The Buddy Project 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 4th April 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 4th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts from all clapping for piddi because he controls crowd..Maya mam says specially sheeba you handled crowd that was a big task.. Sheeba gives full credit to Piddi..JT sir says pratham is fully matured now..Piddi gives credit to jt sir..

Dean Sir says well done guys it was the matter of survival of college . you people done a great job.and congratulates.. Everyone congratulates each other…

Sheeba says to piddi I know already that i will get perfect husband.Thanks for being in my life.. Piddi says dont say thanks Its my duty after all i would be your husband… She says i know if there is someone else at my position you will help her.. They both hugs..

KD seeing them , He says all to see at them..n says loudly “Phata Postar Nikla Piddi”..He

says in the end of college.. you looks forward than become romantic hero promptly..

Ranveer say best award goes to pratham .. Everyone claps…KD says just a one second, we forgot kiya’s performance . noone says nothing about it..Sheeba says KD, if you got to know what college boys talking about kiya’s performance..then please dont be upset..because all boys becomes fan of kiya..Panchi says .. what to say about kiya again and again . she is fabulous as usual..Panchi says her that dont be upset.. May be your mam has some urgent thats why she cant come.. Her mom comes now and says , nothing is important for a mother except her daughter.
I got to know this now..Kiya hugs her mom..
Her mom says sorry to kiya, she got stuck in traffic..I am sorry i missed your performance..KD says dont be sorry aunty because kiya will give an exclusive performance now. Because it is kiya’s wish to perform in front of you..Now She has to complete her wish..Everyone agrees with KD..
Kiya sings song ” Itti si hansi itti si khushi”..Everyone enjoying her performance.. and dances..Her mom says do you know kiya why i forced you always to work hard..because you are not just a singer .. your voice is heart touching..

Kiya thanks her mom.. She says her that i want to tell you i dont want to become singer ..I just sing song for close ones..Her mom says sorry to impose you for singing.please come back home . we all miss you.. kiya says of course mom I am waiting to come back..they hug.. All are happy..Maya mam says Jt, you must be happy, you have done a lot for these buddies.. Jt says no actually they did a lot for me including you..

Jt sir tells all about panchi that she got scholarship in UK university ..its good news she leaving us soon.. But this time we all wants to know whats your heart saying.. Panchi thanks all buddies.. She express her feelings..She says i am not afraid of anything because my friends make me to believe in me..They supported me all time.. She says to utilize college time and enjoy it..because these days will not come back .. I am really gonna miss this college..friends fight., canteen fight..every moment..I will miss my buddies my second family specially with whom i spent every day like a movie.. May be we will not meet again but this movie doesnt end never..JT sir and everyone claps…

Jt sir says we have crossed a hurdle..The fest is successful and congratulation for that ..All are clapping..He thanks each and every student ..But i want to thanks a special person because of whom this fest is succeed..i.e. Panchi Rastogi..Ranveer says.okay okay Panchi wants to make us cry.. He says to panchi if i tell you truth then i dont want to go you UK. but now i realized that you are not for this.. you will do something different…So i promise you no one will stop you from today. We miss you a lot .. we love you a lot too…
He says i read somewhere if you love someone let them go..if he/she is yours will come back to you. And i am going to follow this exactly..But i know you will come back to me.. He says her not to cry..

At panchi’s home , her mother calls her to come fastly..She comes with her luggage.. Her mother says her to take care herself..Eat food on time.. Panchi cries. her mother says not to cry ..tears mean tears of strength… laugh and only laugh ..Panchi say who will give me Knowledge there.. her mom says i will give you knowledge on video chat ..They hugs..
Jt says panchi what i says you know i am proud of you to have you in my life.. You also knows i gonna miss you so much. So i will say on thing.. back soon..
Maya man thanks her to realize her of jt sir.. panchi says not to change and dont hide your true feelings..Every one hugs panchi one by one..All goes outside except ranveer. He says i dont know what to say.he wears a ring.. to remember her that she is yours..She says I love you.. They both cries and hugs(very emotional scene)..

Outside the home, Piddi says to ranveer to hug panchi tightly.. who knows you will get chance again or not..Kiya suggests for a pic.. KD takes a pic of all buddies..

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Update Credit to: Priya

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