gave him a quick kiss, before retiring for the night.

    Randhir walked back to his hostel, his heart laden with grief.

    “I’m here mom…dad…studying medical just like u always wanted me to…But where are u? U’ve left me all alone in this darkness…”


    The first thought that came to Sanyukta the next morning when she woke up was, “Stay away from Randhir…”

    Half an hour later, she and Kaustuki headed to their first ‘anatomy’ theory class. Their professor Dr Dinesh Shekhawat was back from leave.

    And as soon as she stepped inside the gallery, her first reaction was to scan the room for Randhir.

    “Waah sanyu, waah…Yeh hui na baat! Kitne acche se apna promise nibhati hain tu…So much for staying away from Randhir!”

    But even as she rebuked herself, she couldn’t help but notice that randhir was yet again absent from class…that too, his uncle’s class!

    Dr DS had typical Shekhawat appearance – fair skin, brown hair and sharp features. Sanyukta observed the striking similarities between him and his dead brother. Dr Harsh was just a tad bit taller.

    “Good morning…My apologies for missing ur first few classes…I had to attend some important matters and was on leave. Prof Vardhan has filled me in on ur progress in lab and so I shall start with what’s most important for u at the moment…”

    The class attended this lecture with optimum interest. Their prof was afterall the brother of the lengendary Dr Harsh and was very famous himself.

    “Anatomy is the science that deals with the form and structure of organic bodies…”

    And the rest of the lecture was about the basic structure of the intricate human body.

    The class got over and Sanyukta was about to come out the hall when she heard the professor asking Ishita about Randhir.

    “Hello uncle” spoke Ishita with a smile, “Randhir has gone home…ramu chacha called him…”

    “Is he ok? Today is his birthday…”

    “He is as ok as he normally remains on his birthdays…I will tell him you are back uncle…”

    “Ok beta…I will see you around then…Any problem and you contact me, ok?”

    “Sure” replied Ishita and left.

    “Today? Oh yeah…of course…Today is 13th april…Randhir’s birthday…” thought Sanyukta.

    “Sanyu, are u ok?” asked kaustuki.

    “Today is the day they died…Today is Randhir’s birthday..”

    “How did u know?”

    “I heard Ishita telling Prof DS…”

    “Sanyu, i thought we were supposed to ignore them…”

    “Yeah yeah…i’m ignoring..let’s go to the canteen..”

    But even as Sanyukta said this, Kaustuki didn’t look too convinced.


    -Shekhawat Mansion-


    It means a place where u live with ur loved ones…Randhir stood outside his family home and reminiscized about the days he spent there when his parents were still alive. The house was surrounded by huge gardens on all sides. The entire structure was painted in elegant white. It still had the same appeal as it did years ago when the Drs. Shekhawat’s stayed there.

    But the only difference was that today it was longer ‘home’…it was just a ‘house’…the only thing that remained were memories.

    Ramu chacha was elated to see Randhir. He welcomed the latter with tears of joy and took him inside.

    “Chhote sahab, kitne dino baad aye ho aap…”

    “Kaise ho chacha? Bohot thakein huye lag rahe ho..” spoke Randhir politely.

    Ramu chacha then offered him ‘lemon’ juice and asked him to freshen up while he prepared lunch.

    Randhir took a quick shower and started exploring the house. It had been 2 years since he last came here. After his 10th boards, Randhir had shifted to hostel. And he never visited the Shekhawat mansion since then.

    The house was huge with 12 bedrooms now lying vacant. He sauntered about the place and came to a halt near a room that had a “Dr. H. Shekhawat” sign outside the door. It was his father’s chamber.

    Randhir remembered peeping through this door as a child while his father attended patients. He would sometimes go and sit by his dad and watch him with amusement. The memories brought tears to his eyes. Ever since they passed away he had never entered the room. Ramu chacha used to dust it once-a-week and the rest of the time it was left untouched.

    On an impulse, Randhir pushed open the door. He was met with a familiar sight. A blue-cushioned swivel chair sat beyond a semi-circular desk. Behind that was a book-shelf that was filled with numerous ‘medical’ books. Randhir entered the room and went towards the book-shelf. There was a time when these books awed him. Now of course, being a medical student himself, he could relate more with them. He then turned to look at his dad’s desk. It had 5 drawers of various sizes. He pulled open the first drawer and found old papers, his dad’s ‘prescription pad’ and some unused pens.

