Sadda Haq 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says you have to complete your responsibilities, sanyu says why are you helping me? He says your crying face irritates me. I am not favoring you. i will take complete rent when you get a job. Now stop crying and make a tough decision. He holds her hand and leaves. sanyu says no more maa, i wont live you there because there is no respect for you there.

Next morning, sanyu is looking for a cab. Randhir comes and wails the horn. sanyu says you can’t drop me to dehli. He says i was planning to drop you bus stop only. Sanyu sits on his bike.

Rest of the team is working in the lab. sahil says what are you guys doing here? parth says some revision. sahil says i should join as well. Vidushi gets a cut on her hand. Parth says i told admin that this engine is faulty but they didn’t replace. Sahil says they don’t care about us at all. Yoyo says lets go to dean and remind his his responsibilities. Peon comes in and says he is not in college he will come in the evening.

Scene 2
Ankit says maa give me water i am really thirsty. Anju is pressing clothes, her hand gets burnt a little. she says i am coming in a while. maa ji gives him water and says she doesn’t care about her house at all. Anju comes and says i was pressing your clothes. maa ji says everyone does work you are not so special. Maa ji says you are the reason for everything happening in this house. If i had a good daughter in law, my son would have been much more successful. sanyu comes in and says dadi papa is successful because of maa only. maa ji she has no respect for elders. Anju says sanyu go to your room. sanyu says but.. anju says i am asking you go.

At dinner, maa ji complains about the food. she says i would never have let you enter kitchen if i knew you make such terrible food. Randhir calls sanyu, she texts him can’t talk. maa ji says she is with her phone all the time. she got her engagement broken and wants to do engineering. She wants to roam around with boys all the time. Your mom has taught you nothing. sanyu says stop it dadi. say whatever you want to me, but not to maa. yes we are both wrong. happy now? Ma ji says she has no respect for me. she leaves the table. ankit and agarwal follow her.

Anju says why.. sanyu says you know this is all wrong. they can’t treat you this way. they have no respect for you maa. i have arranged a new place as well. anju says i can’t come with you this is my world no matter how they treat me. sanyu says i wont let you live here for any long. i will be taking you with me soon.

Dean says i know you all are really troubled here. I have a solution for you. He gives them forms, randhir says why are you giving us admission transfer form? Eklavia says you know FITE has suffered a lot in these few months. No company wants to come here for placements. I tried my best but they are not convinced. randhir says that doesn’t mean that we will leave our college. Parth says and you can’t force us sir. Dean says i am not forcing you i am trying to bring you a better future. randhir says you are hiding something what college asks his students to leave the college. Vidushi says if FITE can’t secure our future then where will we go. Randhir says all the companies will come back after seeing dream team’s performance. sahil says yes we have the best dream team. PKC says but that dream team doesn’t function anymore. They all start complaining. Eklavia says if i was concealing something i wont have told you this. PKC says this is for your better future. Parth says we came here with so much effort and now you want us to change college.

Vidushi says no one wants to come here for placement, staying here will be stupid. Parth says who switches college in final year? and we promised so much to vardhan. Vidushi says i respect him but this is about out future. Parth says go where you want but i wont leave this college. she says you can’t do your own. you will have to come with me.

Sanyu recalls how anju said she is used to of all this insult. Avanti texts her are you okay? sanyu replies i am okay, i am home in dehli. how are you? Avanti says i know you are in dehli your house is so good. She comes in her room. sanyu is shocked to see her. sanyu says you here? Am i imagining? She hugs her and says no you are not imagining. how are you? sanyu says i am good. i haven’t slept so i thought, well i am glad to see you. avanti says you don’t look good. i saw your status so i came running here. sanyu says that was rubbish. tell me how is your shop going? Avanti says i lost it. but i am working with rishab zubair. Now tell me whats wrong with you. sanyu tells her whole story. she says maa wont come with me. i don’t think i will ever be able to do something for her. Avanti says coming in between your parents it very difficult but you are fighting for her rights and respect. Avanti says my mom would agree that i am not a good daughter but i wanna gives her the happiness that she never got. she would never ask or it herself but when you do it for her, the smile on her face is priceless. your mom needs you and what you are doing for her, her husband never did. sanyu says thanks avanti i will talk to maa tomorrow again. avanti says i have to leave now. she clambers out of the window.

Next morning, sanyu says i will convince maa anyway. Maa ji says this woman has no respect for mother in law and husband. ankit says maa where are you? I need breakfast. i am getting late. maa ji says you are not getting it she only cares about her daughter. sanyu comes and says stop it dadi she is not responding that means she must be busy with something. and you can make your own breakfast. maa ji says this girl is too loutish. Anju comes with her bag and and says i am leaving this house.

Precap-anju says for the first time i am going away from my house. sanyu says sometimes we have to go away from family to make them realize our importance. anju gives her jewelry and says take loan from it. sanyu says you are my responsibility.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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