Sadda Haq 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 31st January 2014 Written Update

Sanyukta tells Anju why did she hide about the marriage proposal coming for her and she thought Anju understands but she was wrong. Anju says the proposal is coming from big family and they could not refuse straightaway. She says to meet them and if they say yes they would talk to her request to let her study. Sanyukta says does Anju realize how tough her studies are and even 24 hours are less for her. She can’t handle studies and family life together. She adds she will tell family she is not ready and is being forced. Anju scolds her and asks what has happened to her she use to think for family happiness. Sanyukta says she use to and she signed her form for admission.

Sanyukta tells if she had known about this she would have gone anywhere but not come home. Anju slaps her then realizes what she did. She hugs and consoles her but Sanyukta says to keep hitting her. Anju says if she becomes successful ahead in life there is no use if none is there to share it with. Sanyukta gives example of Renuka. Sanyukta says she just wants three years then whoever they say she would marry him. Anju leaves saying to think about what she said. Sanyukta decides not to let her dream break.

Mr.Agarwal tells Anju to make Sanyukta understand. He asks her to tell Sanyukta to come nicely dressed up in front of boys family. Sanyukta is seen talking and messaging someone. Simultaneously Randhir is shown working in garage. Randhir is remembering his conversation with Renuka and his father whereas Sanyukta is remembering her moments at YSA while Anju puts mehendi on her hand. She is unable to sleep. The song Udne Do plays in the background. Sanyukta is not ready yet and when asked she locks herself in room. Mr.Agarwal asks her to make Sanyukta understand and he doesn’t want any mistakes to happen in front of guests.

Jignesh is waiting for Kaustuki on V Chat. Finally she calls and asks why he is getting restless. He says because is away from him for the first time. She says she has to go but he asks her to wait and gets angry. Kausutki agrees to stay but he starts feeling uneasy says he will talk to her later.

The car of family coming to see Sanyukta has trouble. Ferroz Chacha and Randhir fix it. Chukti the guy’s small sister comes out to check and hurts herself. Her mother scolds her and Randhir says to keep her in control as now a days every one wants to be engineer. The guy calls Randhir illiterate and he replies back to him in English. While paying Sanyukta’s picture falls from his wallet and he comes to know they are going to see her. Randhir says see what I do now.

Precap: Sanyukta realizes Randhir is in her room. The guy came to see her is knocking the door outside. Randhir refuses and says should he tell her future husband how she kissed him. Sanyukta stops him and asks him to leave. Both fall on bed and share an eye lock which breaks.

Update Credit to: Shruti

  1. Waaw precap is intersting ,vry intrstng! Love sandhir a lott 🙂

  2. I think that bcoz of Randhir this marriage will call off,waiting fr tomorrow’s epi

  3. Just luv Sandhir…They luk so cute togthr…super fun wtchin dem….n eager fr tomorrows epi too!!

  4. Yar in dono ke love trangle ki starting ho gyi h.

  5. Eagerly waiting for monday episode

  6. Send fast the 3feb episode

  7. Pls give the written update of 3 feb

  8. Nidhi gautam

    Omg!Sanyukta confesses that she is in luv with randhir..
    Plz post d 3 february update soon..

  9. She didn’t confess it. It is her trick to escape away from her home. But was is going today? Why there is no any update ? Plzzzzz gv the update its 10 pm

  10. Hello all, 3rd Feb update will be late by couple of hours more.

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