Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura continues her taunts and witty questions. She says Kokila that she is enjoying a queen’s life here. Kokila says she is retired now and has given responsibilities to her bahus. she taunts that Gopi is queen now. Gopi says she and Pari take care of house equally and even now Baa is head of hosue and major decision maker. Gaura taunts Kokila that her bahu gives spontaneous answers and she has trained her well. Pari brings tulsi tea for her. She asks if she is Kokila’s grand-daughter-in-law. Kokila says she is Hetal’s son Jigar’s wife. She says Jigar must be of duffer Ahem’s age and Pari looks of 28-30, twists Pari’s back and says she has 16 year old back.

Meera runs towards her siblings and complains that some guy tried to misbehave with her. They all 3 run towards lake and don’t see anyone. tolu says he must have got afraid seeing them and ran from there.

Gaura continues her taunts and asks Kokila if she has grandchilden or her children did family planning. Kokila says she has 3 grand daughters and 2 grandsons, 2 grand daughters from Ahem and 2 grandson and 1 grandaughter from Jigar. Elder ones have gone for trekking and younger one Rashi has conjunctivitis and is resting.

Urmila and Kinjal get very hungry and ask Pappu to bring some food. jigar brings food and hands it to them.

Vidya does not find locket in her neck and says she used to watch it first in the morning. She sees Meera missing and they all 3 start searching her.

Kokila feeds Gaura from her hand. Pari says Gopi Kokila is feeding Gaura like a kid. She asks her to serve family while she goes and feeds Rashi. Gopi smiles seeing her changed behavior towards Rashi.

Vidya and tolu/molu start searching Meera. Vidya sees same boy on tree and gets afraid. Boy falls on her and they both fall on ground. She pushes him and runs from there.

Pari serves food and applies medicine in Rashi’s eyes. Rashi thanks her and she nods yes and leaves.

Tolu/molu continue searching Meera while boy starts following Vidya. She gets lost in a jungle and gets afraid. tolu/molu continue searching Meera in different direction. Meera hides under a bridge. Boy comes there and she gets afraid. She hears Meera hugging Sanskar and laughing and calls her name. Meera gets tensed and says even Sanskar has come on trekking, so she met him. Vidya says boy is following her again. Sanskar says who is he, he will punish him. Tolu says they are here to protect their sisters and asks him to back off. Meera agrees that she came here for Sanskar and says this is her life and she can do anything she likes.

Kokila continues feeding Gaura and asks her to have matka kulfi. Gaura says her stomach will burst if drinks even a drop of water. Kokila says she should have it after 30 min. Gaura agrees. Kokila asks about her husband. She says thakur has gone weak and old. Kokila asks about her brother karunesh. Gaura starts acting and shouting that she bit her tongue. Kokila says she asked about Karunesh, so she reacted. Gaura says he is happy where ever he is and speaks a witty dialogue.

Precap: Kokila says Gaura that she was very naught in childhood and could do anything she liked. Gaura says even now she can.

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  1. In moDis ne to mera jeena haram kar diya hai ?? but what I do ? , SansKar plzz come and take away me from dis Modis !!!

  2. Gaura stop ur boring dialogue s

  3. This is wrong spelling of Trerking n this is right spelling of Tracking

    1. That is trecking yar…. Not tracking

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