    That was when he noticed the lowermost drawer that had a ‘private’ sign marked on the handle. Curious, he pulled it open and looked inside. There were 3 folders and some lose sheets. He wondered what was so ‘private’ about that.

    He took out the first folder and opened it.

    It was dated “January 2004″

    ” Strange…2004…what’s this?” he thought frowning.

    He sat down on his father’s chair and started scanning through the folder. It contained several ‘calligraphic’ notes and references, some of which had faded over the years. But what caught his attention was a note titled “Advanced Research on Alzheimer’s and Dementia.”

    “What’s this?” he mumbled to himself, “This looks like dad’s handwriting..”

    As he looked more intently, he found a small reference at the end that said “Pharmacology details in folder 4”.

    Randhir searched for ‘Folder 4′ but couldn’t find it anywhere. He searched the rest of the drawers, the book-shelf..but to no avail.

    “Ramu chacha” he called out.

    “haan chhote sahab..” came the old man’s reply.

    “Aap ne yahan se koi chhez hataa diya tha kya?”

    “Nhi toh sahab…mein toh isey sirf saaf karta hun hafte mein ek baar…Baki sab toh jaise uss din tha, waise he hain…Yahan toh koi aya bhi nhi…Kyun sahab?”

    “Nhi bas aise hi..” replied Randhir unmindfully.

    “January 2004…3 months before their murder dad was doing some research…This is so strange…Where is folder 4?”

    It was the first time in 8 years that Randhir Shekhawat realized that may be he had found the first clue that could lead him to his parents’ killers.

    He took out the research paper and stuffed it in his bag. He then had lunch and thanked Ramu chacha for everything.

    “Aap apna khayal rakhna…Kuch zarurat ho toh bula lena mujhe..”

    “Chhote sahab…khayal toh humein apka rakhna chahiye tha…Par aap toh ghar aate he nhi…Kabhi aya kijiye..”

    Randhir smiled, thanked him again and took his leave. All the way through to FMC, all he could think of was those papers and the missing folder.

    He checked his phone and there were messages from Karan, Parth, Smriti and Ishita, all wondering about when he would return. He also got a text from his uncle, stating that the latter was back in town and wanted to meet him.

    Randhir’s mood uplifted a tad bit. The prospect of seeing his uncle was something to look forward to. On reaching FMC, the first thing he did was go to his uncle’s chamber.

    He was on his way there when he saw Sanyukta coming from the opposite direction. She didn’t seem to notice him at first but then spotted him.

    Sanyukta halted on seeing him and seemed to be debating on what to say.

    “Hi..” she finally said, tentatively.

    Randhir was in no mood to talk to anyone, least of all, her. His mind was overloaded with crap already.

    “Listen, I don’t have time to chit-chat with nobodies…So spare me ur ‘hi’ and ‘hellos’..” he said with his usual attitude.

    She seemed to recoil a bit, but then gathered herself and spoke, “I’m sorry…Go ahead…”

    And she walked away.

    “Alright…what was that? This one seemed on the edge…Aaah…Why am I bothering? blo*dy ‘stalker’…” he thought, before proceeding towards his uncle’s chamber.

    “Randhir beta…How are u?” Dr. DS asked with a broad smile.

    “I’m ok uncle…Aap kab aaye?”

    “Bas aaj subah…I heard u went home, or else I would have met u before..”

    “Yeah…Ramu chacha called…Umm… there’s something I need to ask u…”

    “Ask away my boy…Is something wrong?”

    “Was dad doing some kinda research before his death?”

    Dinesh frownded.

    “Research? Randhir u know the foundation was developed for research…So of course…He must have been part of something…Why do u ask?”

    “Something related to alzheimer’s and dementia?”

    “May be…I am not sure…Why beta? Tell me what’s bothering u?”

