Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rashi continues telling how she is feeling seeing Ahem. Ahem shouts at her and asks her to be like a kid. Rashi feels sad. Rashi then goes to Meera and calls her elder sis. Meera pushes her and asks not to call her sis. Gopi holds Rashi and asks Meera to behave with her younger sister. Kokila asks Gopi to calm down.

Baa, Hetal and Pari wait for Ahem and Meera/Vidya eagerly. Tolu/molu says bade papa is staying in chawl and not coming here. Kinjal gets happy and thinks Ahem gave him a good gift. Tolu/molu say a proverb buri nazar wale ka muh kala looking at Kinjal and tell though bade papa cannot come here, we all can go there and tells Pari they will get gifts for their sisters. Pari asks them to get gifts fast. Kinjal makes her ugly faces and says tolu/molu are fools.

Ahem and family finish dinner. Dhaval says he will show their room. Jigar gets Pari’s call and informs everyone that Baa and everyone modi bhavan are coming here. Kokila asks Ahem to behave in front of Baa. Whole family reach chawl. Ahem goes down with Meera and Vidya. He takes Baa’s blessings and hugs Parag, but does not meet Chirag and Hetal. Hetal asks if he will not meet her and tries to hug him, but he walks back, making Kinjal sad. Pari touches Ahem’s feet, but he does not bless her. Baa calls Meera and Vidya and hugs them. Hetal points at Mansi and asks who is she. Jigar says she is Mansi. Baa asks when he has his own house, why is he staying in chawl. He rudely replies that she cannot tolerate heat here, so she should go back to her house and leaves. Hetal and Baa are shocked. Jigar says he will bring Gopi as Ahem does not want Gopi to stay with him.

Urmila drags Kokila by hair and starts beating her with broom. Meera tries to stop her, but she pushes her. Ahem holds Urmila’s hand and asks if she has gone mad. Urmila thinks she should continue her mad acting, else Ahem will beat her. She asks who is he and why is he stopping. Ahem snatches broom from her and throws on floor. He asks Kokila how can Urmila misbehave with her. Kokila says he is seeing this for the first time, but she is tolerating this since 10 years as Urmila has lost her memory and does not know what she does. Urmila asks if she brought another servant with her and asks who are these beautiful girls pointing at Meera and Vidya. Kokila asks Pappu to take Urmila to her room. Pappu takes her in.

Kokila stumbles and says she is feeling neck ache. Gopi holds her. Ahem asks her not to touch her mom. She says she has same right as he has on Kokila and nobody can stop her frm taking care of Urmila. Meera asks gopi to go back and not trouble papa. Ahem takes Kokila in and asks Mansi to prepare green tea for him. Gopi brings green tea. Ahem takes cup and is about to sip when Meera throws cup and says he cannot drink this as Gopi made this green tea. She asks Gopi to stay away from her and her dad. Mansi asks her to behave and drags her from there. Ahem asks Gopi if she has listened, she should go from there. Gopi says instead of teaching his daughter how to behave with elders, he is yelling at her. He says whatever Meera did is right and asks her to get out. She says she told him many times, she came here for Kokila and will stay here. He says he cannot tolerate her face. She says he has to.

Precap: Ahem says just like him, Meera and Vidya also hate her as she preferred Rashi over her own daughters. Gopi says this is not true. Ahem asks her to tell the truth why she went to join and know Meera and Vidya’s reactions.

Update Credit to: MA

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