Pavitra Rishta 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with surya namaskar and gayatri mantra and a 5-year leap. Ankita gets ready with a mangalsutra and sindhoor and says it has been 5 years since she came to banaras. She thinks she broke up her relationship with Naren after she lost her and Naren’s child. Saathiyaaa yet tune kya kiya… song plays on FM and she remembers her marriage with Naren. Panditji’s wife comes and gets happy seeing Ankita ready and congratulates for her 5th marriage anniversary. Ankita takes out her diary and thinks Naren and Pari must have got their own child.

Ashi is shown smearing Pari’s lipstick on her lips. Naren blind folds himself and searches Ashi. He catches his parents instead and they he is playing the same game from years. Pari sees Ashi smearing her lips with her lipstick and gets annoyed. She shouts at her. Naren hears her and runs up.

Naren comes to the room, looks at Ashi with red face and says she is looking like a monkey. Pari angrily scolds Ashi for spoiling her makeup items. Naren says it is ok, she is a kid.

Ankita is busy with marriage anniversary party decoration. She picks up flower box, but Ranvijay’s brother takes it from her. His wife scolds her and gives child to handle instead. He jokes your mother controls us both. Ranvijay is getting ready for the pooja. Vaishnavi asks her to wear her choice as choti ma/Ankita would also love it. Ankita sees the kurta and likes it, she takes them both for pooja.

Naren wipes Ashi’s face. Ashi says mamma is always angry and she as mimicking her. Pari scolds Ashi. Naren says she is a kid. He thinks while we took Ashi’s custody with mutual consent, we promised we will take care of her, but with Pari’s arrogance, Ashi is not accepting her as her mother. He thinks Pari will realize her mistake soon and accept Ashi soon.

Panditji stats his drama and asks his devotee to do pooja of 11,000 rs instead of 1100 rs for her family’s peace and prosperity. Ankita asks panditji to come and perform pooja. He invites devotee also to join.

Naren is busy preparing sandwich for Ashi. He asks Ashi to sit quietly while he prepares sandwich. Manav calls him and asks if he is coming to office. Naren says he is not coming and is attending Ashi’s duty. Manav says he can give him 1000 leaves to take care of Ashi as she brought happiness in Naren and Pari’s life. He asks if he can go to US for a business meeting. Ashi falls down and Naren picks her up. He says Manav that he wansts to be with Ashi and cannot go to US. Manav says he is proud of him that he is different and cuts call. Naren calls Pari and asks her to come home as Ashi is injured. Pari asks him to give Ashi to Rushali and attend office as Manav is taking some important decision. Ashi asks if bitter mom is not coming. He says no, but he is there with her.

Naren handles his office work from home. Ashi says she wants to sleep and wants to have pizza first. Naren orders pizza. Pari comes and sees Naren enjoying pizza with Ashi. Ashi says pizza does not have olive. Naren says we can add it. Pari reminisces Naren scolding waiter for not adding olive and thinks he has changed.

Precap: Naren says Pari that Ashi is his life now. Pari says she is not your daughter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nthn is making sense at all

  2. rushali should be hanged to death

  3. Hello Dee Dee sometimes I wonder why we give our comments, and they don’t care about us, or what would we like to see on the TV or what would we like to read about, why in they eyes the BAD always looks BETTER. So they give us stupidness to read and to show us, the GOOD THE BAD AND UGLY COME 1st.ANKITA THE GOOD THE BAD THE OUT LAW MOTHER THE UGLY IS PARI,look at the way she treat Naren and the baby ,COME ON EMA GIVE US SOMETHING GOOD FOR A CHANGE YOU CAN DO IT.

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