    “I have seen most of dad’s research works…Most of it was in fact published in the form of books…But I never heard about this…and i found it in his study in a private folder…and the strange part is, there were supposed to be 4 folders…But i found only 3…”

    Dinesh smiled and replied, “Beta ramu chacha must have misplaced one…”

    “No i asked him…he said the room was untouched…this can only mean one thing…dad was doing a ‘combined’ research and the final folder is with his partner…What if..?”

    But Randhir couldn’t finish the sentence before Dinesh interrupted him, “You will not speak about this to anyone else..Ok? I know what u are implying…I’ll look into it…Meanwhile lay low…You are the last survivor of harsh’s bloodline and u just turned 18…If these people are out there, they’ll come for u too…”

    Randhir nodded and responded saying, “I will do as u say…Please look into it and tell me if u find something..”

    “I promise I will…”

    Dinesh hugged his nephew and told him not to fear. They would get to the bottom of this…together.


    It was dusk by the time Randhir left Dinesh’s chamber.

    “I’m back…Can i talk to u?” he told Ishita over phone.

    “I will be right there” came her reply.

    Five minutes later they sat on the staircase of the ground floor, Randhir lost in thoughts and Ishita wondering what’s wrong.

    “Kya hua? Where are u lost?” she waved in front of eyes to gain his attention.

    He stuffed the ‘research’ work into her hands and said, “Yeh dekho..”

    Ishita looked through the papers and frowned.

    “Ok…yeh toh uncle ki research jaisa lag raha hain…Toh?”

    “Look at the date…”

    On seeing the date realization dawned on her.

    “Are u saying that this might be related to the murder?”

    “I am not saying anything Ishi…All i know is there were supposed to be 4 folders…but i found only 3…the one with the pharmacology details is missing…”

    “Missing? How do u know it’s missing? I mean maybe uncle kept it somewhere else…”

    “He never kept any of research away from home, Ishi…Hey can u do me a favour?”

    Ishita rolled her eyes, “U need to ask that? Spill hero…It’ll be done…”

    “Ask ur parents if they knew who my dad normally did his reseach with…see if they know anything…I mean the board members might know…”

    “Hmm…i see ur point…I will see what i can find…Does anyone else know of this?”

    “Just uncle and now u…Uncle told me he would try and find out about the 4th folder…”

    “Am i supposed to feel special?” Ishita asked smiling coyly.

    “Special? About?”

    “You know…U sharing with me…”

    “U are supposed to be my girlfriend, right? Atleast try acting like one…” Randhir teased.

    “Supposed to be? Really? U don’t think i act like one…Randhir Shekhawat, I take that as a challenge…”, replied Ishita feigning hurt.

    Randhir simply rolled his eyes in response.

    Ishita got up and was about to leave when he pulled her onto his lap.

    “Prove it!” he said.

    She smiled mischievously and brought her lips close to his ears and whispered, “U want proof? Here it comes..”

    And she kissed him, fiercely. Randhir responded but then pushed her away suddenly.

    “Arey kya hua?” exclaimed Ishita in shock.

    “Shhh” randhir hushed her up, “Someone is here…”

    “What? Who?”

    “Go to ur dorm ishi…This is a damned medical college…It’s too risky…”

    “Please, it’s ‘your’ college, literally…”

    “Ishita, just go…”

    “ok…i will see u tomorrow…Bye..”

    And ishita left the place quietly.

    Randhir walked towards the corridor to check who it was. He was certain he had heard someone. But the corridor was empty. He came outside and decided to return to his hostel when he saw a girl tiptoeing out of the building. On taking a closer look he realized it was sanyukta.

    “So it was her…She must have been the one i heard…I need to put some sense in that fool…”

    “Hey you feather-brained…” he called out, making her come to an abrupt halt.


    Sanyukta had been about to return to her dorm when she remembered that she had to go check that status of her scholarship application. While she was going towards the admin office, she heard a girl’s voice saying something about a challenge. Curious as she was, she decided to see who it was. She crept behind a wall and peaked at the staircase. The sight that met her disrupted her stability.

    Ishita was lying atop Randhir and was about to kiss him from the looks of it. Sanyukta immdiately turned away. She realized why Ishita and Randhir were always together and why the former was so overly protective of the latter. They were a couple. A part of Sanyukta felt guilty for invading their privacy. But another part felt empty. What a fool she had been to think even for a second that a guy like Randhir would notice her! She was a naive small-town girl who had been infautated by him, by his killer looks. But she was brought back to reality by what she just witnessed.

