Sadda Haq 30th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 30th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1

Everyone is working in the lab. Maya comes there and says attention everyone. PKC is eating. Maya says, its just matter of few months you will all pass out after that. We have decided that you will give exams as a team. Because when you pass out you have to work as a team and I have seen you have no idea of team work. You will be giving exams as couple. SAnyu says what if I want to give alone? Maya says you can fail in that case. Maya says you have proved in front of aggradation team that you know nothing about coordination. Give your couple names in the end of class to PKC. Vidushi comes to parth and says you will pair up with me. If you pair up with someone else everyone will know about your hand problem. Randhir asks Jiggy. He says I have already made the team. sanyu asks Yoyo he says I have made the team. Jiggy says I didn’t know that you wanted to make team with me. Randhir says no you will be with me. PKC says I will tell everyone. I have made chits. He starts announcing teams. Vidushi and parth are in one team. Sahil and yoyo in one. And finally Randhir and Sanyu are in one team. Randhir says I don’t agree. PKC says its not a lucky draw. SAnyu says exactly. PKC says go to maya she will assign you a team. This class is over. He leaves. Randhir says to sanyu I won’t pair up with you. She says neither I want to be with you. He says I won’t make a team with you. PKC says I have sent the list to maya already so stop fighting and leave the class.

Scene 2
Ankit’s phone rings. Its Samir. Ankit asks did sanyu say anything? Samir says, no what would she say. I am just bored. I am tired of handling my dad’s business. I want to start something of my own and I want you to do the same. Ankit says papa won’t allow me. Samir says you should go to him with a good business proposal. He will agree. I wanted to make a tyre manufacturer but never got sponsors. Ankit says I will talk to papa. You execute it and I will invest. SAmir says I won’t feel comfortable if uncle invests. Ankit says papa invest in others business why won’t he invest in yours. You are family member. Come home. Samir says in heart I have got the jackpot.

Parth is looking at parth. He says you can stay quite still annoy me. She says you look hot when you become this angry young man. SHe says parth don’t stress your hand. This is too much leave this welding machine. She takes the machine from him and says tell me what to do. I will become your robotic arm. Parth starts telling her and she follows as he directs.

Agarwal comes. Ankit says papa good morning. Agarwal says you bought new phone? You bought one before three months. Ankit says papa I was thinking lets try something new. Like investing in some tyre manufacturer. We will have a lot of profit. Agarwal says where you get these stupid ideas from ? I won’t invest. Ankit says you say no to Samir yourself. SAmir comes there. He says what were you saying? Ankit says papa said your idea is stupid. Agarwal says no I meant that we should investigate about business first. Samir says I want to do something of my own. I was thinking that I should start with family. Agarwal says these days business isn’t going good. I won’t be able to invest. I will do something.

Scene 3
Jiggy says I don’t like my partner. Vidushi says my partner is so good. Jiggy says ask him. Jiggy says what about you randhir? Parth says I won’t pair up with her she is such a torture. Yoyo comes there and says SAnyu has fainted. Randhir rushes to the medical room everyone else follow him. Randhir asks doctor how is she? He says the village you went must have something that doesn’t suit he. She will take 6 days. Yoyo says we have exams from tomorrow. Vidushi says ma’am won’t conduct exams in sick room for he. doctor asks them to leave.

Randhir comes to maya’s room. Randhir says there is something very important. Randhir says I wanted t tell you that sanyu is admitted in sick room. She will take 6 days. Can you postpone exams? Maya says these are exams not your annual day. Randhir says conduct sanyu’s exam when she gets well. It will ruin her career. We are in one team it might effect my progress too. Maya says you don’t have to give exams in pairs. Don’t worry about sanyu. Rnadhir says this isn’t fair. Maya says I don’t need your opinion get out now.

Prrcap-yoyo says why are you worried for sanyu? He says I won’t feel competition if she won’t be in exams. Randhir over hears some people saying what happened in 2008 should not happed again. Randhir asks vardhan. Vardhan says I am just here for exams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Randhir gets a chance to return the favor back and i like it i am curious what action will randhir take against sameer when he will force sanyukta to dance in the family function….Maya she surely knows how make someone desperate and jiggy that sarcasm XD 😛

  2. couldn’t watch the epi but according to wu, jab ye samir Mr agarwal ki sari property kahi uda le jaega na tab unhe regrete karna padega unki choice pr.

  3. epi was good – btw, last scene – what was the small platform with plaintain trees for???.. precap – looks interesting…

  4. for those who r not aware –


    Thursday — Sameer comes to FITE to practice dance with Sanyunkta.

    Friday — Sanyukta is angry with her father because he decides to sell his beloved factory.

  5. Get well soon harshi..We all luv u!

    1. @nid harshita ko kya huya hai pls bataogi.

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    1. mr.rocky mine ur language….she is nt ur slave……..

    2. sorry i mean mind ur language

    3. Just mind it thank her for updating it so fast……

  7. Lots to see!
    Hope sandher r together n mcp ka asli face sanyu ke family k samneh ajaye

  8. Its a good thing that idiot chomu is doing something concrete bad because now everyone will know he is a bad guy and sanyu can break her engagement with him

  9. boring epi . I m fed up with these nonsense episodes . plz director bring something new else TRP will go down plz

  10. Yeah u r rite natasha !

  11. no idea if in real life, engg. colleges permit 3rd persons to enter & fulfill their personal wishes or rather use the college for their personal matters – like, Samir going to or try to rehearse dance with sanyu at FITE… lol!!! if indeed such things happen, anyone can even place bombs… ha ha ha… soooo easy naa??

  12. tdys epi – vidushi seediyaan chad rahi thi, sanyu ki behosh hone ki kabar sunne ke baadh, jaise – kiskaa laabh yaa fir nuksaan hone waala hai meraa wahaan pehle jaane se… aur jab sick room pahoonchi gayi, Parth ke paas khadi ho gayi…pushing the guy standing next to him…. vidu, vidu.. u r all yourself as always… she is only concerned abt Parth…

  13. Cool…. The epi was nice

  14. I have a confusion……kya real life me vidushi jaise log hote hai????????

    1. good question 🙂

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    1. Talk with respect Mr.rocky or whoever u are atiba is like our friend so mind or language

  16. gc just ignore that person…

  17. if something special didn happen evn aftr the upcoming special epi then d title of thz show should b change like thz”family’s haq-MY LIFE,MY DAD’S CHOICE”bcoz 4 me they had not shown justice to the title ri8 nw

  18. Hi! SHQ fans, me first time in this forum and its really bound me to write something today against this hero “Rocky” , as I also follow this written update daily.

    friend who ever you are don’t know but listen friend pls don’t make any bad comment to any body. We expect your comments regarding this episd. Plce ur thought which may be good to see rather irritate some one unnecessarily.

  19. Thanks Rocky , pls share ur POV if anything want to.

    Atiba , thanks friend fr written update.

    Meera;[email protected] changer ,Natasa frnds very interesting to see your conversation on this forum .
    Meera , really I agree with u.
    I also doubt if real life this happen.afterall all the story how come a college permit a 3rd person to enter evry time and fulfil his personal wishes’. ₹ disgusting .

    1. thankx n welcome!

  20. Thanks Rocky , pls share ur POV if anything want to.

    However Atiba , thanks friend fr written update.

    U know its very interesting to discuss after watching of this favrt episod.

    Meera;[email protected] changer ,Natasa frnds very nice to see your comnt;conversation on this forum .
    Meera , really I agree with u.
    I also doubt if real life this happen. how come a college permit a 3rd person to enter evry time and fulfil his personal wishes’. ₹ disgusting .

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