Sadda Haq 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 4th April 2014 Written Update

Renuka and Harsh’s argument continues. Randhir hears everything from far. Renuka accuses Harsh for being drunken all the time and that is why she had to look forward to her career so Randhir doesn’t find shortage of anything. She says she won’t die a lonely regretful person. Harsh tells her look at her, she doesn’t have anyone, and even if he’s drunken, he has Randhir to take care of him. Randhir is sad and he leaves from there. He recalls his childhood and may have realized the good side of Renuka. Bezubaan song from movie ABCD plays in the background.

Sanyukta’s dad is upset. He says he never knew he would be getting calls every day to pay his installment. Sanyukta’s mum comforts him. He asks her if Sanyukta knows anything about this. Her mum says no.

Sanyukta is trying to study the blueprints and find a solution. She’s missing Parth so she calls Jiggy. Jiggy says neither Parth nor Randhir are in the room. He feels scared and decides to call Kastuki. Sanyukta thinks Randhir might have gone to see his mum and she will have to meet him and congratulate him tomorrow. Kastuki asks what she can do if he’s getting scared and hangs.

Morning: Randhir is sitting alone in depressing mood. Sunshine comes on his face and that is what he realizes it’s morning. Day passes and he remains in depressing mood. Sanyukta comes and sits beside him. She says she felt good knowing he went to see his mum. She explains him a parent-child relationship. There are differences sometimes, but parents can never think bad about their child. She asks him to think from a parent view and gives her own example. Randhir loses it and lashes out at her. He asks her why she sent him there and what had happened to him that he listened to her. Sanyukta says, I am sorry, did anything wrong happen? She apologizes if she said anything wrong and says his parents love him. Randhir asks her to shut her mouth if she doesn’t know anything. Family and all is rubbish. Even if it isn’t, then all families aren’t like Sanyu’s. He further says he only knows one relationship which is of enmity – at least people don’t lie in it. He asks her to stay away from him and leaves.

Sanyukta is in her room. She thinks she was just helping Randhir, how she would know things would go wrong. As much as she knows Renuka, she seems like a good woman. She decides to say sorry him one last time and stay away from his personal matters. He doesn’t pick up, so she decides to meet up.

She searches for him and then asks Jiggy. Jiggy says he’s not a caretaker, sometimes she asks about Parth and now Randhir. She asks him to tell her as he never misses lecture. Jiggy says he’s locked himself in room since morning and now he will have to sleep with watchman. Jiggy leaves. Sanyukta is afraid that he might do anything wrong and says she will have to stop him.

She talks with her soul who tells her not to get involved and don’t go to Randhir’s room. Randhir is doing pushups. Sanyukta enters his room from a window. He asks her if she came to see him crying. Both argue again. She says she just came to say sorry last time. He says he’s warning her last time. Sanyukta asks if he doesn’t respect anything. He says he doesn’t and asks her to stay away. Sanyukta says she should have never came and is leaving. Randhir grabs her hand and stops her. He asks her to leave from where she came. He doesn’t want his name to spoil. Sanyukta is scared looking at height. He tells her she didn’t think anything while coming in, so now what she is thinking of. Sanyukta says in her mind, she didn’t know it would be tough to go down. She jumps. Randhir catches her hand and says, he knew she would never say she needs help. Sanyukta asks him to leave her hand, she’s going down. Randhir says it’s called jumping down what that she’s doing. He helps her get down. Sanyukta looks up and he closes the window.

Precap: Sanyukta tells Jiggy and Randhir about Parth’s strange behavior and they will have to find him. Randhir gets irritated and refuses. Jiggy finds his location. Randhir is still showing interest. YoYo says that area is of goons and people like that. What he’s doing there. Sanyukta says whether anyone comes or no, she is going to help Parth. She’s walking in that area and suddenly lights come on.

Update Credit to: Tina

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