Sadda Haq 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 30th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts in Library. The librarian is shouting at all the students to get out of the libraray while she is talking to her husband (presumably) about bringing ta stars and dhaniya. She kicks out everyone.

In the next scene. Sanyukta asks Kaustuki if she saw Randhir. She says no why ? Sanyukta thinks that she has to find Randhir.

Sanyukta manages to sneak into the library without being noticed by the librarian. She then goes and stands next to Randhir and keeps an eye on him. Randhir realizes that she is up to something and is actually following him. He questions her. Sanyukta gets annoyed but at the same time is worried. How will she make sure he doesn’t contact his father if he goes into the hostel room? She thinks about it and also eventually questions herself as to why should she? For this idiot. But then convinces herself that she’s doing it for Renuka as she has given her the assurance. Randhir directly questions Sanyukta that what is she planning to do, as he knows her really well.

The librarian is busy talking to someone. Randhir was about to leave, Sanyukta holds his hand and pulls him towards her. He asks you again following me ? Randhir says I know you very well Sanyukta, I am sure you have a plan in your mind. She says plan ?? No plan. She asks him stupid questions relating to the subject. Randhir answers everything. And though at first Randhir is annoyed, soon he is left staring at her. Both of them get involved in the conversation and Sanyukta sees that the librarian locks the door.

Lights off. Sanyukta voices innocently that she thinks that mam has locked them. Randhir says what? He goes to the door. Randhir shouts for help. Sanyukta watches him. And then immediately he realizes that this was Sanyukta’s plan. He then thinks of going with the flow and getting to the bottom of this. He stumbles across the chair and is about to fall, but then Sanyukta catches him. They look at each other. Their background tune is playing in the background.

Randhir asks this was your plan na ? You wanted to know which books I take before the exams right? Sanyukta says what are you saying? I don’t need your help! Ok.. then go out from the window! He looks at the window. Sanyukta thinks: please don’t do it Randhir. Please. Randhir thinks: No way, Sanyukta Agarwal! This was your plan right? Now I’ll make sure that you will stay in the library all the night! I am not going anywhere! Sanyukta says why are you still here? Go! Randhir says I won’t go anywhere! He goes to the table and sits there. Sanyukta thinks: Thank god! And thank you , you idiot!! Randhir thinks: You don’t know that I know about your plan? But I know it Sanyukta! Silly girl! Randhir takes his phone. Sanyukta sees it and gets tensed. He then opens light from his mobile phone and goes to the books. Sanyukta follows him. Wherever Randhir goes. Sanyukta follows him.

YoYo is sitting. His friend shows him a gift. Yoy opens it.

In the next scene. Randhir and Sanyukta are sitting. They prepare themselves for the long night and light candles. Sanyukta’s eyes are always on his phone. Randhir looks at her. Both of them are reading in candlelight when Randhir’s phone announces a voice mail. Sanyukta acts on reflex and pours water on his cell while he wanted to take his phone, ultimately making it useless. Randhir gets really angry. He asks what have you done Sanyukta ? He snatches her phone away and checks his voice mail. Its from Jiggy. He doesnt return her her phone. Sanyukta gets tensed and annoyed as Randhir starts mending his cell. He takes her phone and doesn’t give it back to Sanyukta. Randhir sits again. Sanyukta’s dupatta catches fire. Randhir sees it and shouts at her and saves her. He scolds her and calls her silly. Sanyukta reverts back.

Randhir gets angry and shouts at him. She sits. The two are shown sitting and doing their work, but Sanyukta eventually falls asleep. Randhir with a smile on his face watches her and sleeps too.

Early morning Sanyukta’s phone, which is in Randhir’s pocket starts ringing. She wakes up and tries taking out her cell without waking up Randhir. He wakes up. Sanyukta says my phone is ringing. Randhir says did I say that you can have your phone back? He doesn’t let her have it and in their snatching game it switches on. Its Sameer. Sameer tells her that it will be a great morning for her as he will be visiting FITE now. Randhir utters an amused and surprised “Kya?” And Sameer actually hears it. He understands that Sanyukta is with a guy in the early hours of the morning and asks her who was it? And what she was doing with a guy so early in the morning? Sanyukta says there is nothing. Sameer tells her that he is coming right now and will catch her.

Sanyukta gets really scared and her phone battery dies too. Sanyukta is worried sick. Randhir thinks she’s exaggerating things. Sanyukta is in tension and asks for Randhirs phone but Randhir says it’s dead just because of her. Sanyukta tries to recharging it, Randhir watches her. Randhir says that she is not doing it well. Randhir says that he will help her. It works now! Sameer calls her again. He asks why she has switched off her phone? He tells her that he has arrived at college. Sanyukta shouts for help.

Precap: Rabdhir has handcuffed and tied her to the chair in the library and demands to know why she willingly locked herself with him last night. Just then Sameer enters. Randhir drags the chair out of sight. He then goes and stands with his back to Sameer and when he asks him has he seen Sanyukta, Randhir says “Haan”. Sanyukta widen her eyes in fear.

Update Credit to: Naz_YuvReen

  1. a song dedicated to randhir bhaiya………………………….

    Inna sona, inna cool
    Munda inna wonderful
    Ennu vekhe je kudiya toh kehndi
    “Oh My God! Oh My God!…”

    oh munda kukkad kamaal da…………………..

  2. song for sandhir……..

    ek lauta mera dil tha…
    bhola bhala simple tha…
    is sey mein takraya
    sarfira hogya…
    banke musibat..piche padi h…
    ye comedy hai ya tragedy hai….
    na hona tha kyu hogaya….
    locha e ulfat ho gaya…….

    1. from randhir to sanyu

  3. song for sandhir (sanyu to randhir)

    offo issey issey daant ke bhagau,…
    offo ya ya seene se lagau…
    thapad lagau ya sir pe bithau offooo!!

  4. song for vidhushi………(lol)

    Naagin jaisi zulfen thi
    Ab puri naagin woh
    dasne sabko aati everydayy

  5. we were both young…when i first saw u…
    i close my eyes and the flashback starts ….
    m standing there
    on the balcony in the summer air
    see the light see the party the ball gown
    see u’ll make ur way through the crowd and say hello…
    little did i kno… that u wer romeo and u were throwing pebbles
    and my daddy said stay away from juliet….
    i was crying on the staircase
    begging u please don’t go
    and i said romeo take me somewhere we can be alone….
    i’l be waitin all we gotta do is run
    u’l be prince and i’l be the princess…
    its a love story
    baby just say yes!!!!
    – from sanyu to randhir bhaiya

  6. Palat meri jaan
    Kuch meri sun, kuch apni sunaa
    Mujhko seene se le tu laga
    Meri dhadkan hui hai jawaan
    Palat meri jaan
    Tu mera din tu meri subah
    Meri khaamoshiyon ki sadaa
    Mere ishq ki tu intehaa
    – from randhir bhaiya to sanyu

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