Sadda Haq 31st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 31st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Adda says six countries cops are looking for you including india. I have changed your nationality too which means your passport is fake as well. You changed my history and i changed your future, in 20 minutes you will be in jail unless you accept your defeat. Randhir nods, she says smart decision and gets back to her laptop, and says you have your old life back.
Randhir wonders why secret society didn’t contact him. Sanyu comes and places hand son his eyes, he says what are you doin? Dont bug me. She says you are mad at adda. He says no she is a genius at least. Sanyu says lets go for a movies, randhir pulls her and says i am not in mood. Sanyu says no we have to go. Randhir goes back in, sanyu holds his hand and says i booked in advance for you, its action i thought you would like it. Randhir says i dont like you action, he kisses her and leaves.

Sanyu says to vid he is so busy in laptop. Vid says maybe he is bored, just kidding and dont worry. Sanyu sees adda, adda says i saw what happened between you and randhir. Sanyu says was just an argument. Adda says i wanna give you something. These are bioraphies of world famous scitentist but they never got the praise. You will learn how there was one person who always trusted. There is a special person in their lives, all of them. If randhir works hard he can do wonders, just be there for him. sanyu says thank you ma’am.

Sanyu goes to randhir and says i am so sorry, she hugs him from, Randhir shoves her. Sanyu falls on the fall, randhri lies on her. Sanyu says leave and let me go. Randhir kisses her forhead and says i am sorry. sanyu says its okay.

Vid says is wearing a dress, sanyu says why are you wearing tania’s dress. VId says i thought its yours, sanyu says i dont wear such dresses. Anyway you ook so good. Vid says i am going to mall. SAnyu says what if tania sees? Vid says she has so many dresses she wont even know.
Tania sees the new guys lifting weights. She reflects light on him. He says i wont be seduced. she says are you gay? your loss not mine. She sees a bubble on her leg. She says what the hell. He shoves her pkc says what is happening here? Tania says he i ragging me. he says sir she is lying. Pkc says where is your shirt? He says i was working out. pkc says you come to my cabin right now.

sanyu sits with randhir and says i wish life remains like this perfect.Randhir says it would be this way.

Agarwal welcomes a new guy in his house and says thanks for coming, he says this will be my good luck to do something for you taya ji. What is it? Agarwal says my coampny is going in loss,things are not like they used to be. If you could do something. he says ankit? agarwal says ankit is learning, i need someone experience. He says i will handle everything. Agarwal says i am giving you complete authority, no one will stop you.

Randhir is working in lab with adda. Randhir says this is some other color. she says start the process again tomorrow.Randhir recalls that goes to ground and takes out cigarette, and wonders how time stopped. Someone comes from back and makes him unconscious. Sanyu wakes up and calls randhir but his phone is off. tania says go meet him. sanyu says you are right.The man takes randhir on his shoulder, sanyu comes to corridor and looks for randhir. She sees the in the lab, the man hides with randhir. sanyu sees the guard, she says please let me go to hostel i wanna meet randhir for one minute. He says you cant go. Sanyu calls but his phone is off.

Precap-Special friendship day episode on monday.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. D epi was soooo gud n rd bechara!!! adda is dangerous 🙂
    I m just waiting for friendship day ka epi 🙂

  2. Not bad….nyc episodeeeee

  3. Sadda haq is my favourite serial it emphasizes on a topic which is women empowerment.all the episodes are being directed in a smart manner that u will never get bored.Like other serials they don’t stick to only love tracks but they augement on various angles
    That’s why this Serial is my fav and for Randhir and sanyutka,#immortal love Randhir sanyukta.

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