Pavitra Rishta 30th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 30th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita watching accident video footage where she sees Pari has made accident and not Naren. She hurriedly walks out of her room towards police station. Rushali hides and sees her going, thinks she sent Ankita that video and can do anything to save her son.

Ankita reaches police station where Pari stops her and asks why did she come here when she herself provoked Naren to get arrested. She starts alleging that she wants to snatch Naren from her and says she could not bear a child, so she wants a child from Naren now. Ankita slaps Pari and says she knows she does not like her and says she should be happy that Naren is with her and says whatever she thinks she is Naren’s first wife and the emotions he shared with her, did not share with Pari. She says she knows the truth that she made accident instead of Naren and says she made a mistake and blamed Naren, now she will tell her truth to police and get her arrested. Pari says she will pay for it if she tells her truth. Ankita says she does not care about anything and will tell her truth anyways. Pari shouts that she cannot do this, else her life will be ruined. Ankita’s lawyer comes and they both enter police station.

Naren asks inspector to release Naren as he did not make accident and someone else made it, asks to find out who it is. Inspector asks if Naren pressurized her to take back case. She says he is not and asks inspector to release soon. Inspector releases Naren adn asks lawyer to complete the rest of formalities. Pari sees that and thinks Ankita is trying to gain Naren’s sympathy. After coming out, Ankita says she came to know that Pari made accident and not him. Pari comes there and asks Naren if he is alright. Naren says he is fine and they both should thank Ankita for forgiving them. Pari asks Ankita if she is planning to trap her in the future. Naren asks what is wrong with her and asks Ankita why did not she tell truth to police. Ankita says she wants to give once chance to Pari and let her mend her ways, says Pari that she has a nice husband and not to lose him.

While preparing food, Kinnari tells Neena that Naren was sent to jail unnecessarily. Neena says yes. Kinnari sees her hesitant face and asks if she knows about it from before and says when she trusts her so much, why she hid secret from her. Neena says Pari made accident and not Naren. Kinnari is shocked to hear that and goes to inform about it to Rushali. Rushali after hearing it asks who said it to you as only Naren, Ankita and Pari know about it and asks her to keep silent. She sees Naren and Ankita coming and is shocked to see Pari there. She asks Pari how come she is here. Pari realizes that Rushali sent Ankita CCTV footage and wants her get arrested and starts badmouthing about Rushali to Manav, says Rushali is selfish and used her. Rushali tells truth to Manav that Pari made accident and Naren took blame on himself and safeguarded the secret and lost everything in this process. Manav is shocked to hear that. She says Naren that Pari wanted him to go to jail but did not want to go herself. Pari says Rushali is telling lie and says she was trying her best to save Naren and even she met an advocate. Manav asks Pari how to believe her and asks how can she sent her own husband to jail and asks Ankita if she knew the truth from before. Ankita says she did not knew before and just came to know in the morning when someone sent a CD and says she wants to give one chance to Pari and let her mend her ways. Manav praises her and says he is proud that she is his and Archana’s granddaughter and scolds Pari for breaking his trust and says he will not trust her from now. Teju says Ankita that good happens to good people and bad to bad people.

Ankita feeds food to Ashi while during dinner. Rushali gets irked seeing that. Teju asks Naren about Pari. He says she has gone out on some work. Ankita feeds peanut halwa to Ashi and she starts coughing due to peanut allergy. Ankita feeds her tonic and says she takes this when she gets peanut allergy. Savita says even Ankita and Ashi has peanut allergy and they both have same features and says they both have same anuansh. Ashi asks what is anuansh. Teju says it is heredity/genetics and looks like they both have same genes. Rushali says it is a coincidence.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. harshitha reddy

    guyzzz a gud newzz……in dfinal episode of PR dat zz on oct 24th v’ll b getng 2 c…….our arvi bac in d show…….yaa…in d final episode arvi will b bac in dshow….nd also sushant singh rajput wuld make a special appearance in d last epi…..sooo all arvi….cummon watch d last epi…..aftr many dayzz v’ll get 2 c ashvik 2gether on onscreen…..roar fr ashvik

  2. Since both characters are supposedly dead, will Ashvik come in as “bhoot” to take Pari along with them to “Parloka”?

  3. Hi Darn if they wants to know the true, about Ashi and Anikita please all they have to do is to get a BLOOD TEST from Naren and Anikita, and stop Rushaali with her BULLS EYE. TO A SWEET LITTLE LADY ASHI,

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