Badi Devrani 5th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 5th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Reeti telling Sidhi about Kadambari’s order to prepare gujrati cuisine during diwali. Sidhi says she will teach her cooking gujrati dishes. Moksh spills food on his shirt while having breakfast Sidhi takes him to his room to change it.

Reeti continues cooking and gas finishes. She goes to store room to bring gas cylinder. Someone locks door from outside. Gas cylinder leaks adn she chokes and knocks door for help, but nobody hears her voice. Moksh comes searching her and walks back seeing door locked. Reeti hears his voice and knocks door with great difficulty. He comes back, opens door and is shocked to see gudiya/Reeti on floor. He also chokes and calls mom. Kadambari enters hearing his voice and takes Reeti and him out to hall. She gives water to Reeti and asks what happened. Reeti says gas finished, so she went to store room to get refill, but someone locked her from outside and leaked gas. Kadambari says nobody is at home except they 3, so only Moksh can do this. Moksh says he did not and instead opened door. She says he locked her and then opened door. He continues he did not and says he is katti now. Kadambari tells Reeti tomorrow is Dantheras pooja and she has to wake up at 4 a.m.

Sidhi comes to Reeti’s room and asks what happened. She tells incident happened and says she is fine now. Sidhi asks her to take rest and leaves. Moksh enters and angrily looks at her, excepting sorry from her. She walks out and sits on hall sofa. He thinks she did not apologize him and went out, he will not speak to her. He goes to hall and asks her to say sorry for alleging him of locking door when he did not and mom scolded him. Reeti thinks he is so innocent and will not lie, so Kadambari must have done this. He insists to say sorry and she says sorry. He says okay, let us go back to room now. Reeti follows him to room. Moksh creates pillow barrier on bed and asks her to sleep on other side. She smiles and sleeps.

At midnight, someone opens door and sprays chloroform into room. Sidhi knocks door and wakes her up at 3:45 a.m. and asks if she did not set alarm. Reeti says she did, but did not know what happened. Sidhi asks her to get ready in 15 min and come for pooja, else mom will be angry.

Precap: Kadambari asks Paridhi to call Reeti for pooja. Sidhi says she informed bhabhhi and she will be coming soon. Kadambari smirks and says if Reeti does not come on time, she will be punished.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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