    Ashamed of intruding their privacy, Sanyukta decided to creep out of there. But even as she did that, her footsteps echoed in the corridor and she knew sooner or later the oblivious duo would realize that they were being watched. And she was right. Here was Randhir, staring her down, clearly annoyed out of his wits.

    “W-what is it Randhir?” she stammered.

    “Haven’t I made myself clear to u? Stay away…”

    “I was jus-..”

    But Sanyukta was intervened, “Don’t make pathetic excuses…Why are u following me?”

    “I’m not following u..” she tried to reason.

    But he stepped closer and gripped her hand as he spoke harshly, “Do not lie to me Sanyukta Agarwal…I will make ur existence hell if u don’t stop with whatever u are doing…”

    Sanyukta winced at his words and his ‘manhandling’ of her. The last time he had pinned her, she was in recipt of some pretty harsh bruises in her arm.

    Randhir seemed to recall the same as he roughly pushed her away and added, “For years, brainless idiots like u have stalked me…trust me when I say the outcome isn’t something everyone can handle…So if u know what’s best for u…then stay away…stop stalking me…”

    May be it was just her frustration or may be it was because of the ‘reality check’ that she had received moments ago, but what she did next left both her and Randhir stunned.

    She pushed him with all her might and bellowed saying, “I am not STALKING u…If u must know, then know this…I was going to the admin office to check on my scholarship application. Yes Randhir, some of us aren’t born with lady-luck by our side…So please, i have other things to do then ‘Stalk’ u and ur fancy girlfriend…Besides, next time GET A ROOM!”

    And she shoved past him, seething in anger and cursing herself for ever being besotted by this absolute jerk.

    This wasn’t love…It was infatuation. And now Sanyukta was sure of it.

    And as she huffed away, Randhir stared after her and realized that this was the first time that someone had stood up against him and actually ended up getting the upper hand. That was definately someone to reckon with!

    Read n cmmnt!

  18. HA HA!!! I found out the link for the ff that shrox is posting here…. here it is.

    in the above link, the page number is given against every chapter.. CHAPTER 5 is in PAGE 55… all one has to do is type the gvn page number in the box above (which reads – NEW TOPIC, POST REPLY) and click “go”…. voila. u can read the full ff there. link to thread 2 is also gvn there…

  19. Hahaha….
    Maine socha tumlogon ko thoda tadpaya jaaye naa!
    So,u still want me to continue posting and putting everything on a silver platter for u or u will read on the link?
    If 2 ppl say me to post,i shall continue.

    1. bechare sab.. nila, ranyukta…tum roz late aati ho… 9.30 ke baadh… 6 p.m, hi post kar do naa.. woh kyaa hai naa – tum “thoda” nahi thadpaati… its “zyaada”……

  20. watched the repeat telecast.. 1st year me Rd to Sanyu : I wl b ur enemy for ever… and ever and ever… 3rd year me Rd to Sanyu : V r friends, naa??? 4th year me…????
    PSB u r simply hot in any color shirt…. maar daala re!!! Harshita is soooooo lucky to b so near you….


    New promo out….

    Written update n YouTube link…
    Rd saw confession video in which rd n sayu saysi lov u to each other n decided to propose sayu oficially… Non other hand
    theyshowed kaustu n sayu confo n sayu worried watwill happen ifrd comesto know engagement truth.. In end theyshowed rd
    stops sayu.. Nbg kya hoga isproposal ka anjam something like that..
    Srry bad quality video
    Sadda haq New Promo 7th August

  22. hiiii !!!! could’nt comment yesterday cuz i had sooo many notes to write !!!

  23. hey nupoor plz do post the FF !!!! just luv it !!!

  24. anyways i’ll meet u all in the nxt WU ๐Ÿ™‚ !!! BYE !!!

  25. Arre problem is mere ghar pe computer ya laptop nahi hai and mom comes home @ 9. Toh roj post karte karte 9:30toh ho hi jaate hai….

  26. hey guys this sandhir vm is made by me plzzzzzzzz do watch it share n like it plz

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