Sadda Haq 5th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 5th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir is searching for rings online. They are very expensive. Parth comes in and says Mr. Adventurous what you did in girls hostel last night. Randhir says the warden must have told you. Parth uses Randhir’s laptop. Randhir says what are you doing on my laptop. Parth says why are you looking for these rings? Are you going to propose sanyu? Randhir smiles. he says I want to take it on next level. Yoyo comes in and says congratulations. Randhri says dont tell anyone. Parth says are you sure about it? Randhir says yes i am sure about it. Yoyo hugs him. Parth says really happy for you. Yoyo says one wicket down. Parth says he will forget friends. Yoyo says he wont even pick call after wedding. Randhir says give me some ideas. parth says propose her with a ring. Randhir says they are very expensive. parth says she is not materialistic. She wont care about the price of the ring.

Sanyu says hi to Randhir. he ignores her. Sanyu says to Randhir how could you do this? parth told me. he says what are you saying? He says you wanted me to do this. Sanyu says you are bonding with family but that doesn’t mean you will forget me. he says you are my family. She says lets go for a movie. he says we will go some other time. Sanyu says please. he says can’t you leave me alone for some time. Sanyu says fine stay alone now. Sanyu leaves.

Sanyu says is mad, tania says relax. Few days are left after that who knows. Sanyu says we will be together after college too. Tania says i hope so.
Randhir plans with yoyo and parth. he says she will come to you people and ask. Parth says we wont tell her anything. yoyo says we dont know anything either. Randhir says don’t let her come to lab.

Randhir comes to lab, he starts working.
Sayu comes to yoyo and asks have you seen randhir? he says no. Sanyu says what are you hiding? he says i have to go to washroom. sanyu asks parth have you seen randhir? he says no i think he must be in room. Renuka calls randhir. Randhir hangs up. A spark burns his hand. Randhir screams. sanyu says was that randhir? parth says how can it be. He is not even in college. sanyu says no it was randhir. Parth says dont go to lab. They are renovating there. Sanyu again calls randhir and says i will kill him.

Sanyu comes to randhir’s room and says what happened to your hand? He says go from here someone will see you? She says tell me. he says nothing just go from here. Sanyu says what were you doing? he says i was frustrated at myself. Sanyu says okay go to hell. She leaves.
Randhir orders red roses for her.
Randhir shows yoyo and parth the plan. he tells them what they would have to do.
Sanyu is mad. She says what does hi think of himself. He is so moody, he thinks i am some robot. Sanyu says he burnt his hand, when i asked he said go from here. parth and yoyo are not even telling me. Tania says i will find out what it is. Sanyu says remove your face pack.

Tania says to yoyo, you look so good. I like tough looking guys like you. Where is randhir? Yoyo says he.. Parth says he is not well. Tania says he burnt his hand how? parth says he was making tea. We have to go bye. Parth takes yoyo with him.
Randhri makes everything ready. Yoyo says to randhir i am so excited. Randhir says let her be more restless.

Precap-Sanyu comes to lab. Randhir starts the circuit. in the end a ring comes out of it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. This will be the best proposal ever…its the most unique proposal i ve ever seen…cant wait for tmrrw…sanyu proposed rd in an unique way when they became bf-gf now its rd turn to propose sanyu in an unique tile for becoming hubby-wife…

  2. The best epi in sadda haq so far and yes I missed the epi where sanyu proposed eanshi which one is it?? <3sandhir

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