Ek Mutthi Aasman 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 30th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kalpi leaves. She says sorry God I am breaking my promise but I ahs to do this. Its Nettu who has done this. She is looking at them. Pakiya and his friend turns the switch on.
Nettu says Kalpi must have ran. She must have gone to meet Ragahv. Its more important for me than for her. He will release myu daughter and we will get back whats ours.
She goes and dances with manda and other people.

Scene 2
Kalpi reaches the temple. She can’t find Ragahv. She says am I late. Has he done something wrong ? What should I do now. Its 10:30 already.
Kamla looks everywhere for Kalpi. SHe can’t find her. Kamla wonders where can she be.
Kamla says you betrayed me Ragahv. You even didn’t come. I broke my mom’s promise to save you but you are not even here. she is about to go but stops again.

Scene 3
Vitthal says please clap for manda she dances so well. A lady asks Pakiya where is kalpi. Manda says she was here. Madna says ask Kamla tai. Another says kamla is not her to. Pakiya goes upstiars to look for kalpi and kamla he can’ find them.

Scene 4
Kalpi is crying. Ragahv is sitting behine the wall. He is listening everything. Kalpi says where are you Raghav please don’t betray me this time. The song ‘Ya rabba’ play in the back ground.
Kalpi is crying so hard. Ragahv stands up and comes in front of her.
Kalpi is shocked. He comes closer to Kalpi. Kalpi hugs him. He holds her tight. Kalpi recalls him in the wedding dress with Pakhi. She goes away.

Vitthal asks Pakiya did he find Kamla and kalpi ? He looks at Nettu she is so amused ? Nettu says why are you satrring at me ? I don’t now where kamla is Pakiay says ai and kalpi both are not at home. Vitthal asks where can they be ? How will we answer. Nettu says why they left from the party. That doesnot happen in our society.
Vitthal sys this is your society now.

Ragahv says don’t turn your back against me kalpi. I feel like everything is taken from me. Kalpi says its too late Ragahv you have taken your decision long ago. Ragahv says i was helpless. And today i have to take another decision in the same condition. I wanna divorce pakhi but i can’t do that. Kalpi says why have you called me here then ? Ragahv says i wanted to divorce her yesterday but mom wants her revenge. She said she will kill herself if i divorce her. I have got her after so long. How will i call myself her son if i don’t keep her happy. I can’t see her dying. Neither can i see our relationship dying in the fire of revenge Forgive me kalpi.
Raghav says I am helpless please forgive me Kalpi.
Kalpo throws his hand away. SHe is so shocked. KAlpi says i am helpless too Ragahv. You broke dreams of my family. What is my fault. What was my parents’ fault. The day I said i love you i considered you my husband by my heart. Ragahv says when I held your hand i promised myself that i will never leave it. Wedding is just a ritual i consider you my wife too since so long. Only one year wait for me kalpi. I will divorce pakhi and we will be together. Nothing will come between us. Kalpi says one year ? What do you think of me ? Why should I wait for you? I don’t trust your words. You want me wait for this nameless relationship. Then you will say that it will take 5 more years. Why should i trust you. WHy should i hurt the people who have always been with. Raghav says because i love you and you love me.

Ragahv says look I will show you how much i love you. He goes and takes the red powder. Kalpi is shocked and is in tears. He holds his fist. Ragahv comes closer to her. Kalpi is looking in to his eyes. Ragahv puts the entire color in his fist to Kalpi’s head. Kalpana is dazed.

Precap-Kamla is at the temple and says this is my mistake. SHe slaps her self and says when kids do something wrong its all the mistake of parents. What you did kalpi.


Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. dont where these spoiler news coming from?oh my god

  2. no girija that is old nwz it may nt b true….i listen it fw days before don’t believe on it….if it really wld b true nvr watch it….

  3. mytwobitsworth


    Read the last paragraph. There seem to be no immediate relief for Ragna.

    I can wait for Ragna , but Raakhi has to stop right now.
    Even I read about Raakhi consummation and all that. If that happens Ragna is sullied for ever. I mean how many times will Raghav keep doing this. I have not watched for three weeks now and will watch only if/when Raakhi track end. Even if there is no Ragna its OK.
    Life is too short to be wasted on such pointless roller coaster upheaval of emotions. CVS seem to be playing with us. But not even for Rachna and Ashish will I watch this if Raakhi rumours happens to be true. I don’t even read the WU. Just those on twitter.

  4. Gm tonall tu frnds
    Hi chocopie , girija ji, mon , ap i will join u al on twitter from next week and i m not goin to watch ema anymore
    I will be in touch withh & will comment here eveeryday to comment with all other tu rrnds sneh, ek ,dd, mytwobitsworth and all others..
    Girija ji can i join u on facebook also….
    Just wish me luck toay is my last chance for admission in delhi…
    Chofopie howz ur preparation goin
    All the best 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Hi anshu gud luc don wory u will get the admission in delhi

    2. yes sure Anshu dear! you are always welcome.we are also decided no more EMA.after watching today story line here,but now we are accustomed to this kind of Bhakwas -EMA -EK MENTAL ASYLUM- WE VIEWERS ARE PATIENTS

  5. Hi chocopie mon dd ap sneh an all tu frns just came here tosay hi to you all really fedup from ema story line an pd let us see what happend today bcs as per promo there will be damla drama only no focus on our raghna

  6. Raghav must tell his mother and Paakhi that he put sindoor for Kalpi. Kamala should go and commit suicide. Kamala damala must get out of the series because she look like a devil. Raghav must now stand by Kalpi and get rid of Paakhi.

  7. so i feel i am leaving EMA ….i dont think is a story worth following….as much as i like the work of ashish and rachana i dont like the story of revenge .and i think klpi will lose ragahv…so i dont see the point…yes they have separated them but it makes no sense…so really dont care anymore. i enjoyed friday’s episode but i think that is all we will get….i dont see they show to much of ragna so i have made my decision….and it makes no sense voting for any favourite couples etc because the lead couple will no longer be there…i mean i could be wrong but it is just my opinion……..
    on a lighter note KOLKATAR KNIGHT RIDERS WON THE IPL I AM SO HAPPY….YIPEE….AND MY BOY SUNIL NARINE OK HE WAS A BIT EXPENSIVE BUT HE WAS GREAT DURING THE SEASON…SO I STILL LIKE HIM….and i admire him even more he had a contract with kkr and played with them to the final regardless of the consequences he had to face with the west indies cricket board…..good going……

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