Sadda Haq 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
SAnyu slaps randhir on the face and says what you think of yourself you hit my dad. She says I will never ever forgive you. He says did I apologize? i did as mistake by apologizing to our dad. Randhir shoves her and says you are the liar you used me. SAnyu says how dare yuou to hit my dad. Randhir says I can hit you too. Everyone comes and calms them down. Randhir says just get out. Vardhan comes and says just stop it. Enough.

Scene 2
sanyu comes to her room in anger. she sees her family photo and recalls how randhir humiliated her dad. She calls her dad and disconnects the phone. Lawyer calls sanyu dn says have you changed the mind about SAniyal’s case ? SAnyu says what have it to do ? Lawyer says I you just have to say the truth and exaggerate a little. Sanyu says I will say what his dad did to me. I am ready but I won’t exaggerate.

Parth and vidushi are assisting juniors. Vidushi gets a calls from doctor. He tells her that reports are there. Parth has a rare neurological disease. his hands will paralyze after 3 months. Its very rare. SAnyu says there must be some treatment. I will manage all the money please do something. doctor says we can true but treatment will cost lacs. Vidushi says where will I bring that money from. Vidushi says please don’t tell parth. he is my boyfriend, we will marry after college. don’t tell him about hus disease. doctor says we shouldn’t conceal from him. I am his family I have the right to decide what to do.

Maya says to vardhan this is my cabin. What are these sticky notes ? do you know your dream team is causing increase in expeditures. the machines you are ordering are already in the labs. And where are sponsor funds ? Vardhan says the funds are not here and I will clear them once they are transferred. And the machines in labs are mere decoration pieces. Maya says you have reason for everything. Vardhan says no I feel like you find reasons o argue with me.

A man comes in. Vardhan says how can you come in ? he says I can buddy. he asks maya who is he ? vardhan says ask me why are you asking her ? Maya says professor vardhan. please excuse vardhan and lock the door when you leave. Maya looks sacred. Vardhan leaves. The amn says he calls you at the house ? What was he doing in the office ? what is his name plate doing here ? I am giving you last warning tell me whats between you and him. maya says we were just discussing budget. Maya says we are just sharing the cabin. He says why are you giving so much respect to him. Maya says please don’t talk louder. I am the dean here. He says you are my wife first.

Vardhan comes in. Maya says I asked you to stay out of this. vardhan says this is college. The man says get out of here. vardhan says you listen to me. maya says please vardhan. The man says you mind your own business. He stares at maya and leaves. Maya leaves the cabin as well.

Vidushi is worried for parth. Parth comes there and says I asked you to stay in your limits. Stop being close to me. I am with you for work. Earn money and return it. Stay away from me. vidushi says I am doing this for money. he says you can make dean fool but not me. His hands starts shivering, he leaves.

Radhir is atlking to his dad. he says i will be on time dad. we will win the case. Sanyu comes to randhir again and throws his chair.
Radnhir says why are you here. Wasn’t the morning incident enough. Radnhir picks a rod. sanyu says hit me come on. sahil and yoyo stop them. Radnhir says stop starring at me. SAnyu says you have to see it somewhere else. after tomorrow you will remember my face forever you will forget your name but not my face. she leaves. Randhir says in heart I have to go to the court other wise I would have shown you what surprise is.

Scene 3
Radnhir is in court with hasrh. Radnhir says no one can stop us from winning. harsh says renuka doesn’t lose easily. Her lawyer has got a witness. Randhir says who could It be ? And we will handle everything. harsh says you are with me I am not scared of anything. this is my victory.

Renuka asks lawyer where is she ? he says she said she will come on time. Sanyu comes and says today you will know what it likes to when someone hurts your family.

Randhir says I will always be with you dad. Harsh says if you hadn’t ignored me I won’t have been spoilt. He hugs him and says I missed you son. SAnyu looks at them and recalls when Agarwal hugged her.
Sanyu comes to saniyal. Renuka says thanks for coming my lawyer will tell you everything. Lawyer says are you minor ? He says no.
He tells her that their lawyer will ask you different questions. You will tell them how he manhandled you. This will be the most strong statement against them. SAnyu says in heart I am doing what he did to me. I can’t seek revenge from his dad. Sanyu says I can’t do that. Renuka says you were ready what happened now ? SAnyu says I can’t involve in anyone’s business. Renuka says this will totally be unfair to me. he is such a bad man. SAnyu says I have no right to intrude in your family matter. Renuka says please i will lose this way this will be unjust to me. Sanyu says i can’t do this. Please understand. She leaves.

The lawyer comes. harsh asks how long will it take ? he says some case is ongoing. So one and a half hour. We have some paper work lets do it. randhir goes with him.

Harsh sees sanyu. he asks what are you doing here ? Sanyu says renuka.. hasrh says how can you involve in my family matter. you will be the witness against me. Sanyu says please listen to me. Harsh slaps sanyu. Cops come and ask what is going on ? Saniyal’s lawyer comes and says he is attacking our witness. inspector says this is contempt of court. Randhir comes there. Harsh says arrest her not me. Cops Randhir says why are you arresting him ? Inspector says he has attacked a witness. Cops arrest him. Randhir says to sanyu I won’t leave you if anything happens to my dad.

Precap- sanyu is sleeping in her room. Randhir throws in a stone.Randhir says you will get my dad arrested. just come down. SAnyu throws the stone at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. @AN,
    u r right. wont want to see a bad track on our PSB’s bday!
    btw,i luv typing my username!
    yes it rox whether the track is gud or bad! n the name portrays my feelings perfectly!

  2. game changer

    today i watched the repeat telecast of wednsdays epi……..sanyu apne table pr apna aur sameer ka engagmnt wala photo rakhti hai to kya guyz sanyu ki feelings us chomu k liye devlop ho rahi hai?kya sanyu wo sab bhool gayi hai jo rd aur usk beech tha?kya sanyu ko wo kiss aur wo jis tarha bar bar bol rahi thi i luv u rd i luv rd kya wo sab fake tha?

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